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10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict

Where would you be the safest if World War 3 broke out tomorrow? Perhaps it’s a grim subject, but safety and distance from world conflict can be a motivating factor in your choice to expatriate. At the very least, conflict around the world can weigh heavy on the soul, and it’s nice to know there are some places still left in the world where you might be left in peace. Thus, we’ve assembled a list of the 10 best places to live if you want to escape world conflict.

10. Switzerland


Switzerland’s long history of neutrality and its tucked away location among the valleys of the Alps still make it a safe bet, even despite having a high number of bordering nations. It helps that neighboring Austria is also considered a neutral nation.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a stable democracy, a disbanded military and a national policy of neutrality. It also ranks highly on the Global Peace Index, Happy Planet Index, and Life Satisfaction Index. Although it sits in the middle of a tumultuous region, there are far worse places to sit in peace as the world goes down in flames all around.

8. Papua New Guinea


There are regions of Papua New Guinea that are still being discovered for the first time. The canopy covered, mountainous nation contains some of the most isolated places in the world. Tuck yourself away in a nook here and it may be one of the few places left where you can completely insulate yourself from the outside world.

7. Canada


Canada is the second largest nation in the world, yet it only shares a land border with one other country– the U.S.A.– and it is a peaceful border. That means there is a great expanse to escape to, if need be. Furthermore, Canada has few world enemies, ranks consistently high on the Global Peace Index, and is relatively homogeneous.

6. Seychelles


Aside from being safely isolated from the rest of the world in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this beautiful island nation is a great place to forget about your worries. Isolation is the key here. And conflict is as transparent as the water.

5. Finland


Finland has a long history of desiring to stay out of international conflicts, is recognized as neutral and always ranks in the top 10 of the Global Peace Index. It’s northerly location also typically means the remote areas of this country are a perfect place to disappear.

4. Tuvalu


Isolated in the middle of Micronesia, Tuvalu is among the safest and most remote places in the world. It is the third least populated country on Earth, and the forth smallest. There are only a few places more distant from the world’s strife than Tuvalu.

3. Iceland


Iceland, of course, has no borders, has remote locations, is stable as a country and has virtually no world enemies. Its people are happy and the nation always ranks highly on the Global Peace Index. If world conflict erupts, Iceland is one of the few stable nations in the world unlikely to get caught up in the middle.

2. Bhutan


Landlocked among the Himalaya mountains, Bhutan is one of the most isolated nations in the world. It also showcases one of the most stable balances in the world between moderization and retention of ancient culture. Its religious population believes in peaceful resolution to all conflict, and although it sits in a troubled region, it remains protected by its geography.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand might be the most isolated and expansive fully developed nation in the world. It shares no borders, sits relatively distant from any other nation, has no real national enemies, has a safe democracy and a diverse landscape with many remote places to hide away within. Furthermore, it ranked #1 on the Global Peace Index in 2009.


945 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict

  1. @Rae #45: your comments are spoken like a true Canadian: thin-skinned, smug and in denial about your dumpy, overpriced, frozen, boring sans-culture wasteland of a country. You can’t handle anybody making honest criticisms of Canada’s shortcomings. So what do you do? Your regurgitate the oft heard native Canadian mantra for landed immigrants: “if you don’t like it leave”. Oh yeah–spoken like a true Canadian there Rae, the so-called welcoming country for immigrants? (NOT). You lash out at me and call me an “arrogant ass” and a “hater”. You should look in the mirror mr. smug canadian, you look pretty full of hatred yourself. Your country sucks ass dude. Glad I went back home, doing much better now thanks! 🙂

  2. @Zam

    Under other circumstances, I’d say your bombastic tone detracts from the persuasiveness of your arguments, but unfortunately you don’t have an argument to begin with.

    “you can read and learn about Canada’s plainly evident failings, and its extremely poor economy and prospects for immigrants.”

    -Uh, plainly evident? How ’bout you advance some facts about Canada’s “extremely poor” economy, especially as compared with the dire situation in Europe right now, which is, as you allege, where you currently live. Have you compared how Canada’s banking system has brooked the economic maelstrom as compared with Europe (not to mention the U.S.)? Have you seen the strength of the dollar lately? Tell us how it’s “plainly evident”, instead of advancing blanket assertions such as “[m]ost Canadians I know agree with everything I’ve said”. Perhaps you should have branched out from the Canadian chapter of “hand wringers anonymous” and got a different opinion. Have you googled “Eurozone crisis” lately?

    Oh, and what about prospects for immigrants? Again, to whom are you comparing? The Dutch? Have you seen the animosity toward Muslim immigrants in that country? How about France, and its relationship with the Algerians? The Balkans? Please…

    You’re a little long on wind, and a little short on facts.

    “they came with hopes of prosperity and got screwed: taxi drivers with PhDs from Iran….Engineers from Iraq cleaning toilets….business managers from Brazil now working as housemaids in Vancouver. Fucking awful. “You don’t have ‘Canadian experience’ and ‘Canadian education’ is the excuse given when hopeful immigrants to Canada look for jobs in their field.”

    -Hmm, I work with a Nigerian PhD who’s practicing law, exactly what he was doing in his home country. My family doctor is from South Africa. An accountant in our department is from the Philippines. But then again, I know Canadians with business degrees working in restaurants because they can’t find work commensurate with their education.

    Of course, a couple anecdotes does not a sound generalization make, but if you’re prepared to accept this, then perhaps YOU “should look in the mirror”, mr. smug hard-done-by whiner.

    “Everywhere, EVERYWHERE in Canada the cost of food, housing, and other basic necessities is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive–easily 3 times the cost found in USA for exact same product.”

    EVERYWHERE? Hmmm, I’m just looking at this cost of living index right now, and it appears Canada is somewhat far down the list:


    Curiously, there appear to be a number of European countries higher up in the list. Whence the discrepancy?

    As for the U.S. being “easily” three times cheaper than Canada, again, I’m looking at another list, and it just doesn’t seem that significant:


    So where are you getting your facts from? I’m curious.

    “This is why so many Canadian families have to get food stamps from the government to make ends meet.”

    Uh, I hate to break it to ya, Einstein, but Canada doesn’t have a food stamp program. Sorry to throw a wrench in your convenient rhetoric.

