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Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Women

We all have our own personal reasons for expatriating. For some it’s the sense of freedom or independence, for others it’s the adventure, business or financial benefits; maybe you identify more with a foreign culture. Then there are those of you who do it for the… scenery. You know who you are.

Just for you folk, we’ve assembled a list of the top countries with the hottest women.

10. Spain

Spanish women
The beautiful women just seem to line up in Spain. Those splendid Mediterranean tans tend to help too– and so do the nude beaches.

9. South Africa

South African woman

There are few places where you’ll see such a wide variety of beautiful women that’ll suite anyone’s particular fancy – South Africa is one of them. And they come with a lovely English accent too.

8. Czech Republic

Czech Republic woman
Top models seem to come from the Czech Republic like wildfire these days. And anyone who’s taken even a leisurely stroll through Prague would have to be blind not to have noticed.

7. Iran

Iranian woman
Persian women are some of the most beautiful, strongest willed in the world, though unfortunately often overlooked due to the shroud still lingering over women’s rights in nations like Iran.

6. Croatia

Croatian women
Italian women get a lot of well-deserved looks, but the ladies of Croatia are the true gems of the Adriatic.

5. India

Indian woman

India has a deep, intricate and storied history, and women of legendary beauty are certainly a part of that.

4. Sweden

Swedish girls
Tall, blond and blue-eyed– is there a more quintessential archetype for the beautiful woman than the women of Sweden?

3. Hungary

Hungarian woman
Eastern European countries are popular on this list, and Hungary sits at the crossroads of them all. All the best traits of Eastern European women mix perfectly and find just the right balance in Hungary.

2. Japan

Japanese girl
Asia has no shortage of beautiful women, though they may get no cuter than in Japan.

1. Brazil

Brazilian women

Walk down any Brazilian beach and you’ll be convinced– everyone just seems to be beautiful in Brazil. Undoubtedly, this is the place to be if you’re looking for the hottest women in the world.


668 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries with the Hottest Women

  1. This is way off Russians are very Beautiful … you can say slavic women are the most beautiful ones one earth

  2. Russians are very cute but so are the French. I would go with Russian just because they have there values still =)

  3. How about this. Brazilian, Venezuelan, Thai, Philippino, Puerto Rican, Dominican. Japanese are ugly as hell, for the most part.

  4. For me my preference is a nicely Tan skin women.I am really turn off by Palesy skin.
    I think women with skin color are extremely attractive and very exotic looking…Trust me lets be honest to ourselves no one can compare to the beauty of Spanish and litely Tan Indian women.

  5. In Gneral All orinental women have ugly features such as EYES LIPS NOSES they tend to be very short. And the have the worst Teeth ever.absolutely no Chest and Hip .So anyone that finds Korean japanese Chinese Vietnamese Thai Filipinos except for the Filipinos mix with spanish ATTRACTIVE. anyone that say asian women are the most attractive I wonder where the fidings are .I am absolutely no way critizing Asian women but it is what it is,

  6. The guy who created this list is a fucking moron

    SPAIN??????? WHAAATTTTTTT?!!!!!!!!!! beautiful??? they probably hid the beauties when i visited because all i saw is chain smoking, skinny, long nosed loud women with mullet hairdos!!!


    for God’s sake

    have u ever been to Colombia, Venezuela? the hottest women I’ve seen

    Also forgot Argentina

    as for europe, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia

    this moron probably hasn’t traveled much!!!

  7. This dude obviously have not travelled widely. How on earth could he omit Argentine women when rating beautiful women of the world.
    Incidentally a couple years ago I visited Trinidad a small island in the southern Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela and was stunned by the number of beautiful women I saw. The population in Trinidad is just over 1 million and almost every woman under 25 years looks like she clould qualify for a beauty contest.

    Travel more dude…many countries you have not even named, have stunning women!

  8. Czech and Sweden Yes!

    Iran? ordinary Middle East look-alike
    Brazil, if you like big asses

    Japan ok, from that area.
    Comparing with China, Korea, Philippines etc Japan wins by far.

