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Museums in Antwerp, Belgium


Royal Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts is full of fine art mainly from the Southern Netherlands and Belgium, and also from abroad. There are over 7,000 works in this museum, including paintings, prints, drawing and sculptures. Some main themes are the Flemish Primitives and Flemish Expressionists. They also have rotating exhibitions with past and contemporary artists. One famous part of this art museum is the Rubens Room.


Rubens House

The Rubens House is the former house and studio of the famous Baroque artist, Peter Paul Rubens. This painter spent most of his life in this structure, and then the city bought it after he died and converted it into a museum. Many Rubens paintings are on display, as well as some by other artists. There is also a Renaissance garden, courtyard and large studio.



The M HKA is an art museum full of weird and interesting contemporary pieces based around all types of creative themes. The art comes from Belgium and all around the world, and there is also an arthouse cinema.


Museum Mayer van den Bergh

The Museum Mayer van den Bergh holds the collections of Fritz Mayer van den Bergh, an art collector. He acquired many different works from the Middle Ages, Gothic and Renaissance periods from around Belgium and the Netherlands. The displays feature statues, tapestries, lace, drawings, paintings and stained glass. There are many different religious pieces at this museum.


Photo Museum

Antwerp’s Photo Museum is always full of unbelievable images from around the world, from the beginnings of photography to the present day. For those into photography itself, this museum also explores the technological beginnings and developments of cameras, laboratories, studio equipment and projection methods. They have a number of cameras on display that were assembled in Europe, the former USSR, the USA and Asia.



MoMu is Antwerp’s fashion museum, representing a cultural aspect of this notably stylish city. The museum houses over 25,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, lace and accessories that go from the 16th century, through contemporary designs that one could see at fashion shows or on the street.

Flemish Culture Museum

The Flemish Culture Museum has over 300 pieces that are mostly displayed outdoors, as well as sculptures sheltered in a pavilion. They display the cultural life in Flanders over the past 200 years through historical documents, photographs, paintings and other means.


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