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The South China Sea

south china sea

One of the major seas of Asia is the South China Sea. It exists south of mainland China and Taiwan; west of the Philippines; northwest of Malaysia and Brunei; north of Indonesia; and east of Vietnam.

Other countries that lie on this sea include Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. This body of water takes up about a million square miles (2,590,000 square kilometers). If you plan to move to coastal China, or anywhere in Eastern Asia, you may end up interacting with this great sea.

The South China Sea is part of the greater Pacific Ocean. After the five oceans, it is one of the largest sea bodies on earth. Off of China, there are hundreds of South China Sea Islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited, but several of the Asian countries attempt to claim them as theirs. The reason people don’t live there is because they are remote, and also subject to horrible typhoons.


The rivers that flow into the South China Sea are: Pearl, Min, Red, Jiulong, Rajang, Mekong Pahang and Pasig Rivers. In the southwestern section exist the Gulf of Tonkin and the Gulf of Thailand. The South China Sea is the second most used sea lane on earth. In terms of ecology, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources determined that that sea hosts a third of the world’s marine biodiversity.


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