    Spain? only in telenovelas! When I see a telenovela on TV I always ask my gf whether this is from Spain or Argentina?
    In Spain the ones on regular streets the majority have a lot of facial hair, loud manly voice, body not grown nice, too old for her age, and these type applies to most of women from Mediteranean zone (Spain, France, Italy, Greece etc.) I guess it has to do something with the climate…

    where’s cold climates Norway, Sweden, Czech, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia etc. gives tight ladies with cute face, nice hair, body looks very nice,

    Just an exercise:
    Compare Russian women tennis players with Spain women tennis player

    On the other hand, I feel sorry for Belgium and UK men.
    I suggest these countries for Top3 the most ugliest women.
    when an UK girl looks decent good, she’s made a model there 🙂 LOL

  9. Disagree John Lee. I find UK Women to be very attractive.Paticulary the likes of Emma Watson,Melanie Sykes and so on. I find American women to be fake and plastic,and German women to be male like.

  10. it;s all about personal taste in women
    what’s a joke is that the most ugliest women are sometimes seen by somepeople as attractive.
    so why would i bother to make my own assumption.but then agian i hae my own opinion and that is a non slutty woman .Most European and American are generally slutty

  11. How about Polish woman I have seen tons of beautiful Polish Woman around who are 10 time better looking than the japanese. Russian woman are also very beautiful. Argentin Venezuela Colombia rock hottest woman along with Brazil

  12. There are beautiful and ugly people in any place .You can’t just say one country tops it all .One is a beauty to another ,but another will find such beauty less and common.Beauty is a relative factor .

    Why are so many get trapped with the odd standards that measures / dictates what beauty is .This is obviously driven by the subliminal influence from the media which has long term effect on people’s perceptions of beauty . It is when society is constantly bombarded with images of models and celebs almost worshipped like gods.

    Brazil ,Argentina ,Cuba ,Philippines or instance are of mixed population through migration hundreds of years ago and mostly have Jewish roots ,crypto -jews escaping the deathly Inquistion in Europe .

  13. O.K HAS anyone ever saw Indian women i find Indian Women extremely attractive. best features are Hair Cheek Bones and defininitely Eyes…

  14. I was on holiday in Israel last summer-man, the women there are hot.Highest percentage of babes compared to other countries i’ve been (Spain??!!!) and they know how to dress, too.

  15. Japan should’ve been numer 1 by far. Brazilian? WTF? thats why they show them from behind on he photo because once you see their ugly fronts….

    Japan has the most beautiful women ever, no contest. Beauty comes from the outside and inside, so they win hands down. Polish? they re the bigggest whores on the planet, they disgust me with their “we’re the best” attitude

  16. oh dear all countries listed above; does it mean all of this women in there country represent the whole population are the same as like that on the picture on top 1 to 10,very sexy,slim and look gorgeous,my goodness all country has a women with unique beauty,sexy body but ugly face,some is beautiful face and slim,or even fat.i’m asian but i would say, all countries has a beautiful women,but also it flooded to much ugly women.just like when i travelled to germany i saw a super sexy girl like super model walking on the street without smile,but then again when i turn around i saw this ugly fatty lady behind me and smiled at me, i think she is the best.

  17. no way are south african women in the top 10, infact they would be lucky to be in the top 50
    the person who wrote this hasnt spent enough time in the baltic states, ukraine, or russia where the women are far superior to almost all of that ‘top 10’ except sweden

  18. Obviously you need to have travelled the world before you can accurately comment on this article, that i have, and in true honesty Asian women really rock my boat. Literally.

  19. Italian women are thee most beautiful …hands down ! If you believe otherwise then you are either a fool, a moron, blind or green with envy .

  20. to add to this: the only women up there that actually looks like a woman is the Japanese girl, the others could as well be transsexual, they look very “manly” yuck

  21. I think Persian women are gorgeous. My friend has blue eyes with specks of gold and green and has dark brown hair. She’s so beautiful. Well as for other countries… they ALL have a mix of pretty and not so pretty people. So it is what it is.