    Oh, wait, was “food stamps” synecdochic for social assistance? Okay, well let’s see here–again, I’m looking at some figures here, and it appears the percentage of Canadians living below the poverty line is pretty low:


    Again, I see the U.S. and a number of Europeans countries that place higher. So remind us…from where do your bloated non-sequiturs derive?

    “why are almost all of the major cities of Canada along the USA border? Easy: because the number one destination of Canadians is going to USA–where they can buy AFFORDABLE goods and services. All of the Canadians I know are always, always going to Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, etc on weekends or for week long holidays so they can buy TONS of consumer goods to bring back home to Canada.”

    -Okay, this is rich. For someone who at least has “red herring” in his lexicon, I find your logic here uproariously ridiculous. “Hmmm, let’s settle here, Marge, ’cause if this area ever develops into a city, then one day, AFTER the 49th parallel is established, we can cross the border to go shopping, but it better not be during most of the latter half of the 20th century, because at that time our dollar will be so low that it would be highly uneconomical to go shopping there. BUT in the 21st century, when the currencies are at par, and when prices south of that yet-to-be-established border are a little lower, maybe it will be worthwhile to ALWAYS go to Detroit to buy TONS of consumer goods.”

    To paraphrase you, my friend, your logic sucks ass. Dude.

  3. @ Anon #6: who are you? I mean, besides being an arrogant, pedantic windbag? Do you live in Canada? Do you live in USA? Do you have ANY relevant experience–I mean REAL experience on this topic? No, you don’t. So shut the fuck up. Everything you say is bullshit. My comments come from direct experience living in Canada, asswipe. You are an ‘anonymous’ pedantic piece of shit from god knows where….most likely planet pedantic asswipe. You are beneath contempt and your comments are shit, unworthy of any reply. Good night.

  4. LOL the comments are more interesting than the places and pictures. For sure Canada sucks. “Canada is America’s Hat” is a very popular saying on both sides of the border. You can even buy T-shirts with this logo here-

    I sent one to my friend in Toronto and he wears it downtown all the time 😀 …but its true: Canada truly is nothing more than America’s hat 🙂

  5. Zam – Bam – the Flim-Flam Man. Would you buy a car from this guy; let alone, take any advice from him on where the best places might be to live.

    Suspect ole’ Zammy is an uneducated loner, just trying to fit in somewhere in this big-wide World. Tis’ a shame!

    Sorry, Zam, your bullying tactics do not work in a Forum comprised of educated, cultured, and civilized people. In fact, your language is disgusting, and disrespectful to fellow Posters here. (Nobody wants to hear it!)

    It appears Zam has been all over the World, and still can’t find happiness. It’s unlikely he ever will, without a circle of good friends, and I don’t think he is very good at that.

    Zammy Boy, we will pray for you.

  6. Umm, mr, Zam, I am a canadian, and my parents are immigrants. My doctor is south asian, I had at least 5 south asian and east asian teachers along with professors. So their education did get them somewhere here. Canada is a country with high standards so maybe that’s why its hard to get a job here with a degree from another country. Hence why u have the option of upgrading your education to prove that u have the same level of experience as every one in your field. Please dont tell me that is impossible to do, because majority of the people I know who are immigrants here have been able to upgrade their education and get jobs here. I love this country, and I assume the fact that my parents have not felt racism to a large extent shows that this country allows freedom and self expression. Social and assistance and food stamps to me represents a government that is able to support its people when they are not able to. By looking at the way you’re communicating in your post i’m assuming it was your attitude which probably caused problems adjusting here more than anything else.

  7. @Zam Okay good you came, you stayed (probably took advantage), and left (thank god). Maybe we make it so hard for immigrants BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT THEM HERE! Stay in your own god damn country know one asked to come here! So tell all your friends “Canada is a shit hole” GREAT maybe that will be a few less losers that will come here and live off of MY tax dollars. STAY in EUROPE! NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE.

  8. Is new zealand cheaper to live than canada, BTW i’m canadian and canada is better than a lots and i mean a ”LOTS” of countries in the world.

  9. @ Zam
    Oh man, while I would agree that your tone is out of place. I can’t help but agree with everything you say. Here is the list…Note that I have lived in Canada for 20 years and in Germany for 4 and I am of Iranian background.

    1) Canada and the illusion of opportunity & wealth.
    It’s true that some people with foreign degrees get through the cracks, but in reality I know more journalists, Doctors, Teachers, and lawyers with Global experience who can’t get a job if they begged for it. Highly educated people are working in grocery stores to make ends meet, all because they were at one point fed propaganda about how peacefully different Canada is from the USA. ie. All the glitz and glamour you see on TV minus the violence and war. Fact is Canada is more conservative than people think. Our foreign and domestic policies with regards to Privacy, Peacekeeping, War, etc all have dwindled and NOT AT ALL what they used to be.

    2) Canadian Apathy
    This is by far the most appalling aspect of Canada. Most Canadians are just not concerned with engaging in their right to practice Democracy. Bills get passed and we for the most part shrug it off. Voter turnout is terrible and as long as Hockey and Tim Hortons exists, most Canadians simply go about their day. If they passed some of the Bills we pass here in France, Paris would be burned to the ground overnight under rebellion.

    3) Cost
    Canada is increasingly becoming expensive and the major cities (Toronto and Vancouver) have the most overrated property costs. In fact most Vancouver properties are owned by foreign investors who don’t even live there. You can pay for a down-town shoebox condo upwards of $3 million. For that amount you might as well live in New York for a better investment and lifestyle.

    4) Canada more Communist than you think…
    This hits hard to most Canadians but the truth is, almost everything in Canada is controlled by 3-5 monopolies. It is almost impossible to flourish while starting out a new business, because before you know it, it gets swept out from under your feet. Fact is big Canadian companies like Rogers and Bell own so much more than the telecommunication industry. It’s money from the left pocket into the right. Prices for everything is always higher because there is simply no where else to go to shop.

