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Top 12 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Some places in this world are much more dangerous to visit or live as an outsider if you visually stand out, such as some of those in our list below. We picked these cities for inclusion in our top 12 most dangerous cities in the World due to their extremely high crime rates, percentage of violent crimes and reputation of unreported crimes crime being the daily norm with no particular group as a target. In most of these dangerous cities, crime seems to find those who just may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or otherwise present an opportunity too hard for criminals to resist.

Here’s our list of the 12 Most Dangerous Cities in the World.

Let us know in the comments if you think we skipped a particularly dangerous one, or wrongly accused a city.

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa, suffers from high crime rates, partially due to separation of wealth and dangerous sections of the city. Though a major international tourist location, people who travel there should do research to be safe on their journey.

Cape Town is known to be one of the most beautifully located and culturally active cities of South Africa, but is also the least safe place to be. As it is a big city with many different parts, certain sections of it are safe, but others have high rates of all sorts of crimes, including kidnapping, murder and robbery. There are also staggering rates of rape and car hijacking in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa, and gangs and drug warfare are also a reality.

Part of the reason Cape Town is so dangerous is that South Africa has large social and economic disparities. This city still feels the residual effects of apartheid, which is still a factor in everyday life. While parts of the city are safe to walk around, this should be done in well-lit streets and while lots of people are out. Many of the outlying hills and suburbs surddounind the center of Cape Town are very poor, unsanitary and hostile. Some of the dangerous areas of this city are Greenpoint, Salt River, Seapoint, Cape Flats, Mowbray and Observatory. One of the most dangerous areas of Cape Town is Nyanga, where there is an unemployment rate of about 70%, as well as a huge breakout of HIV/AIDS amongst its residents.

As Cape Town remains a huge tourist destination, there is ample advice on how these visitors can avoid being a victim of dangerous factors. ATMs are common spots for con-artists and muggers, so they should be avoided at night. Taxis are often illegitimate, and mini bus taxis often drive uncontrollably and do not follow traffic laws. Though most murders happen between people who know each other, there have been attacks on tourists in this city, so people are encouraged to take precaution and travel in groups

Karachi, Pakistan


Karachi, Pakistan, is one of the biggest cities and metropolitan areas in the world, and also one of the most dangerous international places. There are long-standing political, ethnic and religious tensions in sects of the population, as well as ongoing problems with human trafficking and widespread property damage.

Karachi is the largest city and financial capital of Pakistan, and also the most dangerous place in the country. All kinds of crimes take place in this very corrupt city.

Karachi suffers problems of underlying organized crime, themed around drug trafficking, gunrunning, poaching, human trafficking, murder for hire, money laundering and extortion. It is also plagued by many violent crimes, such as terrorism, political violence, religious-motivated violence and ethnic violence. There are long-standing differences between certain populations living around this city and Pakistan, which are likely to go unresolved any time soon.

There are sometimes violent bouts between political or religious sects, who commit crimes of drive-by shootings that aim at random pedestrians or motorists. The year 2009 saw some unfortunate ethnic clashes and car torching during riots, when the Urdu-speakers and ethnic Pashtuns fought. In 2010, there were a few weeks of bomb attacks against Shiite Muslims that resulted in riots and political shootings. During these violent episodes, parts of the city will shut down for a couple days, and even when it reopens, people still remain tense.

Apart from violence, property damage is a common occurrence in Karachi. Burglaries, arson, motor vehicle theft and armed robberies are all fairly common.

There are also about 600 known human traffickers around Pakistan, many of which are located in Karachi. A major route for human trafficking is from Karachi’s coastal belt to Balochistan. Many youngsters get smuggled out of the country via this route, and then taken into Iran.
Due to all of these factors, plus a widening separation of wealth, Karachi, Pakistan, is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Guatemala City, Guatemala


Guatemala has high crime rates all over the country, and they are highest in its capital. There are problems with drug dealers, gang warfare and high murder rates, and there is not an efficient system to solve these problems.

Guatemala City has a problem of ongoing crime, partially due to lack of efficient law enforcement. The majority of officials are inexperienced and underpaid, so do not have the resources to begin with to handle the high volume of crime. Apart from the police, the justice system is also inefficient, overworked and not effective. Police officers usually work on bribes, leading to corruption. These factors have contributed to the surge in murder and other crime that has been going on for the past decade.

Apart from law enforcement, Guatemala City is subject to its social problems, like street gangs and rival drug dealers, which often affect the lives of everyday people. The country of Guatemala has a wide separation of wealth as well, leading to unrest. There are also issues of kidnapping and organ harvesting around the country, and this city is not necessarily safe from these incidents.

Different parts of the city are more dangerous than others. Zona 1 is noted to be very dangerous, full of drug deals, gangs and other illicit activities, so it is advised to not be there at night. Zonas 2, 6, 18 and 21 should also be avoided; Zona 10 is known to be a safer district.

People who visit Guatemala City are warned to not walk around alone at night, especially not through dangerous areas. Even during the day, they should not draw attention to themselves, and not wear flashy clothing or jewelery, nor look like they are lost. Though most of the crime committed has to do with Guatemalans, tourists are also victims of armed robbery, rape and murder.

It is recommended to avoid taking buses inside Guatemala City, as there are incidents of people getting robbed by gangs on buses, and sometimes the driver gets murdered. People who take taxis should also make sure that they are registered.

Bogota, Colombia


Bogota, Colombia, is a very vast, cosmopolitan city that is unfortunately affected by the drug crimes and political upheaval around its premises and the rest of the country. Though some areas of the city are fine, there are others where one should be extremely cautious.

Bogota, Colombia, is one of the biggest and most vast cities in the Americas. Though there are very nice areas of Bogota, it still remains one of the most dangerous cities in South America. Though things have gotten better since the 1990s, it still remains a violent place. As Colombia has many problems with drug trade and political warfare, Bogota and its outskirts are affected by these factors.

Bogota is a huge city that is gridded, and divided into the north and south sections. The north section is definitely more safe. The south section of the city becomes more dangerous around 19th street, and then gradually turns into slums. There are lots of firearms around Colombia, and many people in Bogota possess weapons. Some of the areas of town that people should be cautious about include Bosa, Kennedy, Suba and Barrios Unidos. Even in the city center and historic districts, there are many scam artists and pickpockets. It is advised not to go out exploring at night, especially while alone. It is also recommended to call up taxi companies for rides rather than finding one on the streets.

For additional safety, it is also advised not go wander outside of Bogota’s city limits. People who do risk being attacked by political groups that rebel against Colombia’s government, as well as people involved in drug trading and terrorism. There are a couple known political faction groups, as well as other individuals, that will kidnap people and hold them for ransom. Some of these kidnappers will blockade highways and capture people, and although some highways are patrolled, there is little for authorities to do once people are kidnapped.

