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Public Transit in Sydney, Australia


Sydney, Australia has a wonderful public transit system, where expats, locals and tourists can get around easily without a car. Suburbanites and city livers have many opportunities to get around by ground, rail and water.



There are four Metrobus terminals in Sydney, at Circular Quay, Wynard, Town Hall and Central Station. The bus network is very developed and extensive, and goes to almost all areas of the city, with direct cross-city and cross-harbor links. Passengers must purchase their tickets before boarding the buses, not on board.

The buses offer high-frequency service. During peak hours, they depart every 10 minutes, and during non peak hours, every 15. They display the upcoming stops on a screen, and make audio announcements when they are coming up. They are all air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible. There are currently two bus routes, the Metrobus 10 and Metrobus 20, but three more routes are under construction.



The CityRail system provides commuter and inter city transit in the greater Sydney area. There is a city circle line that goes around central Sydney, such as to Town Hall, Circular Quay, Wynyard, and Museum Stations. Expats who choose to live in the suburbs of Sydney and commute to work will likely end up using this line. The cost of the ride is determined by the distance traveled. The CityRail has eleven suburban lines, four intercity lines and one regional line.


Sydney has a very old ferry system which has been operating for 135 years, and today has 35 operating stations. It is mostly used by commuters and tourists. These boats go across the Sydney Harbor and the Parramatta River. There are 28 vessels, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

Click here to view a ferry system map.


Light Rail

The Metro Light Rail is the newest transportation system in Sydney. During the day, there are light rail arrivals every 10-15 minutes; at night, there are arrivals every 30 minutes. It is a green system that is very comfortable and convenient for passengers. Though not the most extensive network, it does have some commuter stops in the suburbs, and there are some important central stations in downtown, Chinatown, and Darling Park. The Central Line is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Click here to view of map of the light rail system.



The Sydney Monorail is operational every day of the year, excluding Christmas, and has frequency of arriving every 3-5 minutes. The single loop route takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is mostly used by tourists, taking them to all of the major downtown central attractions, like Chinatown, the Spanish Quarter, and the shopping center of the city.


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