    5) Toronto: The Elitist Manhattan Wannabes
    Now, I’ve been to and I know many Manhattan residents. Toronto does everything it can to emulate NYC and it fails time and time again. From a failing and expensive transit system to an overrated commercial market to general culture. People slave day and night just to pretend they are rich on Saturday night. Unlike Manhattan residents who are actually rich and don’t pretend otherwise. It makes the city faceless without an identity. Toronto claims to be Multicultural when in fact it’s more like a racially segregated community. People move to Toronto into their own racial neighbourhoods and keep it that way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not referring to ALL people in Toronto, but if you come here you will immediately take notice of this.

    6) Free Healthcare — not really worth it
    Another lure to bring people into Canada is a false pretence of free and GOOD healthcare. My mother was diagnosed with Type 4 Cancer and had to wait 4 weeks before seeing a specialist. A service that I would have gladly paid for had the option been available. This way I am out of the way for people who can’t afford it and need to see specialists right away for free. Most Canadians want a two-tier system, but our government just won’t cave in and people are too apathetic to care. Nurses and Doctors are training in Canada and moving to the USA ( I know a few ) simply because the pay is no match for their Med school bills.

    7) Canadian Perception of Europe and USA
    As long as the rest of the world is in a mess Canada won’t try to fix itself because “well we’re better off than they are eh??”. They refer to the USA as a dumb backwards country, when in fact Canada is not that far off. See America is very in your face. If their government is going to betray you, YOU would know about it. As opposed to Canada that quietly screws people over under the guise that “everything is ok :-)”. Worse, Canada refers to the crisis in Greece and Italy as EUROPE. That continent has experienced so much than Canada ever has. Europe is far ahead of Canada, when it comes to Economy, industry, Education, Environment, Justice, Law, Liberty, Culture etc etc. Just look at the way the Canadian government treats the Native people and you will see. BEING IN A BETTER STATE THAN ANOTHER COUNTRY DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU STOP TRYING PROGRESS YOURS.

    8) Education
    Simple to the point, Canadians are over educated with no where to go. They keep stressing how important education is and that everyone needs to get a higher learning. People do and all it does is leave them in debt with no careers in their field. They are forced to leave and move to the USA or Europe for jobs. That’s the way the Canadian government likes it for you. THEY WANT YOU TO BE IN DEBT and therefore dependant on slaving and working till you die.

    LASLY… MOST important
    9) CANADIANS, waiting to die
    Everywhere you go and everyone you talk to, it’s always about “RETIREMENT”. Canadians just want to slave for 50 years for a house, property, and a retirement account. Just so they can retire in peace on the country side and die quietly. In essence they are Living to Work rather than Working to Live. There is no joy in life here, it’s always about WORK, MONEY and getting DRUNK on Saturday night. The joy of leisure is about House building and somehow retiring early.

    I could go and on, but I won’t. The point is, that I had work, health and money issues in Germany as well, but at least I was living a life that was both reasonable and fulfilling. I was living life rather than investing to die. Everything felt more local and less BIG BOX business. Local businesses sprung up everywhere, and were able to maintain themselves without the worries of the WAL-MARTS of the world. I currently am planning on packing up and taking all my life savings to move back to Europe somewhere, because I miss the culture and history of a world that is looking at it’s past to try and move forward, rather than revert back to it.

  10. Ok pardon me wrong but, you a country, or what you call yourself a country is over 3 billion dollars in debt, and your government has no idea how to fix it, so what do you do you turn to your friendly neighbor Canada who is only willing to try and help you with your issues, because you are unable to help yourself. PEACEFUL is the definition of Canada, what is so great about having a country that is so violent its unbelievable, is full of racism and discrimination,and doesn’t support gay rights. What is so great about a country who is still acting socially like its the 1900’s. Canada is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and if your too stupid and arrogant to realize this then you are a sad excuse for a country. Canada is about freedom.

  11. @Unhappy_in_Canada — Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to write about your very valid and most informed experiences of living in Canada. On every point you make about Canada you are spot on. Fact is, an expat has to LIVE in Canada for at least a few years to KNOW what its like—and your point by point analysis is precisely what I experienced and also what countless other immigrants experienced/are painfully experiencing in Canada right now. Ironically its actually a good sign to see so many people attacking me, and insulting me on this thread. Why? Because I’ve most definitely hit a nerve–I spoke truth to Canada’s phony, smug self-righteous facade and dishonest marketing image. Like the old adage goes, “the truth hurts”. Dear Unhappy in Canada, I wish you every success in your future plans. If you can, most definitely get out of Canada and come back to Europe. When I did so this past summer it was like a grey, dreary fog lifting. There is culture, vibrancy and civilization here! I wish you every success in your future, regardless of where you choose to live 🙂

  12. @Meghan I would never in any way shape or form criticize Canada for its landscape and/or beauty, but you are clearly out of touch with reality. Canada’s Debt in 2011 was $566.7 billion. Further I am not from the US. The things that you talk about, like FREEDOM and PEACE are clearly things that you value because you were not receiving them in the country that you had lived in prior. Those are all pretensions that countries use as MARKETING tools. Consider the BILL that Canada is about to pass (C-51) that will allow the government/police to read and access all your online and mobile messages, including this one. Does that make Canada a FREE country? It most certainly does not. In fact, Canada attempts to pass laws that countries like SYRIA and IRAN have in place. Further, Gay Rights, Pro Choice and landscapes (all of which I support) isn’t enough to culminate a place worth waving a flag for. All countries have problems but it seems that you have actually proven my points by calling everyone else “STUPID” & “IGNORANT” … Please educate yourself.

  13. Hello people
    i see that people here are arguing about Canada.
    i am living in Canada right now and some of the things mentioned before are true to a certain degree.
    i am an immigrant here and this will be my fourth year living here. Canada is a great country but not a perfect one. there are many problems as mentioned before but why lose hope. if you are young and don’t like the way Canada is, then why not try changing it.
    a very good example would be Adolf Hitler(i know he is evil) but he had strong ambitions, hence he climbed up the ladder of politics and made a change, a negative change but change nevertheless.
    Don’t just give up in Canada and leave. atleast try to make a difference, then you can say “well i atleast tried, i’ll leave the rest to the next generations”

  14. Seriously you guys need to get off your high horses. The world is not designed for immigrants, and it’ shouldn’t be, and will never be. Canada is as close as you are gonna get. You are lucky that so many countries accept you when they could easily just close their borders. Why do you want everything handed to you on a silver platter as an immigrant? Most of the immigrants I know want to work hard to get into a better situation. Not move somewhere else because they feel they deserve to be treated like kings. Canadians are under educated if you ask me, and it really sounds like you two just have a bad case of disliking Canadians. Doesn’t mean its a shithole, assholes. If you don’t like it then piss off . Nobody’s listing all the shit wrong with your countries and bitching about it on an unrelated thread. Fuck. Grow up.

