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Kilimanjaro Hotel

For anybody contemplating a trip to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro, hotel appointments and other hospitality issues are the last thing you need to worry about. The Kilimanjaro hotel fraternity, indeed the hospitality industry throughout Tanzania, offers the widest diversity and some of the highest standards in the world.

At the top level there are international standard players such as Conservation Corporation Africa, trading nowadays as …and Beyond, since the company has branched out into India and South America. Other major players such as Serena, Sopa, Eco Lodge Africa and Keminsky, to name a few, compliment a wide selection of options for those looking for a Kilimanjaro hotel.

Most Kilimanjaro expeditions kick off from Moshi. This small town set at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro offers quite a few hotel and lodge accommodation options. At the budget level look out for Keys Hotel, Marangu Hotel and Kilimanjaro Backpackers Lodge. At the mid-range the Parkview Inn is probably the most reliable and pleasant, while Bristol Cottages creeps slightly higher up the scale offering individual chalet style accommodations in a secure downtown compound. Impala, Leopard, Zebra and Buffalo are budget Kilimanjaro hotels that tap into the mood, and we have over the years received mixed reports about these three.

At the higher level of Kilimanjaro hotel the Hotel Aishi, a member of the South African Protea brand, offers a lovely option set in the rural hinterland of the Kilimanjaro Forest almost within the mountain village of Machame. This is a rarity in African luxury hotels which often fear to close an interaction with local people. The result however is a high class Kilimanjaro hotel right in the hustle and bustle of rural African tradition.

Marangu is another interesting Kilimanjaro Hotel. Set no less in the hubris of African life, it is really a backpackers lodge in an old colonial building within the Marangu village of eastern Kilimanjaro. This modest but clean and reliable establishment offers a very interesting insight into what life in the old days on the slopes of Kilimanjaro must have been like, and life was not bad! Marangu is a great Kilimanjaro hotel for budget travellers. It is poised on Marangu Route, so suits that best, but is also great for Machame, Lemosho and other main routes.

So as you plan your trip rest assured on at least one thing, when it comes to selecting your Kilimanjaro hotel you have plenty of options to choose from. Most outfitters provide their own Kilimanjaro hotel arrangements, and our top marks go to Keys Hotel and Parkview at the mid-range, and Aishi Hotel at the top end.