Though Bogota is a major tourist destination with lots to see and explore, it is definitely advised for people to remain within the safer areas of town in the north side, and not go into the rural areas around the city. But since Bogota is much less dangerous than it used to be, hopefully things will continue improving.

Grozny, Chechnya, Russia


Grozny is the capital of Chechnya, and also a very dangerous location in this ruined country. Grozny, Chechnya, has undergone very destructive warfare since the mid-1990s, when the Russian army demolished much of the city. Some of the population has fled, but those who have remained mostly live in shells of their old homes and risk dangers from the local gangs and mafia, along with remaining mines.

Grozny was named the “most destroyed city on earth” by the United Nations in 2003. This was due to the First Chechen War with Russia from 1994-96, and the Second Chechen War from 1999-2000, both of which caused thousands of fatalities and the explosion of many buildings and other structures. Russians fired five huge ballistic missiles all over the city, then a wide range of shelling, dynamite exploding and mining caused many parts of the city to go to shambles. This also left the infrastructure very battered. The city of Grozny was empty for some time, and even when people started returning, most people’s homes were ruined, and demolition went on.

Even though the fighting supposedly ended around 2006, this city is still loaded with ongoing problems. Currently, Grozny is going under a state of reconstruction and restoration, but things are not the same. Some apartments are being rebuilt, but many continue to live without water or electricity. Many Chechens have fled to places like Georgia, Dagestan or Azerbaijan, as their native country is not safe.

Though the government is centered in Grozny, the power lies more in the hands of the mafia and gangsters. Political and criminal murder, as well as rape rates, are very high, and people who just walk down the street risk getting pick-pocketed or mugged. Kidnappings are a serious issue; gangsters will abduct Western foreigners and hold them for ransom. People who walk into certain areas also risk exploding a mine that was left there.

Detroit, Michigan, USA


Detroit, Michigan, consistently ranks as the most dangerous city of the United States, with consistent high violent and property crime rates every year. Though some parts of this Midwest city are safe, others are in a state of abandonment and decay.

Detroit was originally an industrial boom town up through the 1950s, when its population went from 250,000 in 1900 to 1.8 million in 1950. Since its peak of population and prosperity, about half of that number has fled from the urban area in Detroit proper. Economic outsourcing occurred, so factories were shut down and jobs became scarce. Thousands of people moved out into the suburbs, or to entirely different places. This ongoing white flight effect has resulted in leaving back entire sections of the once-bustling city into depressed blocks of abandoned buildings undergoing urban decay. While some districts of Detroit, like downtown, are safe, other parts are full of falling-apart houses, stray animals running around and garbage thrown around the streets. In the past ten years, the city government has made efforts to demolish some of the abandoned buildings from federal funds, as renovations do not appear likely.

Though it used to be much worse in the 1970s, Detroit is still plagued by the acts of various crimes. About 1 in 16 people are likely to be victims of a property crime, ranging from theft, burglary or arson. Detroit is also a notorious violent city, with murder rates that are always within the top ten for American cities each year. In 2009, there were 379 counted homicides, and 364 of these were determined as criminal homicides. The year 2008 had a high volume of violent crimes, with rates of 40.6 homicides, 36.4 forcible rapes, 675.1 robberies and 1,178.8 cases of aggravated assault per 100,000 people in Detroit. Many of these unfortunate incidents are due to gangs and drug-related incidents.

The police force of Detroit also factors in as a problem to the greater picture. Not enough resources have been invested into public safety, and when budget cuts occur, crime enforcement takes a toll.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro is a huge urban area in Brazil, but people there must go around with caution. There are many dangerous slums located around the city, ongoing drug warfare, corruption and criminals who target visitors in tourist areas.

Rio de Janeiro is a major city in Brazil with a huge tourism industry, but it also is plagued by astounding crime rates. There are many incidents of homicide, particularly in poor areas that are controlled by the city’s drug dealers. About 30 victims are murdered in Rio de Janeiro per week. Many of these incidents have to do with stray bullets, muggings and narcoterrorism. There is ongoing urban warfare in this city between police and drug traffickers, and over 1,000 people are killed this way each year.

Many of the problems of Rio de Janeiro have to do with the widening gap between the rich and the poor segments of society. There is a huge impoverished part of the city, and about 20% of Rio’s population live in its sprawling shanty towns and slums, known as favelas. Many of the hillsides are crowded with these favelas, and these are dangerous areas to navigate without proper guidance.

The police in Rio de Janeiro are known to be corrupt, part of the reason being they are not paid very well. It is recommended not to interact with officers, as they are known to threaten for bribery. Sometimes innocent people are framed for being involved with the drug economy, so they have to bribe the police to get out of it.

Though the city has beautiful and famous beaches, it is recommended to avoid them at night, as they are infested with drug dealers, and this could lead to more dangerous situations. Many of the drug trafficking is tied in with Rio’s powerful mafia, and this is not something anyone should be involved with; police also use zero tolerance with drugs, and will use brutal and violent tactics if they catch anyone.

Apart from drug-related violence, there are also many incidents of robbery. It is dangerous to go to ATMs at night, as people risk being abducted and robbed. Beatings and rape occasionally occur in these situations as well. Though less serious, pickpocketing is also an issue in Rio de Janiero, especially in the airport or in tourist-frequented areas.

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


Ciudad Juarez is an insanely dangerous border town in Mexico, with recent arising problems of drug cartels, gang warfare, as well as many dangers for female factory workers.

Ciudad Juarez is a border town between the United States and Mexico that has grown especially dangerous in recent years. It is plagued by poverty and common violence, and is a site for drug smuggling and gang warfare.

Juarez became more dangerous after the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was implemented in 1994, when thousands of new people flocked to this location for jobs that were established. Many women started working in factories, but at a cost. Hundreds of these factory worker women have since been murdered in Juarez, and over 3,000 have gone missing. Over the past ten years, there have been over 400 known cases of sexual homicide of women, some of their bodies later being discovered in ditches around this city.

In the past few years, Juarez has become a main site of narcotic-related warfare. About 1,600 people were murdered in drug-related incidents in 2008, and then this increased to about 2,600 in 2009. It does not look like these rates will lower any time soon.

There are also problems with the local authorities, because Juarez is a very difficult city to maintain an effective police force. Many officers have been assassinated, and the department is known to be corrupt. Many of the business groups in Juarez are seeking UN intervention to help solve these problems.

Juarez has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with about 130 per 100,000 inhabitants. Since the recent escalation in violence, the vast majority of Juarez residents have had to change their daily routines. Most people try to refrain from going out at night; even during daytime, people risk being kidnapped or hit by bullets just by walking down the streets. There have also been recent incidents of car bombings, so no one is safe in such unpredictable situations.

Mogadishu, Somalia


Mogadishu, Somalia, is plagued with the effects of civil warfare and violence, and much of this city has gone in shambles. Much of the infrastructure has been destroyed, and many of the residents have fled or live in refugee buildings.