  15. This touched a nerve.

    LASLY… MOST important
    9) CANADIANS, waiting to die
    Everywhere you go and everyone you talk to, it’s always about “RETIREMENT”. Canadians just want to slave for 50 years for a house, property, and a retirement account. Just so they can retire in peace on the country side and die quietly. In essence they are Living to Work rather than Working to Live. There is no joy in life here, it’s always about WORK, MONEY and getting DRUNK on Saturday night. The joy of leisure is about House building and somehow retiring early.

    This could equally apply to Australia or Singapore.

  16. uou people the problem is wordwide, research iluminattis and discover the truth about all this things

  17. Come to bhutan and u guys will know what is happinese and peace.
    Bhutan is located as rightly said by writer, between trouble region of asia but peace and tranquility has never faded from bhutanese mind. The culture and its preservation are the goals which government never rule out. Tourist have been overflowing to bhutan in recent years due to globalization and easy accessibility.

  18. Born and raised in Canada,don’t know about other provinces but in Quebec we get the shit taxed out of us,and sure they say health care is free(ya LOL).Waiting times are outrageous to see a Doctor.Compared to USA where you pay for Medicare but you get service.I rather pay for my health care and pay 25% less taxes then i do right now.Canada land of tax inventions.I am surprised they haven’t taxed the air we breath-yet!!!!!!

  19. Switzerland?????? Safe????? I work for the safety authorities and we have violent robberies out of Geneva, Zurich and Bern each day 4 times per day!! Switzerland should only be on the list of the most expensive countries in the World with the worst, dirtiest and expensive public transportation in the World. Switzerland is well over rated. SOmeone should really study the ‘quality of life’ here. People are paying 2000 dollars for an apartment as big as a shoebox. Nothing gets renovated because of the stubborn Swiss cultural beliefs and only Swiss farmers are allowed to live in a big farmhouse with lots and lots of land. The rest of the working slobs have to live in little apartments where we hear our neighbor piss at night! Down with rating this Alpine country so high. Austria should be put on top instead where the people are very friendly.

  20. canada is beautiful as is part of europe oz new zealand you will find beauty in every country the problem is goverments collecting taxes to make the rich richer its the same ole same ole everywhere work to die

  21. Lived in Costa Rica… beautiful, clean but has a HUGE problem with security.. Police don’t do anything when local people rob houses, when owners are at home or not. I was living in Manuel Antonio in a beautiful duplex in the jungle. 1.5 meters from the main road and there were so many robberies there. My neighbor got robbed at night! The robbers fished her keys through the window and broke in!
    After that experience I started asking other people about the crime in “natural Manuel Antonio” and they said. If you live here you NEED a security guard 24 hrs… otherwise your house can be broken into and you can be ducked taped to a chair while robbers take everything..!! SCARY!

    After 4 months living in Costa Rica- on the pacific coast.. in the capital and visiting two 3rds of the country.. Unsafe.. Boring, no real traditional culture or foods..
    The people.. very closed minded..

    I left…

  22. Sorry guys, but the picture from Finland (#5) can definetly not be right! We have no such mountains here! So don’t get disappointed if you decide to do the trip! 🙂

    /The Finn

  23. HAHAH wow. I was only googling the safest place to be in the world because I would like to prepare for life when Shit Hits The Fan. I live in Canada as a lower middle class white male. It sucks a lot of the time, and you always feel like you’re financially being F***ed in the @$$, but there are far worse places to live in the world. Nobody lives in a country that is nice and comfy cozy. Some people get fucked, and some people don’t. Its just how the world works. I’m just glad that I have the opportunity to gather resources and learn about how to take care of myself. Some people in other countries rely on constant relief because they have zero education and poor opportunity for agriculture. People seem to expect too much. Zam seems to be one of those people.

  24. Oh and I see mention of debt from certain countries…
    “debt”…. its bullshit. No country ever plans on paying anyone back for a god damn thing. Its not in their interest and currency is somewhat of an illusion/social control technique. All “rich” countries exploit the poor. It’s just how we work.

  25. @Hope
    Hitler had the advantage of living in a place that was a once considered an amazing country that was feeling totally shamed, defeated, and in need of retribution 9due to the loss of WWI). He was lucky enough to become the leader, and influence in somewhat of a perfect storm. Why would you use him as an example of how immigrants should try hard and make things better?

  26. ….Interesting battle going on. Im 50+ lived in Canada all my life, Both BC and Alberta Vancouver, Okanagan, Kootenays, Cariboo, Edmonton and Calgary. I raised 3 kids and at no time did we ever pay more than 25% for housing. In fact it was probably less. I’ve owned, I’ve rented. Since we moved alot owning was a bitch. Unless one is planning on staying put for 10+ yrs., I’ve found it’s better to rent.I’ve always had great landlords…maybe just lucked out but we have moved upwards of 36x’s. Most places we owned, we had to buy cause the landlord was selling or had to sell, so we got a good deal. We just did a road trip to BC last week, and it was good to be back in Alberta. Never thought i would ever say that, since I was born and raised in BC.
    I have an issued with this whole “health care debate” endless crap if you ask me….yes there can be wait times, though we haven’t experienced it that I can remember. My husband had by-pass surgery, and other health issues, so far I’m good. any test that was required or specialist to see was reasonable within the next week or so. the longest one was dermatolagist to get moles removed and checked on back for both of us. My husband has to have tests up the wazoo to retain his license every year cause he has a class one, air brake. Never a wait or problem. Anyway my point…and I do have one, really I do. And it’s a “pet peeve” of mine when I hear people, news anchors, republicans, stupid teaparty brain dead americans (and i’ve met a few in person – my stepson almost married one particular brain dead one from wyoming or montana, can’t remember some teaparty airhead anti black, anti migrant, anti everything but “white” that only watches foxtv,and on numerous planes – executives of major corporations, that are stupid stupid people, it boggles the mind…but I’m off topic again)THE REASON THERE MAY BE A WAIT FOR TESTS…..IS BECAUSE ‘EVERYONE’ CAN HAVE THEM, therefore there’s a wait time duhhhhhh. Everyone has health care, everyone accesses the system people, not alot of specalists in outlying areas obviously therefore there’s a wait people…..not rocket science here.
    And I’ve been to toronto to visit my daughter, she’s prob sick of me every other month, but I LOVE TORONTO, and we do a road trip as often as possible, I have a huge “must see, must go” list.
    So stop saying nasties about Canada….sure there are other places to live, and sure I have worked with immagrants with a high education working crappy jobs, But some educational standards are different and lower and higher, therefore upgrading needs to be done. The reason so many immigrant taxi drivers are on the roads, is because they hold most of the taxi licences that are auctioned off by whatever city hall location they drive in….its a business…with subcontractors etc. No one is holding a gun to their heads to drive taxis…they do it because it’s lucrative.
    Most of the property in Vanc is owned by off-shore investors, and that started when hongkong reverted to china, and hasn’t stopped since…..i don’t think anyone can change that now….
    Anyway…the idiot who started this whole debate – glad to see your somewhere else…probably taking advantage of someone else’s generousity or kindness…and DON’T COME BACK