  22. If Italian women so beautiful when last any of them won any of the Miss universe peagant.as i recollect it was over 20 years correct me here they never won a pagenant in years….ha ha.

  23. I am wetting myself laughing. I am from Ireland, most people in Ireland have mixed Nordic/Spanish blood, particularly where I grew up. I modelled on the particularly in Eastern Europe when I was doing my masters. In Russia, The average girl was short, sturdy and plain. But of course, you morans are stereotyping. And I can bet one thing. Guys who sit on their computer rating girls are most deffo ugly, poss. middle aged and obviously not getting any. My husband, who is also Irish, he is a model for assets. women also like to look at eye candy and there is not not not alot of it going around. I bet your all overweight and ugly. Also, for the guy who said the women under 25 could nearly all be spermodels…wow, what happens when a woman goes over 25, does she morph and lose all the qualities of her former beauty overnight??. I could forgive you all for being a bunch of sad lonely men, but stupid as well!! Spend more time off the comp and more time chatting to women, then you might not have to jack of to pictures. And stop stereotyping. Concrete thought is for the under fives (Not that I expect you to understand that statement) lol

  24. WHATT!?! The only hot women on this list would be Brazilians, Iranians, and Czech Republic girls! JAPAN?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???! Asian women happen to be the least sexiest girls on this earth! No boobs, No ass, No curves either for Christ sake! I find Hatian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Venenzuelan, Argentinan, West African, Trinidadian, Cuban, Guyanese, Russian( could be debatable though, and Albanian and Italian women much much more hotter and sexier than these cunts!! Even Indian women here in America are hardlyyy beautiful just that one girl in that pic is. Even Indian men I’ve heard find their own women ugly rofll how sad. GTFO! ASIAN WOMEN ARE JUST NOT VERY BEAUTIFUL SORRY TO SAY BUT IT’S THE TRUTH! And this is comming from a white man.

  25. I am also from Ireland (at least half Irish) I have a Russian wife and want to know when was the last time you were in Moscow. Whilst Irish women are fun and good for a drink and a craic I don’t find enough of them sexy or exceptionally beautiful.

    I would only consider Irish women better comparing to English women which isn’t saying a lot. Though with a lot of ethnic diversity I think the latest generation of English girls are exceptionally attractive and not as bitchy or man hating as you seem to be as a representation of an Irish woman. You talk about stereotyping and that’s what you did about the men who were talking on this subject. Men talk about women and football …. Sometimes politics as well. Some may not be as articulate as others – some might not have reached manhood yet.

    P.S. If you think only ugly fat men rate girls then you are sadly mistaken and don’t know your husband if he is as handsome as you imply. I wouldn’t waste my time, but your stereotype on Russian women was way off and as an Irish man with a Russian wife I have to totally disagree.

    Irish men are generally handsome, but my Irish dad didn’t marry an Irish woman (Spanish) and neither did his half Irish son ……. Food for thought and if I wanted an Irish wife I had the opportunity with a School teacher and an Accountant both were nice girls, but I didn’t fancy them.

  26. Brazilian chicks are fucking flawless. I love them. They’re soooo hot!!!

    south africa, no way. not attracted to blacks or asians. cant believe japan is number 2. asian chicks are NOT sexy. they look like the men if you put a wig on the head. no curves ass or tits.

    persian women are sexy as are hungarian and russian chicks. russian chicks tend to be slutty and cheap. i know from personal experience.

    italian, french, and greek women are hot too i dont know why theyre not on this list

    What do u mean by ‘ this is coming from a white man’? Is that a qualification or a degree from some approved university that you have got? Did your parents not teach you how to conduct yourself in a neutral and respectful manner in public forums? Did you have problems as a child? Do you suffer from some kind of identity crisis?

  28. Personally, I’d have to say Spanish women are the best but that also because I like Spanish culture, any Spanish European woman from Latin America is hot, so are most Iberian and Med women, My list in no particular order would be Slavic, Latin Americans(White/Mestizo), Persian(Armenia to Afghanistan), Mediterraneans, and Japanese. And I am Indian, to all those screaming Indian, bullshit, few Indian women look like that picture, and those that do still can’t match Mediterranean women, just my opinion but still. Some Native American/ Polynesian and Nordic women are not too bad, and Although I like European women better, Japanese women are more homogenous, so you get a lot of hot women instead of just a few like you would in Spain or Romania. They included South Africa too appease blacks, but I think few people think black women are beautiful. Anyway no offense and just my opinion. My faves are Russian, Romanian, Spanish, and Japanese.