Somalia is a very dangerous country in general, full of constant clan and ethnic warfare. There is strife between the Ethiopian and Somali government troops, as well as with the Islamic guerrillas. All over, residents and visitors are also not safe from random kidnappings and coastal pirates, nor the high volume of terrorists.

Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia, and acts as a central location in all of such happenings. The northern section of the city is known to be much more dangerous than the southern, and very few vehicles are allowed to even cross the checkpoints between the two sections. Because of the ongoing civil war that has been active for over 20 years, about half of the city’s population has fled. Bombings, gunshots, guerrilla attacks, lootings and riots are a daily occurrence in Mogadishu. Dozens of people are injured daily, and hospitals are overcrowded with the casualties. Many of those who choose to remain in Mogadishu have ended up in the city’s sprawling refugee camps. Some of the refugee camps are former ministries buildings, universities, schools and other campuses.

Though there have been efforts on several different levels to protect and provide aid to Mogadishu, bouts of violence always occur. In 2008, more than half of the population abandoned the city, and many of the streets had turned into rows of bombed-out buildings. In 2009, there was a rise of violence and suicide bombings, which had been a rare occurrence in the past. The roads of Mogadishu are extremely battered with potholes, and flood horrifically when it rains.

Though there is no certain collected statistical data related to what goes on in Mogadishu, it is certainly an extremely dangerous city.

Baghdad, Iraq


Though American troops have occupied Baghdad since 2003, problems have since escalated. Suicide bombers and car bombs from the sectarian strife are a constant threat to anyone who is there, and the city’s infrastructure has since been torn apart.

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq, a torn nation with constant strife. Though an ancient city that has seen times of prosperity, it has taken a turn for danger within the past few decades. The headline and reports about Baghdad through the media constantly give the unfortunate insight of one of the world’s least safe spots.

Times have been turned in a hostile direction since the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. More damage to Baghdad occurred during the Gulf War in 1991 and then the US invasion in 2003. This has caused dramatic effects on the city’s power, transportation and infrastructure.

Since the invasion in 2003, Baghdad has been suffering the worst of its ongoing problems of violence, crime, corruption and lack of internal stability. There are problems from the Al-Qaeda attacks and Kurdish rebels, as well as sectarian suicide bombers who attack all parts of city. The streets of Baghdad are also lined with unpredictable mines and explosives, along with random attacks from gunfire and mortars. There are common car bombs that set off at places like police checkpoints, water treatment plants, police headquarters, hospitals, commercial zones, mosques, buses, markets and basically anywhere. Areas of the city that had once housed useful residential, administrative, religious and commercial activities now get torn to rubble that buries men, women and children.

Ever since the invasion of 2003, thousands of Iraqis have fled their country for other places, like Syria, and many more have been killed, injured or displaced. Even if they choose to return home, their former lives are now almost impossible to relive. Many parts of the city have no garbage collection, and even if water or electricity works, it is usually only during certain hours of the day. Though food is available, many merchants have shut down their stores due to the danger and violence.

Caracas, Venezuela


Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is full of several safe areas, but there are many other sections that should definitely be avoided. Armed robberies are a common occurrence, and this city has some of the highest murder rates in the world.

Caracas is the capital and largest city in Venezuela, and is also the most dangerous place to be. Violent crime is a serious problem, as Caracas has one of the highest murder per capita rates in the world (between 130-160 per 100,000). Most of these murders remain unsolved mysteries. Kidnappings, robberies and assaults are also a daily occurrence. Many of the locals refrain from going out at night, and warn visitors to do the same.

Because of the separation of wealth, there are parts of the city that are safe and others that should be avoided. Anyone who visits Caracas should steer clear of violent areas, like in the impoverished areas up in the hills. These parts of the city are lined with armed criminal gangs, and police refrain from patrolling the area.

Crimes are committed during the daytime and nighttime hours in Caracas. Though there are some safe tourist areas of the city, it is advised to not wear flashy jewelery or carry huge amounts of accessible cash, as armed group robbery is common. Even locked rooms, safes and cars are commonly stolen from; people should not walk alone through dark areas or parking garages, as they may be robbed at gunpoint. Demonstrations, riots and protests are not an uncommon occurrence, and gunshots are commonly fired.

Even the areas outside of Caracas are reported to be dangerous. There have been a few reports of kidnappings and ransom holdings on the road between the Maiquetia Airport and the city of Caracas, where travelers have been captured and held captive by people in roadside huts who hide along the highway. There are also incidents of taxi drivers robbing their clients from the airport, and it is difficult to determine if a taxi driver is legitimate.

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

APTOPIX France Riot

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, has issues with rebel soldiers from elsewhere in the country, as well as internal problems like gang warfare, rape, property damage, poor sanitation and disease.

Kinshasa is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Though the Democratic Republic of Congo is a large country that is full of natural resources, its population suffers from ever-lasting lawlessness and recklessness. Ever since the Second Congo War, this city has undergone much damage. Its slums are plagued with lots of gangs who commit many violent and unpredictable crimes on the rest of the population.

There are also problems due to ethnic conflicts, where rebel soldiers are fighting to control the diamond mines. There are many different factions at war in the eastern part of the country, and sometimes this conflict enters the city.

Kinshasa also has problems with common muggings, robberies and kidnappings. It is not recommended to try to visit Kinshasa by car, as it is very dangerous outside of the city and people risk abductions. Travel via public transit is also not reliable, as the roads are very muddy and get very dangerous when it rains. Kinshasa and the rest of the DRC is considered a very dangerous place for women, as rape and other acts of sexual assault are common.

The streets of Kinshasa are also not the safest place to be, outside of the downtown area and the suburban Gombe district. In addition to random acts of violence, there are dangerous sanitation issues, as sewage and garbage are also scattered everywhere. There are also risks of disease in this city, including polio, pox and malaria.


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  1. most dangerous city in the US – not the world! If you think the US is as dangerous as say, India, youd be a complete moron.

  2. mr m ali, i dunnow y u ppl always try to drag india into everything, hv u ever been there? I dont think so, ive travelled half the world, been to most of cities mentioned, i feel the rating is gud.