  27. Finland was pretty involved in World War II, but it was pretty hard to avoid conflict anywhere between 1940-1944 unless you lived in Antarctica. Hey, why didn’t Antarctica make the list? 🙂

  28. What canadians need to realize, is that they suffer from mild to severe psychosis. Psychosis is when one allows the imagined to become real. The utter nonsense that canadians choose to believe in order to hide some deeper sort of pain, is pathetic, and dangerous to a “free” people.
    On some level, i would be willing to bet many of us don’t really want to be here, such as myself, but don’t really have a choice. For example, the US is a far more dynamic, free and interesting place, than canada is. I think we canooks sense that, and then turn around and bash it like the immature, one dimensional, cold, dolts that we are. Unending rational lies spewed by canadians about canada and canadians, become almost untollerable after one realizes the truth about canada. Here is a hint for my fellow canadians. The first step in overcoming your psychosis, may have to do with denial. As in, a canadian is an American who chooses to not accept it out of fear and misinformation.

  29. Personally, I’m not too fond of small islands as getaway destinations, especially in the wake of global economic collapse. Something about scarcity of certain key resources leaves me uncomfortable.

    Canada is similar to the US, a large nation with a relatively low population density (especially in certain non-coastal areas). If you are an experienced resident of the North American countryside with excellent local connections, you may very well be able to ride out a global conflict there. A nation with a nuclear arsenal, an armed populous, and no enemy borders are a huge plus.

    I see no mention of Chile here. I believe this deserves its place somewhere in the top ten.

  30. Hi everyone,

    Quite interesting topic. I`m trying to research more, have anyone seen more web sites about this? Please send it or post it.

    Sorry to say, but the last thing we should do is when the world is about to collapse, to argue and send each other to hell because we thing this and that about this and that country and immigrants. The main point of all this mess is not to get aggressive when the other person thinks different than you. I apologize from everyone, but I`d like to say to calm down people :)) share info, be gentle and help each other.

    What I know about this is even we think there are countries who don`t want to get involved – actually no-one wants to get involved in a ww3, not even Russia or Iran – So I believe all europe will be involved, and also New Zeland and Canada, Australia as they were involved in ww2 as well. The remote locations will be filled with hippies and RV-ers, the lake banks will be filled with fisherman wannabes, forests will suffer flood of guys hunting for all kind of animals etc…it is going to be a very hard time. I`m not sure what is the best move.
    What I feel is no matter where you are, if you don`t get a nuke in your ass, everything will depend on your preparedness.


  31. ok i am honestly sorry for all these reject wanna b immigrants bitching like ZAM bullsht your not an american lol. your terms and structer of speach clearly gives you away.. as for a lot of the bullshit you spurt out. so horribly wrong i have lived and worked here all my life and lived in places like south africa.. spain..argentina beaunos aries.. finland and spent a year in NYC and it fking sucked.. ofc if you don’t die from the horrid poluttion and smog clouds don’t turn your lungs black.. lol a 6 pack of budwisers is fkn exactly that. 6,50.. with tax a 40 ouncer of wisers 35 bucks with taxes.. i can buy a months worth of steaks fresh veg chicken cheese and lunches everyday at burger king for 100 bucks a month and the rent on my 3 story 4600 sq foot house is 1000 a month… so stop being ignorant like any immigrant traveller wannab and talking crap when ppl who lived here their whole lives know the truth.. and a condo isn’t 500k moron it’s 200k for a very nice condo with a big walk around glass balcony in toronto personally i work at mississauga auto and i make fkn 21 dollers an hour ripping apart cars for 8-10 hours a day lol i have never once seen anything at the prices you talk of and everywhere i go half the fkn doctors and professionals in all the businesses even in our fkn airport customs are immigrants.. so stop talking out your a$$ it is so disgusting ppl come here and start crap without any education on the facts.. it makes me wonder lol did your sad self come here and get stuck flipping burgers at mickyD’s cause you are an uneducated redneck? cause i know ppl without even grade 12 who saved and opened their own business and make easy 35 an hour like in dry walling.. a trained dry waller makes 25 an hour minimum so take your american or w/e country rants somewhere else before you lose another brain cell

  32. Thank you Anon for setting Zam straight. I pride myself in being a pretty chill person but I was extremely bothered by what he said. Canada is not perfect but no country is so stop being a debbie downer and busting up Canada.

  33. I am wondering if Zam is in Canada, loving it and is just trying to keep people from coming…These “best-places-to-live” publications always end up turning the “best” places into wall-to-wall mini-malls and Big Box stores as they suck the life out of the town turning them into watering holes for low-income, uneducated people looking for opportunities.

  34. Canada rocks. No Country is perfect.. many things could be changed but we are young and in time you will all see. And if you dont then your children will. Muahahaha

  35. Finland? Stay out of conflict? Check your war history sources just once again. Thanks to Sovjet during WWII, some of the bloodiest battles were fought by a brave but alas outnumbered finnish army in the Finnish Winter War.