  29. Hi,
    I think until you travel to all the countries and do a typical survey, you cant be sure of the result. But i do think italian, spanish, brazilian women are super sexy becos they have a good height, dark hair and koyl eyes. many northindian women are beautiful too but surely they cant match beauties from some other countries. But best of all are russian girls…they are soooo beautiful and sexy. women from the middle east are also beautiful but they apply too make up which is a turn off. I saw salma hayek in the movie fools rush in and became an instant fan. You can find many indian women with her features but not that body..thats where south american women score..I dont know much about other countries and their women..well this is my opinion…

  30. i agree with iran. iranian women are really beautifull and sexy and their beauty is comparable with russian and brazilian women. but indians are not beautiful most of them are black and ugly and their appearence is like africans.

  31. None of you here ever seen Pakistani women… they r true bombshell ,, they will give indian women a run for it….but they r too modest so no one actually talk about them.. many are modelling in new york and california…

  32. Russian or Spanish women are not so bad. Spanish can be hairy like Greeks but Greek women have larger noses Spanish women dont and Russian women can be hot sometimes. Sweden is my number one. Brazilian and Hungarian top my list too. I went to Budapest and the Hungarian they are smoking hot. They can look Swedish or Iranian or Asian. Some of the most beautiful women ever and they have hot bods.

  33. @International Express

    your statement that ‘few people think black women are beautiful” is just YOUR opinion. You cannot speak for the majority.The fashion industry obviously thinks black women are beautiful because there are more top black models than the nationalities you have mentioned. Certainly much more than Indians that’s for sure. You cannot speak for everyone who may think differently.

    Anyways, who gives a s**t about this list that has no real facts! all nationalities have beauty in their own way and many people see beauty differently!

    BTW I am Czech

  34. I want to share 2 comments and my preference.

    First of all, one can’t categorise women per country but for an area. For example, no.1 is Brazil for the poster, but women in neighbouring countries are more or less similar. So it applies for Russian and the genetic flow into Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and other neighbouring countries. The MEditerraneans are also similar.

    About the asians, they seem to have lack of diversity and most often not-sexy, though their hybrids with latinas (Asian-Latina offspring) can result most beautiful combinations.

    Second, there is the tendency that the Northern fair people are sugar-sweet but lack the curves and plumpiness, while the Southern (latinas) may lack the innocent fair face, but the curves are well in place.

    In my opinion the countries in between can have girls with both features, and in my opinion best examples are in Europe Czech,Hungary,Poland,Ukaraine, and dont forget the Romanians (dark-featurs, very sexy, sweet faces) .I would say with limited experience that similarly, I would add the area of Mexico, North Argentina and Brazil (specifically brazilian blondes

    Probably, this balkan/Adriatic beauty of Poland/Czech/Lithuania is a result of mixture of fair faces from the north and sexy curves from the south (turkey/greece). Polish tend to have the largest boobs in Europe and those are my No. 1

    I am ignoring African and Arab girls since I don’t have much knowledge on them. They tend to be with the ‘South classification’ curvy but not irresistable sweet face.

  35. i am an iranian boy and hate this list.i am sorry for your mind because you think that women are goods! every one is beautiful and has almost a normal rank of (hot!!) you live in poor countries (in cultur) i am soory for your mind!

  36. This article is outrageous, geographically mapping the world’s ‘hottest women’? Consider what you’re jettisoning onto the web. By subtly presenting women as commodities via articles like this, through the use of phrases like ‘they come with a lovely English accent’, the ‘the shroud still lingering over women’s rights’ is hardly benefited.
    One might believe I am overreacting, but it is this kind of media that conditions people into this kind of derogatory, wacky talk:

    “south africa, no way. not attracted to blacks or asians. cant believe japan is number 2. asian chicks are NOT sexy. they look like the men if you put a wig on the head. no curves ass or tits.”

