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Navigating the Beaches of Cambodia



Sihanoukville is the largest beach community in Cambodia, and is considered to have the best beaches: Victory, Hawaii, Independence, Otres, Sokha and Ochheuteal. The most popular Sihanoukville beach is Ochheuteal, which has powdery white sand and beautiful blue waters.

Of all of the beach places in Cambodia, Sihanoukville is most developed and has the most resources for tourists. These beaches are situated on the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, and the beaches have nice sand and a very relaxed atmosphere. People go here for all sorts of activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and general beach enjoyment. The town itself is more modern and urban-feeling than most other towns and provincial cities in Cambodia, so it probably is not the best place to see Cambodia culture. Sihanoukville offers lots of seafood options and foreign food for visitors.



Kep is situated close to Vietnam, and used to be the most popular beach resort town in Cambodia, visited by the French and Cambodian elite. This has changed in recent years, as it is not as bustling as it used to be. Kep is also on the Gulf of Thailand waters. The beaches are mangrove and black rock, and there is a large national park in the town. There are also a few islands that people can go to just off the coast. The town itself is situated on hill slopes that overlook the water. It is a better beach for people who want to relax and not be stimulated. Though not many tourist resources, there is an abundance of seafood, especially crab.


Koh Kong

Koh Kong is a city in Cambodia, close to the Thailand border, that hosts several beaches. One is the Bah Khlang Beach, which is situated where the river feeds into the sea. Going toward Thailand, further north, is the Cham Yeam Beach, which is nice and sandy with palm trees, but only really available at low tide. This area has become quite developed for tourists, with things like a zoo, hotels, guest houses and casinos. The best option is to go offshore to to nearby islands, like Koh Kong Khoa, which is the biggest Cambodian island and has white sand beaches and jungle.


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