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Safest Cities in Asia

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If you’re considering relocating to Asia, be aware of your destination’s safety. Japan has some of the safest cities in the world, and Singapore and Hong Kong are also places to consider.


Singapore is the safest city in Asia, largely due to the heavy law enforcement. Crimes such as spitting on the sidewalk, chewing gum, jaywalking and littering are punished. However, it is one of the safest cities for women to go to alone.

Katsuyama, Japan

This small city in the Fukui region is known as a beautiful resort location. It has lush nature, with mountains and green areas, as well as several cultural institutions. It is one of the most healthy, cleanest cities in the world. Since it is so small, it does not have a significant expat population.

Omuta, Japan

This is another small city in the Fukuoka region of southern Japan. It has famous mountains and is known for commercial fishing.

Tsukuba, Japan

This is another small city in the Ibaraki region in eastern Japan. It is sometimes considered part of the greater Tokyo area. It is sometimes known as a Science City, as it has some of the world’s best efforts to improve the quality of scientific studies and discoveries, and there are many research institutes.

Yokkaichi, Japan

This city is in Mie, southwestern Japan. It is a manufacturing center that produces porcelain, cars, textiles and tea. Though safe, there are health problems due to pollution.

Kobe, Japan

This is a big city in Japan, located in the South. It was one of the first cities in Japan to start trading with the West. Many major corporations center in Kobe, such as Kawasaki and Mitsubishi. It is also famous for Kobe beef. Thousands of expats live in Kobe, such as Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese and Americans.

Tokyo, Japan

This huge, international Japanese city is also one of the safest. It is divided into 26 unique cities, and there are also highly populated suburbs and islands on the outskirts. Hundreds of thousands of expats reside in Tokyo, such as Chinese, Korean, Filipino, American, Brazilian, British and French.

Nagoya, Japan

This big city is located on the Chubu region of central Honshu, Japan’s main island. It is one of Japan’s major ports.

Yokohama, Japan

This big city lies South of Tokyo, and is a major commercial hub. It is one of the major ports, and has thousands of expats from China, Korea, the Phillips and Brazil.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global metropolitan and international financial center. It used to be governed and developed by the UK, but went back to China over ten years ago. However, it exercises a high degree of autonomy. Many business expats live and work in Hong Kong, such as Europeans (mainly from England), Americans, Australians, Canadians, Japanese and Koreans. There are also many people from Southwest Asia.


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  1. Useless article. Just naming a bunch of Japanese cities within a few km of each other? good work! How about Kuala Lumpur, which safer than Tokyo! There is also Bangkok, the #1 safest city in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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