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Kilimanjaro Holiday

Although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, a Kilimanjaro holiday must rank among one of the most rewarding experiences out there on the international travel circuit. And the fact that Mount Kilimanjaro is situated along the most productive safari axis in Africa, and the region with arguably the loveliest islands and beaches in the world, make a Kilimanjaro holiday potentially a mixed bag of extraordinary experiences.

Take as an example the premier compliment of wildlife and nature reserves that gift this region. Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire offer the best wildlife safari potential in Africa and some of the best hotel, lodge and camp accommodation in the world, all of which will superbly compliment your Kilimanjaro holiday.

Further east Tanzania can offer the pleasures of the beautiful East African coastline with a compliment of camps, hotels lodges and resorts that compare with any in the region. Among the jewels of the East African islands is Zanzibar, a cultural mecca and dive enthusiasts wonderland. After the rigors of a successful summit a relaxing beach safari is the perfect way to end your Kilimanjaro holiday.

So all in all a visit to Tanzania is about so much more than climbing this iconic mountain. A Kilimanjaro holiday is a mountain, bush and beach adventure to rival any n the world.