    Yet another American know-it-all mixes Finland and Sweden together – the latter hasn’t been involved in any conflicts since 1814.

  36. Hahaha… this article was good, the comments are even better, lol… Ok my 2 cents. First, this article isnt about where you should live NOW, its where you might want to think about living during an end of the world and or world war three or just when those crazy Iranians or North Koreans finally nuke someone….

    So while I somewhat agree with ppl’s comments about living in Canada now (I’m not a huge fan)I would DEFINITELY look into it for a place to crash when the szhit hitz the fan.

    All that wilderness, the extreme cold temps, its HUGE, no borders with a dangerous country, big scary animals, alot of natural barriers to advancing/attacking countries and or nuclear fallout (ocean, moountains, lakes, artic areas ect). And as far as living in the wilderness, I’ll take Canadas over Africa (hello killer ants, killer bees, and a whole lotta other “killer” things), or Australia (the most poisonous snakes and spiders pretty much in the whole world), or South America (hahaha… yeah, u wont last one DAY in the Amazon forest…) anyways, you get the point.

    Basically, all countries have problems. I have more qualms about MY OWN country then anyone else’s, simply because I want szhit to change for my children. As an American, I realize my country is headed down hill. We are literally on the brink of a huge economic depression. We are falling as a super power, our dollar is being devalued by the dumba$$e$ who are in charge of it (Note to the Federal Reserve, printing more money doesnt actually help. But you already know that I’m sure), we have alienated our allies and the world is headed for war. Great. I would call out to my fellow Americans but they are all too busy watching the newest reality show, or whatever junk is being stuffed down their throats by hollywood. We have become un apathetic, distracted, jaded, desensitized society addicted to money and power and success. Lol… Not really looking “up” for us anymore….

    Perhaps this should be a two part article. Part one: The safest, free-est (yeah I know, I just spelled that like that but you know what I mean by it), and most economically stable and then Part two: where to go during the next world war.

  37. Great list! Now, I know where I can escape to just in case some world war erupts, which I still hope doesn’t happen. Nevertheless, I think these places are wonderful for a fun-filled vacation, especially Seychelles. Looks like a very relaxing place. And I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about Iceland too. I really hope I can get to visit it soon.

  38. I have lived in many countries – France, Mexico, Hong Kong and Canada.
    Have to laugh at Zam’s comments. People will find excuses for their failure.
    I live in Canada now and have for many, many years and have lived from coast to coast. I live in Toronto now and work with many, many “new” Canadians. I would say where I work at least 30% are not born Canadians. And they are doing very well thank you. Why are they working and the others not? Maybe the others have not upgraded their skills, improved their english (or french) to an adequate level etc.
    There is a lot of danger in making assumptions and listening to disgruntled people who are EVERYWHERE.

    Oh, and by the way, I have NEVER heard of food stamps in Canada – are you sure you werent somewhere else? ;-D

  39. The picture of Finland doesn’t look like Finland. It’s mostly a flat country with only Lapland boasting with high peaks. I doubt the photo is from Finland at all.

  40. To all of you smug, arrogant native Canadians reading this I say screw you!! I’m glad I pissed you off. You need to hear what I said and you know it! You know why you’re all pissed off at me? Because I told you the unvarnished TRUTH about your over-priced, “Canadian experience only” country. Like I said before: that so many of you native Canucks are so angry at me for what I’ve said about your country I take as a compliment: when someone says the truth about something, the first reaction from the public is that he is attacked and put down—like you’re doing to me here. I paid my dues living in Canada for 3 long years and typed up my experiences here on this website for all to read. I did this as a public service, to warn off any folks out there who naively think (as I once did) that Canada was a good place to immigrate to—and it IS NOT for all the reasons I itemized here already. Not to mention the Iranian immigrant fellow who chimed in most excellently, totally validating and reinforcing my comments. His comments reveal the dark underbelly of immigration to Canada. So very many people living in Canada agree with what we’ve both said here. I’m not going to re-type what I’ve already typed up, so please, dear readers use the ‘back button’ on this thread to read my earlier posts regarding the harsh realities of immigrating to Canada. Be forewarned! This is no trick, no ruse, no ploy. It is the truth about the perils of immigrating to Canada that you should know about. As a final comment to all those Canadians who falsely accuse me of “taking advantage of someone’s generosity or kindness”—as if I moved to Canada to sit on my ass and collect welfare payouts, all I can say is ‘fuck you’ for that smear tactic. I never got one thin dime from the Canadian government the whole time I was in that country. Pulled my own weight, and worked hard the whole fucking time/or lived off my savings until I got out. No, there was no generosity to be had there. I even volunteered at food banks and old folks homes while in Canada, so STFU already. To the contrary, Canada got a huge chunk of my own money through the entire fiasco: thousand dollars in immigration application fees for example, and endless bureaucracy payouts for this or that license, registration fee, etc. Fact is, immigration is big busine$$ in Canada—not only for the government but also for countless immigrant settlement services, who prey on unsuspecting immigrants, massively charging them for all manner of services. To any would-be immigrants to Canada: you have been warned.

  41. Haven’t been to Canada since 2001. The anti-Americanism of the politicians and the newspapers turned me off but generally found the people to be OK. The economy has turned around since then, so opportunity for employable folks is probably much better than years ago. Have to chuckle a bit because so many holier than thou Canadians have tossed fireballs at us via You Tube and blogs. Left wing politics is largely based on Ad Hominem attacks.

    Best wishes to all who seek peaceful and productive lives on this planet.

  42. Good ones! We’ve got to also add Belize to the list. Secluded yet not too far, stable government and you can use the American dollar.

  43. I am a born Canadian. Travelled the world, met many people. Despite the bureaucratic nightmare that exists in Canada, I call myself a proud Canadian. I judge a country by its people, the landscape, and so many other factors, NOT by the Government that runs them. Like I said, I’ve visited many countries throughout the world, travelled across Canada & the US coast to coast. Anyone can gripe about a country based on their experience, but these are yours and yours alone. Living for less than 10 yrs here, you experienced nothing. Immigrating here and not liking our way of life….tuff shit! This is the way we roll, this is typical of many new Canadians who come to our country….wanting to change the way we live…hell if you don’t like it….go back home…and change that….stop fucking with our way of life….we didnt ask you to come here in the first place. Furthermore, for those who have asked……YES it’s cold here…and we like it…..move to California…if you want warmth.