  3. beyond true when i was little i always had to hold my moms hand not once could i let go coz she was scared i would get kidnapped.Its so bad that even my cousins think roberry is a normal thing that happens everyday in your typical routine 🙁

  4. Being from Brazil i can first hand tell you it’s a beautiful country. Gorgeous beaches, sexy women, friendly people and just totally different then anywhere else in the world. I’ve never experienced any crimes while there and I’m 20 years old. I would advise anyone going there to play it smart. Just as you wouldn’t flash your cash in detroit, don’t do it in rio or anywhere else

  5. Caracas is currently an extreamly dangerous city. But this is due to the government we have in Venezuela which dosent care in the least about applying justice to criminals and instead increases poverty and misery.. Caracas before Chavez was the most advanced city in Latin America and when you viisit it you see all the beautiful buildings which you’d think are new but the most of them are from the 70’s-90’s Caracas was also a very safe city, sure there were robberies but very very few, people would move from Colombia here seaking safety.. There are no sefe zones, just safer-er zones which are mainly Chacao, Baruta the northern portion of Sucre (Los Chorros, Sebucan) the Northeastern part of Libertador (La Florida, Alta Florida, La Campiña) and El Hatillo. My advice as a Venezuelan: come only if you know a local, you should be fine with one, if not dont come until next year when we will hopefully have a government that actually wants to better the country.

  6. Again, I just want to empahasize the governments responsability in this, you shouldnt maintain this image of Caracas or Venezuela because the Caracas of today is like this because Chavez mad it this way but once we have an actual government Caracas will be extreamly modern and safe give it about 5 years and you’ll see.

  7. This is by far the biggest lie i’ve ever heard. I’m a gringo from a small town in the midwest and have been living in Bogota, Colombia for 5 months. I can say that I have had more “scary” encounters in my city of 100,000 people back in states. BOGOTA IS SAFE and the most small cities, unless you are at the border of Venezuela or Ecuador(but only certain spots) Have you actually EVER been to Bogota?

  8. Like an earlier poster, I too married a Colombian who is from Bogota. I was very nervous before my first visit there in April 2010; I would not consider myself an intrepid explorer and dont have much wanderlust; I am an inexperienced traveller. Before I left, people’s reactions to me going to Colombia were (mostly) the same; that I was going to be kidnapped or shot. I shared their stereotypical ideas about Colombia and I was very worried. But I tried to think about how it can’t be that bad – the woman I love grew up there.

    The first couple of days were a culture shock but over the course of my 5 week stay I grew to love Bogota and Colombia.

    The truth is, Bogota is definitly edgy. But Colombians seem to share this negative stereotype with the rest of the world. I was always being told (by Colombians) that Colombia is dangerous and I have to be careful. Random Colombians expressed concern about me being out on my own, told me it is not safe. Truth was, I felt safer than I often do when I am in my slightly run down part of London. Colombians were shocked when I told them that I was mugged in London by a man with a knife – these things dont happen in England, they said.

    I’m not naive (well, maybe I am). I spent 99% of the time surrounded by my new extended Colombian family so I didn’t ever go too far off the beaten track. But as a tall blonde man who stood out (and spoke almost no Spanish), I honestly didnt get anything other than interest and friendly smiles from almost all the Colombians I met.

    I think alot of the negative stories about Colombia are about the south and rural areas where the FARC are active.

    But Bogota is fine as long as you exercise caution and dont be too flashy. And think about where you are going and what you are doing – advice that really should be followed whatever city you might be in.

    Cant wait to go back in May 2012.

    R. London.

  9. Wow detroid seriously I have lived in another country(el Salvador)and saying detroid is more dangerous than that country or Kabul baghdad or Mogadishu what kind of stupidity is that detroid is not a war zone detroid has not terrorist bombings the government in detroid tough far from perfect ar least operates a police force forbes hates the usa(I am not american so I am not biased) just look at all their lists they have something against the usa which Is the greaggest country in the world so jealous people just please get over that fact.

  10. Sadly Mexico is being destroyed by the drug trade but the blame is on their government not on the mexican people.

  11. karachi has many suburban areas which are politically and democratically affected it is not that bad if you are along with a old karachiite who knows the city you just need common sense about which area to visit north nazimabad, lyar,qasba colony and some parts of korangi and saddar are not safe otherwise its safe as long as you are travellingin the day at night stay in defence , pechs and smchs and machs also shabbirabad

  12. You all have said some nice things about Rio and yes it is quite a nice place with many wonderful things to see and do, but the truth is also that Rio is a very dangerous city with a homicide raid at 28 to every 100,000 and that’s not putting into account theft, mugging and carjacking that has gone through the roof and is getting worst by the day. I have family their and when you get into the subject of crime and Rio in general they seem to feel that there is no hope. Also one person said that you are safe in the tourist areas well that’s not all true many muggings happen in those areas as well. Also leave your jewelry at home.

  13. I think they just work of the stats. Unfortunately Capetown is the only big city not run by the ANC and hence the stats are actual and not cooked. Just think what the rest of the country’s stats would look like if we have the real figures.

  14. smurfx, you have got to be on drugs, statistics don’t lie Detroit is not a safe place. And then you have the nerve to mention Chicago as being worse than Detroit? Chicago has a dense population and the bad areas of Chicago are far away from the downtown area, you can’t say that about Detroit, you go a half mile in each direction of downtown Detroit your in a bad neighborhood, you simply have no clue. The area around Grand River and Joy is no different than the area around 63rd and Halsted, you are nuts if you think Detroit is safe.

  15. To the people that seem to think Detroit isn’t as bad as people think it is you are crazy. Then I see some people say it’s not as bad as people think I was in the downtown area and was ok. Yeah you were downtown, you saw 1 square mile of the city, there are 138 square miles that you didn’t see. Living in denial isn’t going to get you anywhere, Detroit is a crime ridden city and anyone that thinks it’s not has no clue, I’ve been all over Detroit it’s not this safe place you think it is, as a matter of fact I find it funny that anyone thinks Detroit is safe, there is a reason it’s the most dangerous city in the U.S., it’s not safe in Detroit.

  16. Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prior to moving to Rio, I lived in Paris and London for about 15 years each. To be honest I feel more unsafe in Paris than I do in Rio. I think the above article is very badly written and misses the point.
    Yes Rio can be dangerous in the same way as London can be. Don’t go and buy drugs in a favela, don’t walk around with an expensive camera around your neck, don’t flash large amounts of cash and you will be fine.

  17. @ TIM and all Racist ….. 😈 I’m from Flint, Mi which is in the top 5 worst and dangerous city 2 live in in the US (research true fact) only 50 min from Detroit so having nd lived in both I should they are only dangerous places if your from the streets or live on the street and I’m from the street Detroit is not that bad just watch your back and stay away from the underworld which every city have also stay away from racist whites who blame everythang violent on black ppl (how stupid) u racist people stealer, country taker meth using, wet dog smeling, lice having, pale sick skin having blue eyed devil…. Do your reshearch white ppl is responsible for almost everything bad in this world I’m glad we have a black President cause white ppl keep us in dept and hold our own countrymen back now that why black ppl r sometimes violent we had the perfect example example in white know a lot of good ones and love a lot of them but for the most part they are evil and racist and the ones I know and love agree with me so I’m blaming Detroit Crime and proverty on racist white ppl I bet 2 zillion a racist white man wrote the blasphemy…..concluding Detroit is safer than being in a racist suburb

  18. All is well in the land of Gulliver’s Travels! I read with interest the comments that were left, some for the “author” – obscured in anonymity – and most against. Fact is that Cape Town is the safest large city in South Africa. Disparity between rich and poor has nothing to do with this equation as this is more prevalent in Johannesburg and Durban. South Africa has a bad reputation with crime – grossly exaggerated by the media – but this is true for most countries. There are many more dangerous countries, and South Africa’s crime levels are pretty comparable with other safer places. However, that said it is advisable to be street wise, the crime in SA is a lot more violent than elsewhere not of higher levels. This article is just another example to never believe anything u read on the Internet. This is a cestpool of incompetent writers passing “expertise” off as gospel.

