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Navigating the Most Urban Countries



Population living in urban settings: 603,000

Percentage of population: 92.5%

Bahrain is an archipelago country in the Persian Gulf, connected to Saudi Arabia. It is an Arabian country ruled by the Al Khalifa royal family. The majority of the population lives in urban settings because most of the country is desert and not arable. Its main cities include: Manama, Muharraq, Riffa, Hamad Town and A’ali.



Population living in urban settings: 261,000

Percentage of population: 92.7%

Iceland is a sparsely populated island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. Because it is on the Mid-Atlantic range, much of the interior is volcanically and geologically active, and there are many glaciers and sandy fields. Its largest and major city is Reykjavik, and some other cities include Kopavogur, Hafnarfjour, Akureyri and Reykjanesbaer.


Population living in urban settings: 534,000

Percentage of population: 92.9%

Qatar is an Arab emirate that borders Saudi Arabia, and is on the Persian Gulf. It is an absolute monarchy, as well as an oil state that has the second highest GDP on earth. Most of the country is barren and covered with sand. Over 90% of the population lives in Doha, the capital.



Population living in urban settings: 1,894,000

Percentage of population: 96.1%

Kuwait is on the Persian Gulf, and is a small country between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It is a constitutional monarchy. It is mostly desert, with less than 1% arable land. It is the fourth richest country in the world per capita. Its main city is Kuwait City, which has many adjoining suburbs.



Population living in urban settings: 5,444,000

Percentage of population: 97.4%

The Kingdom of Belgium is a developed country in northwest Europe. It has one of the highest population densities in Europe. The most concentrated area is called the Flemish Diamond, which includes Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Leuven.

The Vatican

Population living in urban settings: 900

Percentage of population: 100%

The Vatican is a small landlocked country within Rome, Italy, and is the smallest country in the world by size and population. It is the central authority of the Roman Catholic Church, ruled by the pope.


Population living in urban settings: 4,108,000

Percentage of population: 100%

Singapore is an island city-state located near Malaysia, in Southeast Asia, and is a parliamentary democracy. It consists of 63 islands, and a mainland, and there are human-made connections to Malaysia. It is the second most densely populated country, after Manaco, even though there is a low fertility rate and the population is declining.


Population living in urban settings: 13,000

Percentage of population: 100%

Nauru is the world’s smallest island nation, and is very isolated. It is located in the Micronesian South Pacific. This tiny population accounts for the most obese country in the world, at over 90%, and 40% of the population has diabetes.


Population living in urban settings: 34,000

Percentage of population: 100%

Monaco is the world’s most densely populated independent country, as a small city-state in South West Europe. It is known for being a tax haven, with a rich population. It is a constitutional monarchy and principality. It is the smallest French speaking nation.

Hong Kong


Population living in urban settings: 6,961,000

Percentage of population: 100%

Hong Kong is a territory of the People’s Republic of China, and is an international trade center. It was formerly under British rule, and today enjoys a large degree of independence from mainland China. Even though there is a very low fertility rate, there is always a high influx of immigrants from China. Even though it is an extremely urbanized territory, there is still a great deal of greenery and preserved nature and parks.


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