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Expatriating for Marriage: A Very Brief Guide

An exotic wedding

Over at transitionsabroad.com, there’s an insightful article by Tamula Drumm on why expats marry foreigners and what to expect from such marriages.

After spending enough time abroad, immersed in another culture and language, visiting home can often lead to reverse culture shock and disconnect for expats. How many people back home can identify with how being abroad has changed our lives?

It’s therefore no surprise that expats are more likely to marry foreigners. The experience of being a foreigner is a powerful force which brings people together, and it’s often easier for us to connect with people who understand our new life, or people who have themselves moved from home. The bond between foreigners can be so strong that it can bring expats together even if they’re from radically different origins.

Of course, there are important practical matters to consider before marrying abroad too. The article, which you should check out here, also outlines some of the pitfalls of expat marriage which you might want to be careful for.

All in all, there may be no better reason to expatriate than to do it for love.


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