  19. wow what a fight in here. let me tell you something 🙂 to all of you who think detroit shouldnt be on the list, hell yeah it should. Im from switzerland, its not safe at night anywhere. but lets say IF anything happens here in Zurich (400 odd thousand), murder, for example.. the whole country keeps talking about it for weeks and mentions it for months if not years after as a horrible crime. but i’ve had a pleasure of staying in michigan as an exchange student and ive never been so scared for my life before coming home from the club. ive visited rio de janeiro, paris, new york,london, and among the big cities detroit is a dump. i mean i loved my time there just for the experience, as i love travelling. but what amazes me the most is that youre all like ‘you must be crazy comparing detroit to dadadada’…hello?!open your eyes!! JUST BECAUSE ITS IN THE U.S. DOESNT MEAN ITS NOT AS DANGEROUS AS ANYWHERE ELSE..its 100 times more dangerous than my city, seemed much more dangerous than bigger cities such as Paris.. so why shouldnt it make the list?? i love THE PEOPLE of detroit, the people i have met were AMAZING! which doesnt mean the place isnt a dump..

  20. Needless to say, check all the different sources on the web. United states, you dont do bad!! and you dont do good either.. as a whole country you did much better than Brazil, Honduras, Jamaica, Russia, Estonia, Colombia etc…But did much worse than Georgia (europe), Latvia, Bangladesh, Israel, Taiwan or Czech Republic. so why is it so impossible for detroit to be in here?? statisticly and being realistic… Source. 2010 list of international homicide rate…As to the cities according to various different sources the US leader in the homicide rate is St.Louis with over 13 000 violent crimes (to 100 000) in 2010, where Paris scored 2800 violent crimes (to 100 000 inhabitants)… wowza.. go figure 😆 💡

  21. Bogota is not even the in the list of most dangerous cities of Colombia – so how is it in the list of the most dangerous cities of the world?

  22. I’ve lived in CT for about 3 months. I took necessary precautions at start, sceptical as I was. I must say, if you’re a bit streetsmart, you should have absolutely no problems during your stay here 🙂 Cape Town center is fairly safe for tourists. Also a lot of the areas around it. It’s the townships that you should try to avoid, certainly by night! Go and have fun, but as in any country, use your brain 🙂

  23. I have never been to Bogotá but have an English/Spanish exchange with a life-long resident. She is very proud of her city and does not categorize it as a place of danger. I would trust her opinion much more than the administrator of this article.

  24. To the author of this article and to the foreigners talking shit about what they don’t know and live daily: ask your fellow nationals to stop doing drugs or promote in your Governments the legalization of it, because all this situation is because of the dynamic on drugs commerce.

    And Bogota is not even in the list on the top 10 most dangerous cities in Colombia, how come it’s amongst the global ranking? Tell me about Cali, for example.

    This article and this forum is full of ignorance, illusions, Colombians desperate to demonstrate they don’t live in a dangerous place and ignorant foreigners who don’t even try to take a look at what is behind.

    To all the senseful commentators: thank you.

  25. I agree with Juan. Bogota is safer than most US cities. It had issues years ago, but I walked the streets of Bogota, alone, at 3 in the morning. I can’t really think of any city in Colombia that deserves to be categorized with any of the other cities on this list, especially in the same category with Baghdad.

    The deal with Bogota and other Colombian cities are that they have an immense amount of public and private security every where you go. It is not intrusive, but it is there.

    So, get your passport and travel to Colombian, man. I highly recommend it. They have everything except long lines and high prices.

  26. god what a tool. there’s even a british flag in the background. you sir, are a complete moron.
    I’ve lived in cape town my whole life and traveled extensively to many different countries. CT rules, without a doubt and if you’re calling it one of the most dangerous cities then I reckon you’ve probably never been or never left your moms basement.

  27. Isaiah has insulted & degraded me like I’ve never been. I am a blue eyed , white suburbanite. I am just the same as anyone else. I have the same everyday problems as people that live in the city. I also have the same delights as well. We are just people in this world just struggling through to have a somewhat decent life for ourselves & our loved ones. WE have crime too. But that ‘Racist’ stuff, that’s of yesterday. It’s a small minded way to think. my Heart goes out to you. I’ll pray for you . Don’t waste your time on that stuff. 🙂

  28. I agree with Ellesar, if the US could just stay out of other nations’ business (ex: Vietnam) then maybe this list would be a little bit different

  29. Nice…and I have plans to move there in September..
    Coño soy griego pero rubio y parezco a un gringito…vamos a ver..

  30. Racism…Come on! White verse Black and Black Verse White…Get OVER IT! We bleed the same!Everything in the past we can not be accountable for…All of our ancesters lead the way and unfortuantly everyone pays for thier mistakes. Look at one another as another brother or Sister. Remember 911 we all were united! Don’t continue looking at your skin! look at the hearts of people. Maybe this person just needs a little love! a hug, a smile or a simple hello. Dont profile people and judge them on the way your skin looks. You are who you are and act as you do becasue you let others tell you how to use your mind. Stand up for what you belive in…But dont freaking hate people because of their skin.the people of this great nation and those that fight for your freedom is in every skin tone. One is lighter than the other. No one knows just how much one or the other has gone through. God loves each and everyone of us! If you continue to hate..You will be irate…Just meditate…Black eyed peas! Where is the love! Great song. By the way Im white and my sister is white. My sister has Black children and I see nothing differnt other than my family. :mrgreen:

  31. Grozny has been completely refurbished, no one lives in remaines anymore.. The innhabitants still might be a bit crazy though. 😛

  32. Guatemala City is quite scary if you do not know where you are going, Zona 18 has its share of areas I don’t like to even drive near, ditto for Villa Nueva, but it’s not exactly the movie escape from L.A. like statistics and hearsay might have you thinking.

    Overall if you know where you are going and live in any semi-decent neighbourhood you virtually never encounter crime besides petty stuff that you can in all cities. I lived in San Cristobal for 4 years and routinely traveled through the city from one end to the other (daily). Yes some areas scared me, but honestly nothing ever happened, and I never saw any major crimes or heard of any from family or friends where they were directly effected, However reading the newspaper there is a bit shocking. I plan to move back there in the future, it’s a wonderful place, the pace of life is great and the country is beautiful. Every place has its pros and cons.