  44. Thats it, Im emigrating to Canada or New Zealand!Iceland and Finland a bit too chilly for mwah!

  45. Well, I’m from Canada and currently living in China. Thinking of possibly retiring in Costa Rica. Too cold and too expensive in the Great White North!

  46. Hi everyone :)I just wanted to post a comment to let everyone know about a well kept secret..If you really want to live in the safest place on earth you need to be in the place that has the fewest natural disasters. The most peaceful society, lots of fresh water, plenty of space, accessable to everyone by water, no land boarders with any country, and has a good natural food suppily. It’s where I live. It’s Newfoundland the tenth province of Canada…..but you should never compare it to Canada because we our nothing like our Country….WE ARE IT”S WELL KEPT SECRET!!!!!If the prophecies of the Bible, Mayan’s, Inca’s, Nostradamus,Egyptians etc. are true then we are on the brink of a worldwide catastrophe…if you find yourself looking for a place to be safe make your way to the west coast of Newfoundland to The Bay St. George region.We have one of the largest naturally sheltered harbours in the world. We may be in the middle of the Atlantic but the geography of our region completly protects us from the outer Atlantic ocean…We have been proven to be the ancient mountains of the world…fossils found on our coast has proven this. We are in the center of the world’s largest earthquake free zone…we have no volcanoes…no tornadoes…no hurricaines, just tail ends that give a little extra wind…we hace 4 perfect seasons….lots of wildlife and berries, fish…we have a very small population 500,000 with lots of land for everyone. When the world goes in darkness run to the ancient mountains..the place God has left prestine for the safety of his chosen..The NEWFOUNDLAND…..the last place on earth that will be free, cause we won’t be destroyed by the forces of nature. I have an Anthropology Degree from Memorial University Of Newfoundland if it helps to validate my opinion…I hope everyone stays safe… and please remember. you can get here by boat from anywhere in the world. John Cabot found us without electronics, I bet others could too. Take care and God Bless..

  47. peru is missing. look about it… full of rivers including the amazon and wide variety of ecosystems.

  48. I was surprised to see New Zealand on the list and it being referred to as having a “safe democracy”. As a New Zealander, I heartily dispute and refute this claim. The current governing party (built on a house of cards) is selling off the country’s resources and assets, restricting freedom of choice through various legislation that doesn’t support the majority view of its citizens, the current donation scandal (small fry in the grand scheme of things) and a Prime Minister who led the run on New Zealand currency in the late ’80’s and has a significant investment in the Bank of America – the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

  49. Yea. Nice list, altho Croatian islands are good too. And yes, as Anna noticed, Finland picture is not in Finland.

  50. Seriously?? Costa Rica is NOT safe. At all. they have their own problems rebounding within borders. It’s almost impossible for foreign people to live there. I lived there for three long years, we left because of the escalating crime rates and inflation. Terrible corrupt country.

  51. After seeing all the negative comments regarding various countries and why they are so horrible, I can only come to the conclution many of your problems arise from your basic attitude Grow up!

  52. I am a Canadian citizen born and raised here. I have to say that some of the criticism pointed towards Canada as a country is true. I am currently living in Vancouver, I am a professional making an above average income and I find this place impossible to live in. A fixer upper house will cost you $750,000 in a bad part of town and our effective tax rate all in is about 65% depending on your location. Bread is $5 bucks a loaf on sale and gas is double the U.S price and we make the stuff. Because of my career I need to be in a major city so I can’t pack up and move to a smaller cheaper place so I am somewhat stuck.

    There are other issues, Bill C51 is a real threat to our democracy and the government truly is taking away our freedoms. These are facts for anyone willing to research this on their own and it is sad for me to say, but something really is going on here and its not good. We are so busy making ends meet that we are not seeing the forest for the trees.

  53. @Yesplease

    5$ for a loaf of bread…are you mad? $2 – $3 tops… Plus Canada’s Marginal tax rate (at it’s highest) is 50%; and that’s in Nova Scotia. In BC it’s 43.7% and where I am in Ontario it’s 46.4%. Not to mention that the healthcare that you enjoy free of charge is one of the best on the planet and our banking system is the envy of the planet.

    If you are going to make such claims then at least do your research. I respect your opinion but credibility backed up with widely published statistics will boost you “believability” in the future.

  54. I agree with Yesplease I lived in asia for a few years and noticed how bad the government is in Canada. It was great back in the old days but the government is corrupt as hell now. They are taking our freedom little by little by the day, they are sending troops and invading the middle east for their minerals teamed up with the US I was proud to be canadian but not these last 20 years.. I rather live in the 3rd world then live in some police state where they ID you and suck you dry. Canada is a beautiful country with great people but we are dumbing down and the government will take every advantage they can to stay on top. Believe me its gonna get worst.

  55. @Tantrix – erm….I live in North Vancouver and loaves of bread at Safeway cost $5. I have also seen refried beans at Sav-On supermarket for $4–which is much too expensive. I would also mention that in British Columbia healthcare is not “free” as you claim: I must pay $60 per month for health insurance in BC, which is mandatory. Waits for medical services are extremely long: I waited over a year for a medical procedure I needed to have done last year. So I would agree with ‘Yesplease’ and disagree with you.

  56. I’m surprised Fiji was not mentioned. I should say that this piece of paradise nestled within the Pacific region is astoundingly “Heaven on Earth”…Come enjoy the tropical sand, the warm sun…The trouble free envoirnment which most folks from around the world long for. You will simply fall in love with it!!!!

  57. I might add that Tuvalu is currently sinking, or at least the water around it is rising. Just warning all you escapists :), i have been to a lot of these countries and all very nice places to visit. Couldn’t tell you about living there though.

  58. Bugger, after reading all the negative comment’s about ALL the Nation’s of the World, I don’t think there would be ANY safe place to go in the event of WW3/Rising Sea Levels/and a Micro-Chipped RFID population!!!

    Well that’s my bubble well and truly burst! If you want to know the WORST Nation in the World to live – it has to be Scotland!