    Women are more than mere physical vessels to rate! I am not calling it a crime to call a woman beautiful, but it is fair to say this a far cry…

    A conscious female human can be beautiful wherever they live, wherever their ancestry lies!

  37. I am a white woman , but i have seen lots of beautiful woman that are ver black , i think some body say black woman is ugly they are racist

  38. This is the very first time I am actually visiting this site. I never knew they were such a site.Having said that I can’t belive people on here are so racist.
    I do admit that some nationalities have a smaller proportion of attractive women. i will be follosh not to agree with this.
    black women in general unless they are mixed aren’t very attractive. they nedd to be very obese facial tone is very different .Also Asian on the other hand they can be very beautiful if tehy are mixed.but asin in general is verry short hardly any female features such as boobs or hips…
    All other nationalities have a higher percentage of women that worth looking at again.
    Now am i racist hell no. far from it… but i am speaking of what i see everyday in the biggest city of America.
    dont get me wrong they are oversized women too in the other racist mostly whites but they percentage of attractive white women made up for the not so pretty ones. if you disagree with my finding you are either full of greed or flat out envy. when you respond to this i ask you to be very honest with yourself and dont jump all over my finding.
    and yes i have dated a black woman that were mix…

  39. I think that Laura here doesn’t come from any of the countries listed above. Pffft, sore loser!

    Anyway, thank you for that most excellent list, which will DEFINITELY influence my next vacations!


  41. You guys are crazy there are beautiful women in all races and ugly women in all races. The problem with media is that they very seldom put all the pretty black women in the media. You do not have to be mixed to be a beautiful black woman. And any man who is black that says black women are ugly must have an ugly mom.

  42. Cubans women are black Dominican women are black, some Indian women are black, some Arabic women are black… so all these women are ugly? Some people have no common sense, just say you prefer a woman with a lighter complexion.

  43. I truly think that Iran should be #1 because i visited all those counties and more and i can say that Iranian women are absolutely beautiful! i enjoyed my visit to that wonderful contrey and im from america and im white,im not trying to be racist but japan people are ugly!

  44. HAHA trust the females to object to this list. I can honestly say, from what ive seen and my life experiences that youve got this list spot on mate, spot on. And yes there is such a thing as good looks in races. I mean, you cannot say that a mongolian or nepalese woman is as attractive as the thai, brazilian or italian race of women.

  45. hi, im a persian(iranian)boy i dont agree with this ranking as you see all these women have dressed bikini ,in spite of iranian women musnt wear bikini in addition to our religion(islam) makes our women to have hijab(this kind of dressing)and it causes our women dont appear sexy and i think iranins should be the first in this ranking

  46. SOme people commenting on here and linking Arab Indian and dark Spanish women as mix with black,,
    Get the fact straight Black are unique to Nappy hair. while I do admit they are a percentage of these races that are darker mostly from the south as oppose to the North where the skin is much lighter..But noway should any one link African black as a mix for Dark Spanish Indian and Arab..Totaly wrong………sorry REALLY GO EDUCATE URSELF..STOP CALLING DARK SKIN PEOPLE AS AFRICAN MIX.

  47. I must say I agree with Laura, if we were to compile a list of the most beautiful men in the world, both of us would come up with a different list, attraction is subjective. I like tanned, tall , toned guys, with dark hair and blue eyes, is the same women? Hopefully not, or some of you guys are without a chance….

  48. I think Croatians and Iranians are hotter than Indians and the Japanese. But Swedish women are damn sexy, so you got that part right!

  49. I agrée with Sweden, Croatia, and czech republic because we are blonde , tall and blue eyed in Croatia and Czech republic they are also like that but I think Russians and those eastern Europeans are ugly they are small and have strange body shape and have no style at all

  50. Iranian women are really beautiful but because of their damn country and Islam religion they have to cover all of their beauty and the more beautiful they are , the more sexual harassment they have!