  33. I have been to Guate. many times on my way to Coban or Zacapa. I have also spent time in the city. While zone 9-10 are the best, it is still not safe. It is very sad because 99% of the people from Guatemala are not dangerous and kind the 1% is what the country is known for. My son and I ( both USA Passport Carriers) were stopped buy the police when we were with some native friends and we were almost transported to immigration because we left our passports in the hotel. Yes a bit scary . I know a person that drives a cab and I ONLY have him pick me up. The country is wonderful and I have had nothing but good experiences there as far as travel. It is best to know Spanish although you will be amazed how many of the men know Engish from working in the USA. Gods speed to the people of Guate. Paz

  34. Ciertamente como muchos de ustedes comentan la ciudad de caracas no es de las mejores del mundo en seguridad pero definitivamente exageran el tono de la imformacion,pertenezco a una familia muy muy numerosa y vivimos en caracas desde hace mas de 70 años, tanto nosotros como nuestros vecinos hemos estado en algunos casos a merced de esta inseguridad pero no podemos comparar a Venezuela con ningun otro pais en numeros de seguridad ya que nuestro pais no entra en las estadisticas de los mas peligrosos hasta el 2011. asi que señores no aumentemos esos rumores que de nada ayudan a nuestra sociedad. Venezurela es el mejor pais del mundo y sera seguro cuando nosotros los venezolanos aprendamos a vivir sea en socialismo o no. mas alla de los gobiernos nosotros mismos somos culpables de eso. O es que alguno de ustedes ha hecho algo para cambiar eso ademas de escribir cifras y estadisticas falsas?

  35. rio is a underfull city depends where do u go to and fo what , but of course are realy dangerous in some gettos 😐

  36. These are all cities with different kinds of violence. Detroit has high numbers cause of presence of poor unemployed people with no perspectives and lots of addicts that practice crimes for money and thugs that kill each other on the dealing bussiness; Juarez is much different, and has much higher crime rates – it has powerful cartels that saves no one lives, either mexican or american, or dealer or addict or authority, with so much money from coke that judges and the police are entirely on their pocket. And you have bagdhad or that city in Chechnia, with political issues that makes crime even higher.

  37. I am 35 years old and have lived in Detroit all my life. What people have to understand is that if u are in the streets and live’n the fast life it will catch up with u! Yeah ur gonna have a robbery or murder wherever u go, all these murders that happening in the city of Detroit ARE NOT RANDOM ACTS… these people know who they are looking for!!! Ur just not gonna get murdered for walking out ur front door. KEEP UR NOSE CLEAN AND MIND UR BUISNESS AND U HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. I Love my city and ain’t move’n for no one!!! EVERYBODY I KNOW THAT’S BEEN MURDERED HAS ALWAYS BEEN INVOLVED IN SOME BS! With the exception of one.

  38. Im going down in april 2012 to see Bob Dylan ..Im hoping to have a great time and expect no hassles..(I live in San Francisco) 😀

  39. Gosh. I visited Karachi in January on invitation from some of my Pakistani friends to a wedding and I had some great times in my stay of 2 months. We even went around at night and the city was always bustling and hustling. Never experienced anything bad really. I didn’t get robbed as many people did even though I did not see one other White person and have heard all sorts of tales. Karachi is a great place and is much better than most cities in the world.
    Funny how this site has Karachi but none of the neighbouring Indian cities where women are raped and burnt alive in public. This site sucks and is indeed not legitimate at all.

    Sheffield, England.

  40. I live in Cape Town for over 15 years and I haven’t seen any crime. I even went to the notorious Cape Flats… Nope; no crime for me!

    What a wanker that dude is saying Cape Town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world!!!

  41. In fact, that pic looks more like Manchester or London; they are far more dangerous than the Mothercity!

  42. With the possible exception of New Orleans, Bogotá *isn’t* safer than any US city:


    Anyone from Bogotá got any feedback on these??


    “The statement confirmed the violent attack of an embassy employee who was stabbed by three Colombians”

    “In a separate incident, several embassy workers were the victims of robbery after they were drugged with scopolamine”



    “Police found a Russian citizen with gunshot wounds in the streets of southern Bogota early Tuesday morning”

    “According to the preliminary report from the authorities, the man could have been a victim of an “express kidnapping,” in which the perpertrators go to ATMs and withdraw all the money that they can from the victims’ accounts”


    As a former resident of Bogotá and someone who is familiar with the place, I know the city has gotten considerably worse in the last five years. The murder rate has steadily increased, more and more thieves etc.

  43. I’ve been to Bogota and it didn’t seem any more dangerous than your average American city.

    In fact Bogota has a lower murder rate than Washington DC, Detroit, New Orleans and several other cities.

  44. Cmon people, stop trying to ignore the problem. We all know that Blacks=Higher crime rates. Look at Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, St.Louis, all of these places have been in the top 10 for years because of their large black populations.

  45. Ah, but one man’s fun is another’s hell Andy. Your facts are wrong as the FBI citation I provided shows, and US cities aren’t experiencing the slew of violence and murders against non-natives that Colombian cities have post-2008, despite having far more to choose from.

    I’m laughing at these self-appointed spokespersons for all 8 million inhabitants of Bogotá when they’ve been dossing around the tourist area for two weeks. Bogotá isn’t London, it’s not a place where you can go everywhere day and night at all hours and feel safe.

    It’s also well known that many wealthy Colombians (who typically have access to the internet) do not like admitting their country has a problem with violence, I’ve fallen out with them over this and you can see this attitude has rubbed off on some of the tourists as well!

    It’s slightly unfortunate to be on here perhaps (Cali and Medellín are more dangerous than not just Bogotá, but half of the entire list) but then why is Detroit on here? Nobody’s complaining about that.

    Murders in the Bogotá district increased steadily from 1,336 in 2006 to 1,743 in 2010, about 100 a year. It’s significantly safer than in the early/mid 90’s, but you’re getting a very one-sided, tourist/rich-Colombian-or-ex-pat-whose-probably-fibbing viewpoint.

  46. Shawn – South Africans report housebreakings at several hundred thousand a year – really dangerous or corrupt countries don’t report ‘housebreakings’.

    Alexander made a good point. Cape Town is split down the middle between good and bad areas, it must be one of the most segregated dangerous cities in the world, which conversely makes it look significantly safer than it actually is.

  47. I think Guatemala City and San Salvador are normally about the same for violence, that’s a real close battle there that may change from one year to the next but you should have put a Honduran city on the list. San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba are crazy!

    Tegucigalpa would be third for Honduras but probably ahead of Guatemala City and San Salvador now when in previous years it would be behind. I can see why you put GC on here however it’s a real dangerous city.

    My condolences to Clara and Rose for their tragic recollections.

