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Monday Escape: Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria

Beach in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast is lined with quaint towns, bustling port cities, exquisite summer resorts and over 130 km of golden, sandy beaches. We suggest you pick your own special spot along this gorgeous coastline!

Before the fall of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast was internationally known as the “Red Riviera”, though today the nickname is more astutely changed to the “Bulgarian Riviera”. The region is expectedly popular for tourists during the summer season, when there are more than 240 hours of sunshine in May and September and more than 300 hours in July and August.

The coastline is split between northern and southern parts by the Balkan Mountains. The southern region is where you’ll find most of those elegant sandy beaches, meanwhile the northern coast is lined with picturesque rocky cliffs, some of which measure up to 70 metres in height.

The coastline has two major cities, each with their own international airports– Varna in the north and Burgas in the south. A system of motorways are currently in construction which would make connecting with Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, significantly easier, and which would connect Varna and Burgas together as well.

Perhaps the biggest draws of this coastline are the many resorts and rich historical sites. The resorts line almost every beach and cater to a wide variety of travelers and visitors on vacation, meanwhile sites like Nessebar are UNESCO-listed ancient ports, rich with museums and surrounded by resorts of their own.

All in all, you can’t go wrong moving to Bulgaria’s coast. We highly recommend a long, extended visit!


3 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria

  1. DONT come to Bulgaria,i live there and its one of the WORST places to visit.If you do come guard your possessions never lose sight of them.Peace

  2. what a fuck are you talking about ass hole
    BG is a lovely country! And if you are not happy there just get a fuck out of there as I did.

  3. If you are a foreigner from the so called “developed” countries, Bulgaria is probably one of the best places to spend your money, because it’s cheap and nice

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