  51. Italian, Russian (not my first choice with the typically thin mousy hair, large foreheads, thin lips- I KNOW this doesn’t apply to ALL Russians it’s a giant country with so much national mixture [look at Irina Shaykislamova, Mila Volchek who has GOREGOUS vuluptuous lips but alas like many “Russians” with such features are mixed with tatar/’Stan blood and therefore not “pure Russian” whatever that means; regardless their banging bodies simply can’t be overlooked, Lebanese, Australian (The caucasian look which doesn’t bring to mind the stereotypical image of fat/cellulite/cursing like a sailor/baggy dirty sweatpants or pajama wearing to the grocery store imagery we’re all too familiar with in some OTHER locations, Iranian (very unique look with the dark features, thick raven hair yet often porcelain skin which creates an unusual and exquisite contrast), Indian (high cast, i.e. think Bollywood), Brazilian, Bulgarian (bodies like the Russians but advantaged with skin which often easily tans bronze and goregous faces with better proportions (beating out Russians because the butterface syndrome doesn’t seem to be as common), Ethiopia (a long/brutal history brings about a most curious and delicate race of women who at their best possess long swan like necks, thin figures, earthy dark skin, soft yet textured brown hair lacking the harsh coarsness found on many other women of differing African countries)

  52. Iran should be ranked in first place, persian women R realy hot and sexy … u should see them at a party… it will be proved to U… ( I’m iranian. من ایرا نیم . viva iran)

  53. So having traveled well and being completely honest, i would have to add a few countries to the list: Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Columbia, & Puerto Rico. But the list is pretty spot on. Hate to say it number one but you’re in denial, get out and travel and see the world. God has created beautiful women all over the world, it just happens that certain places have a greater portion of the them. Example, little Puerto Rico with a population of 3.98 million, has produced 5 Miss Universe winners.Only country to win more is the US, with 7. So get out and travel and see the world, enjoy…!!

  54. I’m from south africa and believe me we have gorgeous woman of many races!!!
    To the woman who get offended by this list all i can say is take a chill pill!!!
    if you compiled a list like this for men i’m sure most men wouldn’t give a damn and if they did they’re just as lame!!!

  55. Hell im afro latina(panama) and black american background. And thank the lord for the curvy bodies we are blessed with. And to the idiot above there’s blacks paler than you :/ so calm down. We are the most genetically diverse people in the world. Coily hair, straight hair, wavy hair, wide eyes, slanted eyes, highcheek bones, round faces… we don’t look uniform and we has awesome curves so. You must not get out much :/

  56. Wow serious?? There’s always Hott chics in every race its all up to ones preference. I tend to not really like blonde & blue eyes. But, that doesn’t mean shes not Hott!I believe the hottest chic in the world would be one of the most mixed women we’ve ever seen. & thats because shes mixed with dam near everything it gives you almost a perfect women “physically” take for instance Adriana Lima. shes freaking black,white,french,portuguese, carribean. so, If i had to pick a place I would definetly go with “Brazil” And that’s mainly because you have someone for everyones liking. there are blonde brazilians too. funny thing is my girl looks like a mix of Adriana Lima/Nicole Scherzinger/& Jessica Lucas all in one. funnier thing is shes “Indian”. she’s my preferred look. but, again.. EVERY COUNTRY HAS HOTT CHICS & BUSTED!! CHICS BLACK/WHITE/ASIAN WHATEVER!!

  57. Japanese girls are fraking ugly..
    This ranking sucks. I’m italian and i travelled a lot, i saw many countries.
    The real ranking is:

    10- Netherlands
    9- Israel
    8- Argentina
    7- Estonia
    6- USA
    5- Brazil
    4- Finalnd
    3- Russia
    2- Iceland
    1- Sweden

  58. I am brazilian and I really think there are A LOT of beautiful woman here.
    Beauty has NOTHING to do with the color of the skin. Look Tyra Banks is black and she is sooo BEAUTIFUL! Has a beautiful face and a beautiful body too.
    Freida Pinto is indian and she is gorgeous!
    Gisele Bündchen has that curly hair and she is I think the prettiest woman in the world.
    There are beautiful women everywhere!