  48. On a most dangerous city list of the last 20 years I’d understand Grozny being listed but what is the current situation? It’s hardly on the news these days, I keep hearing how safe or how dangerous it is and I’m confused.

  49. A dangerous city but a bit hard done by being on here, but I recognize it’s dangers.

    As someone said above, you can’t know a city when you’ve been swanning around a one square mile area in the middle for a fortnight. You just cannot go around claiming you know the city with that experience, I’ve had the same discussion on the Bogotá comments.

    Still, 9 murders per 100,000 for Detroit in 2010 in a city of 4 or 5 million suggests it’s unlucky to be listed.

  50. Much safer than about 8 years ago, huge decrease in murders. What I find hypocritical is that they’ve only done this because of the world cup and olympics, it’s the rich Colombian mentality again! They only want to show you the good side because they won two major sporting events.

    Meanwhile, outside of the Rio and São Paulo areas, murders are ballooning almost everywhere else across Brazil.

  51. The official murder toll for 2010 is something like 3,800, up from the widely-cited 3,100. Horrific kill rate.

  52. Ah, the daddy of them all, certainly in the last decade or so.

    If Russia or China don’t pull their finger out then Homs in Syria could be a rare challenge to the Mogadishu by years end.

  53. Calmed down a lot though hasn’t it? Compared to five years ago it’s like a holiday camp.

    Tragic that the US ever got involved however, the loss of life in the mid 2000’s was ridiculous and unneccesary and Baghdad may have snatched No. 1 from Mogadishu at that time (not that it’s a competition).

    My heart goes out to the Iraqi people and all peace-loving muslims.

  54. Venezuela gets unfairly compared to neighboring Colombia because of what official statistics say, but even so it’s a very violent country. It’s still safer than Somalia and Colombia, arguably Iraq ATM and, at a stretch, Russia which doesn’t count all those conflict deaths in the southern states of their country. It’s more violent than the other countries listed for sure.

    Venezuela and Caracas aren’t more dangerous than Colombia and her most dangerous cities, worse than Brazil, but not Colombia. The problem with Colombia (and which the likes of so-called criminologists such as Roberto Briceño León need to understand) is that Colombia has a huge unreported murder rate due to the common problem of people disappearing into thin air never to be seen again, and the fact that it has a recognized civil conflict in remote areas.

    Apart from the Colombian border, this type of violence doesn’t happen throughout Venezuela. Conflicts ‘always’ produce severely undercounted homicide statistics. Briceño León makes the bizarre assertion that Colombia has a conflict but the murder rate is still higher in Venezuela! He fails to see the gorilla in the room time and time again and I’m not sure why that is. He also cheats by choosing fake low murder rates for Colombia (32 – actually 38), Brazil (23 – it’s 27) and Mexico (14 – 23)

    Most people tend to admit feeling less safe in Colombia but they’re confused because the murder rate (officially) is 1/3 lower, the problem is of course is that many of Colombia’s murder victims are buried beneath the ground they’re standing on and not in the data! Ask the hordes of Colombians pouring over the Venezuelan border for safety whether they feel safer in Colombia.

    Still, it’s the second most violent country in South America which is nothing to be proud of.

  55. Another good choice, I think Mercer’s rate this city as one of the most dangerous in the world to do business along with Bogotá, Bangui, Caracas etc.

    True about the civil war being more rural most of the time however, I’d agree with that.

  56. 1,482 murders I believe in 2010 which is around 10 per 100,000.

    That would be high for a US city of that size, but Karachi strikes me as the kind of place that could have a significant unreported homicide rate. I mean that as no disrespect to my Pakistani friends and I have no idea if it’s true, it just struck me that it could be a little higher because of the corruption levels and nature of the violence.

    I think Peshawar is slightly more dangerous, no? I can see why you put Karachi on here it’s been a real dangerous city for the last two decades or so.

  57. I would like to travel to Brizal, Rio de Janeiro. What other nice area to check out the beautiful women and night spots around Brizal?

  58. not the whole cape town is a bad place if you go look for trouble in the wrong/bad places ofcorse you’re going to get it. im a proud South African and people should stop living in al the negative things of South Africa… waht about the other places in the world that we don’t even know of? ❓ ❗ 😐

  59. The person who wrote this has never been to Cape Town otherwise he wouldnt post a pic from the UK!! Morron!!! 👿

  60. I am pushtun and belong from Mardan i have born here in karachi till now i am never got stucked in any bad situation karachi is most busiest city and beautifull city in the world it has best education system these sites are making misunderstandinf 🙂

  61. Mr James william bond!!.. What kind of name is that..? You don’t sound like you are from Sheffield! I guess you are a Paki pretending to be an englishman.
    You say that Karachi is safe? Are you out of your fucking mind..! Have you read about karachi.. Do you know anything about pakistan. To all my dear friends from pakistan please read some international news paper and magazines… You will learn a great deal about your own country. It’s better to be in hell than in Pakistan. I hope that the new generation of pakistanis are smart, intelligent and mature..they can only solve the pakistani crisis.! 😕

  62. Ok, first of all Bogota, seeing that I am a native, is not the MOST DANGEROUS, go to mexcio city or maybe Syria or how about The Bronx. Weel people that publish this kind of stuff is what make people think that Bogota is dangerous. Think before you post.

  63. I am an educated person who is half Scottish and half Pakistani and I have been travelling extensively throughout Pakistan and my opinion based on my knowledge is that Karachi is an extremely volatile city and due to the sheer population size it seems that the murder rate and crime rate is higher then other cities in the world. On the other hand as it is a muslim city, rape and sexual offences often go unreported and therefor it proves difficult to touch on that sort of crime. My friend recently came out of a money transfer in karachi and he was followed and farther down the road in broad day light his vehicle was blocked by another vehicle out of which 4 men armed with Kalashnikov guns robbed him of his passport and money. This type of activity happens daily and police in karachi are amongst the most corrupt in the world so there is no chance of help if you get robbed. Political affiliated target killings between the MQM and the ANP political parties are the main reasons behind such high murder rate. There is one police officer to every 4000 citizens and their jobs are controlled by these ruling political parties hence why the police seem useless to stop the mayhem. One solution is to call in the army to make the city secure but the current government won’t allow it as it would portray their government as weak. Defiantly one of the most dangerous places to live even in defence or Clifton areas where people think they are safe. The criminal gangs that terrorise karachi work for these corrupt political parties and they roam around on motorbikes so whatever area your in you can not feel safe. And it is actually the case that karachi is controlled my a man named Altaf Hussain who is head of the MQM party who resides in a plush apartment in upmarket london. He controls the masses of karachi while being in self imposed exile under the protection of the queen on England.

