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Exploring the Lakes of Austria


Lake Constance

Lake Constance is situated between Germany, Switzerland and Austria at the northern foot of the Alps. The Rhine River also flows into this lake in its southern region, around the Austria and Switzerland border. It is a very famous lake that is one of the largest in Central Europe. Lots of visitors frequent Lake Constance for water sports and exploring the castles and little mountain villages. In Austria, the Vorarlberg state touches Lake Constance, with some towns like Bregenz and Fussach.



The Weissensee, also known as Lake Carinthia, is located in the state of Carinthia in the Gailtal Alps. Its name translates from German as “White Lake,” because the surrounding limestone mountains deposit chalk into some of the banks. Most of the lake is a protected area where people cannot operate motor boats, but there is nevertheless ample space for people to ice skate when its water freezes in the winter. The Weissensee’s water is mostly drinkable, and there are lots of different types of birds and fish that live around its premises.


Lake Mattsee

Lake Mattsee is located around the town of Mattsee, which is part of the state of Salzburg, close to the city. The village around the lake has been inhabited for centuries, and today exists as a pleasant little market town with lots of boats and historic buildings. Lake Mattsee is small and relaxing to visit.



The Mondsee is a privately-owned lake located between Upper Austria and Salzburg. A few different types of fish live in this lake, such as carp, trout and eels. It is situated in a geographically impressive area, with stunning mountain views in the background.



The Attersee is located in the Salzkammergut region. The water in this lake starts off in the Mondsee, where it flows through a river, the Seeache. There is also a small island in this lake where the artist Gustav Klimt used to visit during summers. The Attersee’s waters are very clear, and the area is windy, so lots of Austrian sailors and swimmers come to this mountain lake in the summer. Several types of fish live in this lake as well, including perch, pike and trout.



The Achensee is located in the Tyrol region of western Austria, situated in the middle of the Karwendel mountain range and the Brandenberg Alps. It is a large, cold alpine lake with clean water where people sail, scuba dive and surf. A few nice beaches exist around the Achensee, such as in Eben and Pertisau.


One thought on “Exploring the Lakes of Austria

  1. Well, as an Austrian I have to tell you, that you almost got all of the important Lakes in Austria. Personally I’m missing the Traunsee. A famous Austrian TV-series was shot there 😉 Like the Attersee it’s situated in the Salzkammergut region.
    Moreover I really would like to recommend the region around the Achensee. Whether in summer or in winter. I often spend my holidays there, in Pertisau, at the Hotel Karwendel. Obviously you can’t swim there in winter, but there’s a lot of winter sports going on, and it’s just a beautiful landscape in this region.
    Best wishes, Melanie from Austria

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