  59. nadia ur comment about caucasions gbein d stereotype of cellulite,fat,and baggy sweatpants was dumb ur entitled 2 n opinion but ther r millionz of whites all over d world how can u pin them all into that i never herd tat stereotyp tbh im from ireland so i no all about them skanky girls wit no styl and wering horibl tracksuits n pyjamas but im irish n dont ever dres lyk dat
    as for d list i tink if africa was tu b in it it should hav bein north africa.just an opion and i tink sum asian gurlz like japanese are gorjuss however i luv curves and they usualy r slim swedish no significant difrrence 2 othr wite eurpeans only d natral blonds av significance as most blonds r fake i like brunet bettr tho got sum blonde wich suitd me well but brown growin bak i lyk dark mor like iran gorjus spanish is gud 2 personaly i like western eurpean luks bettr i would hav expected germanny and netherlands here

  60. this list is flawed. what happened to Venezuela whose women have placed and repeatedly won the most international beauty contest… Miss Universe, Miss World etc…. ??~!? Very beautiful women live in every country. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… personal preferences apply.

  61. First off, you need to look at races versus countries. Most Venezuelan and Brazilian women have German and Italian heritage, do they look like native Indians? Most Indian women are not attractive, lots of make up and surgery to acquire Caucasian features, real south African women are black with nappy hair. All the rest are from another herittage. Asian women are generally very skinny and lean with straight coarse black hair otherwise they are mixed. Indigenous Iranian women are indo European, read history and mixed since but pure Persian women are fair skin and more European features plus lots of heavy make up like Latino women who are beautiful if mixed with European, do they look like Andes? It is not racist to not like black women, stupid idiot who says that. For me the best are not here, French and English. Most of the beautiful American blondes are Scandinavian, German, English heritage. Tyra Banks is not beautiful. She had surgery, fake teeth, wig, nose job, fake boobs, skin lightened, ugly calves, no shape. See photos of her before surgery, she is funny looking with nappy hair. best countries for me are

    Pure Persian
    Some Ethiopian women

    By the way Israelis are mostly European and Russian, very few real semetics there.


  62. Seriously, how did all of this racist talk come from a pretty harmless list. I was hoping that the ridiculous, narrow minded comments were dated 1930, not 2012 (and yes I know there were no computers then, duh). I’m all for preferences, but it’s not necessary to generalize entire races. Hell, just make positive comments about the ones you do like, and ignore the rest. Every race has been dogged by someone here, and I really don’t think that that’s what the author was going for. I personally enjoyed the article, and should’ve moved on before getting to the comments. Sheesh (•_•)

  63. this is bullshit… Colombia and Venezuela were not even listed. These two countries have the hottest women in the world

  64. the only one who makes sense is “REALLY”. The rest sound racist whether directly or indirectly. those who say one race is ugly forget that we are all mixed. came from one source adam and eve if ur religious.
    and its true we cant say one country has the most beautiful women. there are beautiful women in all races/ no one is ugly. the right term is unattractive. (and even that depends on how each person sees it.i agree with “really” he talks true. e.g.there might be a a country of one certain race that has many beautiful women but then one woman from a different race that is more beautiful than all of them put together but many of her kin are not as attractive. what do we say of that?

  65. What happened to Ethiopia and Somalia- the two countries with byfar the most beautiful women! But i too agree with this list!

  66. I live in Toronto, and that’s why I get to see many sexy girls from all around the world. I like the list here, however, I would re-rank the countries a little bit and would exclude Japanese girls from the list and Italian girls instead. My opinion is as follows:

    10- India
    9 – South Africa
    8 – Hungary
    7 – Czech Republic
    6 – Spain
    5 – Sweden
    4 – Coratia
    3 – Brazil
    2 – Italy
    1 – Iran

    P.s. Sometimes people get confused about Iranians and Arabs. I have date both nationalities. Believe me, once you know them (and possibly date them), they’re not even close to be confused. I noticed, some say since Iranians are covered with hijab they cannot be seen, but I’ve got to say that, here in Toronto, they don’t even wear hijab, so…

  67. indian the worst (on this list)
    australian aboriginal the worst of all! (Ive seen more attractive orangutans!)
    swedish – massively overrated – its just blond fanatics that like them
    Brits and dutch very plain- even a tad unsavoury.
    Brazilians not the best – curves aren’t aesthetic.
    Iran? Never seen one – always covered!
    Asian ok – the good ones are hot.
    Top is probably swiss/czech/hungarian.