  64. in my idea the situation will of the mugadisho the capital city of somalia becoming calm gradualy for the past eight months but in here torrorists based on here that comefrom the world and as wanted come to here to detiorate the situatkon of the capital and the rest of the country.
    the reason is that much efforts imposed to control the city for the security officers of the govemerment while some times you see weeknesses in many sides bit the lesson alwasy tells the govement to prtect the securtiy of the country.

  65. Johnathan Levie. I concur. National pride aside many Asians will no doubt try and defend their homelands. After all they aren`t and never will be British.
    I too have travelled extensively and can say without fear of contradiction that if these so called Asian cities had any of the good points they claim then the people wouldn`t flock to Europe to escape them.
    Give it one hundred years and most English cities will be the same thanks to our own generosity.

  66. shut ur mouth blacks r ppl too leave em outa this its alll u whites screwing things up so piss off!!! 😈

  67. o my god wht has happen to our world it is going to finish as soon as posible whenever i saw our world like this i came to try we all should change our world!!! 😥 👿

  68. I live in Nyanga, people get robbed every hour(not exaggerated),murders occur on a regular basis,gangs rule the streets and burglaries happen every night!The people who are saying that Cape Town is safe should come and stay here 4 a day to see what I’m talking about

  69. somalia is not that bad country but it only hates peaple that are coming to explode the town or a meeting peaple think very bad about somalia but is the way they think is ❓ 😐

  70. Mr. Harris. i think you have presented the most realistic picture of Karachi, and i think some people has know that never believe the media unless you have your experience, some people in this comment list are need to be grow up and some have come out of their narrow brain shells. I must say Karachi is far better then most of the other more violent metropolitan cities in the world.

  71. i lived in Juarez and it is a sick nasty place, as long as you mind your own business you should be fine, but if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time it is very easy to get yourself killed. and you cant depend on the police, obviously, as they contribute to the problem not try to solve it. if Americans could curb their drug addictions then this problem wouldn’t really exist like it does today. i have lost friends to this senseless war, and Aimee i would not advise that you keep that attitude of yours up because you will end up dead. i have seen it happen. just be very cautious and aware of your surroundings. i loved Juarez, there are great people there!!! but the wicked few make life miserable for the majority and if anyone complains they end up dead.

  72. I have lived in many cities, in many countries

    Cape Town was by far the safest one.

    People are happy go lucky, hospitals are above international standards and there is not a murderer / thug lucking behind every corner!

    Yes, go to the poorest of the poor areas and get ready for some unpleasant business, but that holds true for EVERY poorest of the poor area in EVERY country

    That is why this beautiful warm sunny happy city is one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world!

  73. You are talking nonsense… Check the stats, cape town doesn’t come anywhere close to the top 10…. Also.. The picture with the British lag is a slight give away

  74. Well i have not lived there but i have visited from time to time and it is not the illegal aliens faults and no actually people in mexico live well lives. The U.S. Demands drugs if they didnt why would mexicans be going over there. Plus the fact that this has been going on for a while i have relatives in the Drug Cartels and the mexican mafia . I am forbidden to talk to them because my mom thinks its safer. Mexico and The U.S. both need to take partial credit for all of this. The Police are currupt there so if a murder is to occur good luck calling the cops because they were most likely involved in the homecide . Keep to yourself and your family and you’ll be fine and YES it is far worse than Detroit that is a stupid question. Keep your nose out of trouble and head up you’ll be fine. it really is a great city untill the sun goes down..

  75. I’m in Grozny for 3 years now. And I gotta say it was hard getting used to these people and rules in chechnya for the first time, but now, if you ask me, it’s a REALY beautiful town compared to some parts of Europe. Nowadays there are no demaged or ruined buildings anymore (maybe there are, but I haven’t seen any) . People do have water, electricity, Internet and others. In Grozny live different nationalities and we have often famous guests. Talking about Grozny being “dangerous for life” is just STUPID. If you have never been here, don’t talk crap you don’t even know. BUT to be honest there are some people in Grozny who are strange. I mean strange in how they “act”. They are aggressive and… Idk.. I just don’t understand them in a lot of ways. People like this make our town look dangerous and aggressive, when in reale live Chechens are NOT like this. That’s the only thing I don’t like (people whom act like they can do whatever they want and be aggressive towards other people).

  76. As an American living in Bogota for over a year now i haven’t even seen one violent act. I know it’s a big city and violence happenens. But I personally haven’t witnessed or been a victim of any crimes. I have traveled extensively around the world and have to say the people of Bogota are some of the friendliest I have encountered. There are police and military guards all over the place especially around the tourists areas and Northern parts of the city. If you have any street smarts at all it’s not much different than the U.S in terms of violence. do you hang out in the worst parts of NYC or Los Angeles?? Probably not!! Do your research, stay aware, don’t wear jewelry or carry lots of cash with you and you’ll be alright. there are plenty of places to see and visit that are totally safe. I’ve been all over the city and haven’t even sniffed a problem.

  77. Clearly, this site lacks any sort of credibility. Furthermore, there aren’t any stats or references to support these downright ridiculousness claims. Yes, Cape Town is not the safest city in world but I can assure you its not the most dangerous. It definitely cannot be compared to cities in Iraq or Columbia. If you’re looking for more information about the city please consult more credible sites.
    Here is Mercer’s 2011 quality of living report
    It includes Personal Safety Rank.
    It is likely that this site and the few others that have published similar data (without any stats), is associated with an anti-Cape Town tourism campaign. It sounds crazy but its true. Around 2010, when we hosted the Soccer World Cup, british tabloids reported “The war against whites”. Absolute rubbish!!

  78. What a crock of sh*t. Cape Town is one of the safest cities in South Africa. Where are the stats to prove your claims? This website is NOT a credible source of information.

  79. why detroit is included in the top 10? america is not a 3rd world country and detroit shouldnt have such a high crime rate.

  80. I agree with Riaan. Cape Town is one of the safest. Rather avoid certain parts of Johannesburg

  81. I used to live in Rio de Janeiro for over 2 years and nothing happened to me. I am German with Turkish roots – all you need to do is:

    Stay away front he Favelas

    Thats it, don’t be stupid and live is good. Best days in my life!!

  82. Murders per capita in Cape Town ( Police stats) are far higher than in Johannesburg, for example, a city often touted as being too dangerous to even visit

  83. I lived in Caracas for 7 years and my son was borned there, certainly at that time it was totally different and not considered a dangerous city. It is ashame that a city that was beautiful and prosperous at that time ended the way is today.
    Unfortunately the people of Venezuela voted Chavez in all he has done is damaged totally the country of Venezuela. 🙁

  84. Haha why is city in U.S. even on this list. Detroit is like all U.S. cities… safe…. ok 357 murders in 2011… in Caracas Venezuela… 5,000 murders in 2011…. Ciudad de Juarez 2,500… is safer to be a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan… I was in Colombia in April… the U.S. knows nothing of real ghetto…. here ghetto is a fad…

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