    I know Canadian’s and American’s have Romantacist notion’s about us because of genetic heritage, but I have lived here most of my life, and am native to this Country! It is a complete toilet! It has the worst violence in Europe (with Glsagow being the most violent City in Europe), it has the worst social mobility in the Western World (if you are born poor – you stay poor), most of the population is working class (no oppertunity to become Middle Class due to high taxes, socialism and benefit culture), it is full of Ned’s and Junkies, there is little or no oppertunity to have your dream’s become a reality, and the people here are HORRENDOUS (2 faced, backstabber’s and piss taker’s – the F****** lot of them)!

    If you think I’m wrong, then move here for a year. I have American friend’s who moved here and their son was attacked by a mob outside his house and called an American B******! Lovley! I experienced that treatment at school here too, and I am from this S***hole! No wonder we also have one of the highest suicide rate’s in the World!

    Just think, Scotland is like this NOW, and the nuke’s havn’t even started to fly yet! Just imagine what this dump will be like when they do?

    You want to know where I wanna be when the Chinese and Russian’s get frisky with the old targeting software??? Anywhere but here! Compared to Scotland, I’d rather be in Washinton D.C. staring out an incoming ICBM than be a survivor in Scotland!

    For a Nation that import’s 40% of it’s food, don’t hold out on us as being a good place to sit out a Nuclear winter.

    Perhap’s the only safe place will be deep underground, like 80% of the elite are planning on running too! Even the Queen has bought land in Colorado, that’s where she’s planning on running to when the old mushroom cloud’s suddenly sprout up over our Citie’s like the unwelcome fiery fungas that they are! Fuck, I even hope they do hit Scotland, one more less dump in the World!

  59. @Zam.. Give ur head a shake bud. Obviously not everyone’s going to love Canada but do a little research before you make these ridiculous comments. After 3 years in Canada you think you know more about the place than people who have spent a lifetime here… Not a single thing you’ve said about Canada has been accurate and all I can say is every time a duster like yourself leaves the country it gets a whole lot better.

  60. hey everybody come and visit my country , here is a part of paradise , I,m living in IRAN kissssssssssss

  61. @Dyanorama#12

    Firstly, John Key has connections to Merrill Lynch, not BoA.
    He was head of foreign exchange, dammit do some research?

    Secondly, your attitude to your own country coming first is a very New Zealand one. Tall poppy syndrome.

  62. How about the country which has had peace the longest (: Sweden?! If they stopped exporting weapons their GPI would be the lowest.

  63. In response to this:

    “The picture of Finland doesn’t look like Finland. It’s mostly a flat country with only Lapland boasting with high peaks. I doubt the photo is from Finland at all.”

    Looking at a topographic map of Finland, while the majority of the country is fairly low lying, there is are mountainous regions in the far north of the country that peak between 200 and 600 feet above sea level. Not to mention the fact that a simple image search of Finland yields a multitude of photographs similar to the one pictured in this article, not all of which could feasibly be fake.

  64. Papua New Guinea may be isolated and beautiful but the capital is VERY rough & ready with security issues. And out in the bush a friend of mine was beaten up by a villager who emerged from the forest and tried to attack his girlfriend.

  65. Where is Germany? Germany has a resolutely anti-militarist culture since the end of WW2. It has a very small and discrete (yet efficient) army. It is positioned right in the middle of Europe, and surrounded by peaceful nations. Germany will go to great length to avoid being dragged in conflicts; great paperwork and deliberations is involved when the army is used for anything else then last-measure homeland defense.

  66. i have never been to any country but those countries are very beautiful.they have good climate. i wish when ever i can go there

  67. Definitely definitely New Zealand. We were there for three weeks a couple of years ago, and I have never met more happy, helpful people in one go in all my life.

    And the cost of living isn’t too expensive either, especially compared to Britain, where I’m from. ( needless to say, I don’t live there anymore. Neither do i live in NZ, sad to say. At 19, I have barely any of the criteria needed on the immigration papers.)

    The thing that made me fall in love with New Zealand properly was this.

    We were staying in a a guest house on our way to the town of Twizel, and the double doors of the living area looked out over fields, and past those was Mount Cook. It was BREATHTAKING, like having the mountain in your back garden. We sat my grandmother in a chair at those doors, and she said. ” Wow. Please, just leave me here until I die.”

  68. No body mentioned Alaska! Alaska has many remote areas that are safe from the puplic eye, if you ever visited the Aleutian Chain then you know what I’m talking about, total isolation.

  69. Ummm, if u really want the SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH, its Makkah, Its a holy place and have been the safest place ever since i where born :3.

  70. You missed out a little Gem there. Ireland, tucked away in the mid atlantic, no land borders prevailing winds ensuring any fallout is swept away from it towards others. Stable, developed and Fun.
    also the further west you go the better it gets.

  71. Would happily live in pretty much any of these places – and good to know I would be pretty safe. Canada and Finland probably high on the list. I’m a Brit and a fan of the cold!!

  72. What about Australia??

    It is has no borders, is a peaceful democracy, there are plenty of remote forests and deserts as well as capital cities and it has fewer earthquakes than NZ!!

  73. what about Philippines?
    Philippines offers lot of variety of best spots and also good food. A peaceful place and surely you can relax here.

  74. This is bollocks, putting NZ as #1 safest place in WWIII!!!! We might present the appearance of neutrality, but we are definitely aligned with the western powers in our allegiances, and as far as being isolated and away from everywhere else, does that really matter in terms of modern warfare? We also have a navy and army that are more token than anything, so in the event of an actual invasion we would be basically incapable of defending our borders…. so your rating is arse.

  75. So how come Finland and Iceland made it on but not Sweden or Denmark?
    I can see why Norway wouldn’t be there due to the strategic value European oil would have but there really is nothing else to separate the other two.
    Iceland is a NATO country so any war involving them Iceland would be immediately dragged into.
    And although both Finland and Sweden are both considered neutral Finlands proximity to Russia has always been and still is a source of a lot of tension(which was why they got dragged into WW2 when Sweden was not).
    And the other part of the argument with peace index is not it couse I know all Nordic countries consistently place in the top 10.

  76. I think you mixed up Finland and Sweden. Finland is not neutral and have been involved in war both with Sovietunion and Hitler. Sweden has always been neutral and have not been at war for more than 200 years

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