  68. There are a lot of racist comments, all because of what each individual person thinks.
    What Really says is true.
    What most people don’t realize is that the type of women one person likes/finds attractive, other people may disagree with them.
    As for those who think black women are ugly and overweight, you just haven’t looked in the right places yet. It’s true that most Asian women have little feminine figure (no curvy hips or big breasts) but most of them do have a cute face, maybe that’s the reason some people find Japanese women attractive.
    That being said. the list above is based on opinion, so don’t complain if the countries that you want to be in the list are not on it.

  69. I am very disappointed but Everyone should check out CHECHEN GIRLS they are just gorgeous, people from north Caucasus are amazing, too bad Chechnya is in a unstable state right now—-> NO TRAVEL ): ‘-‘

  70. Hi there

    I’m originally from Brazil nd i hv been to most of these countries already nd i goota tell ya this list sucks! No way brazil could be in first place, the average is preety bad but in such i gigantic country like that always will be the pretty ones. And omg jaPanese girls r not hot at all.. (i dnt find attractive asian women but i guess the cambodian girls are way better maybe cuz they r tanned and good looking.. My top 5 list:
    5 argentina
    4 israel
    3 estonia
    2 sweden
    1 russia

    Best list ever!

  71. I am sorry to state that non of the above know locations of beauty. It exist all over the world, but the higher ratio exist as listed below rank:

    1)Afghanestan, Iran, and Turkey
    2)Saudia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Morroco, and Ethiopia
    3)Latin America
    4)Spain, Burtghal, Bosnia, Russia, Albania, France, and Sweden

  72. There are some good looking women in the UK but by far the majority are plain overweight and unattractive.
    I personally do not prefer blonds and think they are over rated. Dark skinned petite Orientals and willowy dark mid europeans do it for me.
    Women everywhere are being ruined by junk diets and sedentary lifestyles. Any woman with good teeth, hair and skin and a proportionate build are OK by me, but they are in very short supply in the UK.

  73. You are all crazy and many of you are rascists. Just because a woman has a beautiful face, breasts and ass does not make her truly beautiful, if she has an ugly heart.
    She who has a beautiful heart is a truly beautiful woman.
    Vasilis. Filakia.

  74. LOL at Laura! Not everyone in South Africa is black! Ever heard of oscar winning actress Charlize Theron??? If not,google it! This list is spot on!

  75. Charlize Theron is of German and french heritage Stupid comment. South Africa never have white blue eye women! Best women are eastern european by far. They work hard are more feminine due to less feminazis, can cook and have charm. Many American and white women had this but they ruin they looks with bad diet and sloppy clothes and feminist ways. Most models are european by far .due to such variety, colors ,shapes and sizes and best beauty. Best beauty are Indo-European like Persian and European. Worst are Indian and American black and many asian girls look like boys to me. My opinion. Eat it.

  76. Juan you are an idiot white people are originally form europe everyone knows that, so south america and the rest of the world have people who originally came from europe their ancestors anyways. I am from South africa and Charlize is a southafrican meisie from benoni, if you dont know that its because you are not south african. We have all races here, and most women are ugly or average, a few are beautiful.

  77. I am a woman reading this apalling list. I wonder how you idots look? I am a Black-American. I am not mix. Thank the Lord. Yes i weigh more than a two-year-old child, and I do have full hips and lips. My hair is not nappy. I have two beautiful dark brown daughters and zi hope they never ever meet you narroe-minded fools!

  78. well i personally like greeks and spanish!iranians have fake noses,!ALL OF THEM!even the GUYS!, they were way too much make up and go tanning twice a month!so really how do u define beauty? 🙂

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