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Living in Antarctica: A Chance of a Lifetime

Research station in Antarctica

Antarctica may not be the most opportunistic destination for aspiring expats, but what genuine explorer hasn’t fantasized of visiting the Southern continent?

Courtesy of Ecoworldly, you can catch a glimpse of what it’s like to actually live there. The article was written by Antarctic researcher Agnieszka Fryckowska from her chilly home in the Halley Station on Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf. The station has been operational since 1956!

Fryckowska is one of 10 who are housed in the station for the winter season. That means they are left entirely on their own from late February when the last supply vessel departs from the edge of the ice shelf, until late October when the first planes arrive. Starting in May, the station experiences 105 days of total darkness.

It may sound bleak to some, but what an adventure! Complete with trips to visit nearby Emperor penguin colonies, witness otherworldly landscapes, and experience what self-sufficiency truly entails; living in Antarctica is certainly a chance to earn some serious expat cred.

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One thought on “Living in Antarctica: A Chance of a Lifetime

  1. I’m italian and was living in Ushuaia, Argentina for 8 years, the closest point to antarctica where i was running a youth hostel. i was receiving antarcti crews often in the hostel and i personally went to antarctica with a german boat in jan 2000. it was beautiful. the head of the czech base who was a customer in the hostel invited me in his base on king george island for 3 months up to a year as an experiment but at the end i didnt accept the invitation. i was working in Ushuaia and i have to admit that the idea had attracted me in the past but that now I’m attracted to live in the pacific islands on atolls, not in freezing cold of antarctica…not for me….i ve been to some pacific islands and thats the place for me…..i already have enough of the cold here in Canada where i live now….LOL

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