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Museums in the Czech Republic


Puppet Museum-Fairytale House

Cesky Krumlov

This museum is located in the medieval haven of Cesky Krumlov. It is one of the weirdest and creepiest museums in the world! It has puppets that look like devils and giant babies and strange satanic creations, making it a must-see. Maybe not for children, as they will probably be scared or get nightmares.

Egon Schiele Centrum

Cesky Krumlov

Egon Schiele is a famous Austrian artist who spent some time in Cesky Krumlov doing the Dead Town series, which was girls in compromising positions. He was considered a perverted pornographer by the townspeople, so was kicked out of this town. In the modern day, the town is proud of him, and displays a few of his original works, along with some prints of his other works in this museum. He definitely sets forth the tone of the grey weather in the town’s autumn months in his work. There are also rotating collections of many other interesting art and photography pieces.



Kutna Hora

This is a small Christian chapel decorated completely out of human bones. It is crazy! It uses human skulls in ways you would never imagine possible. Not too far out of Prague by bus either.

Moravian Museum


This is the second biggest and oldest museum in the country, founded in 1817. It has a display of scientific materials, literature, music, theater, geology, mineralogy, botany, zoology and more! They also have programs for children.

City of Prague Museum


This museum is great for history fans, as it displays a lot of archaeological evidence and artifacts from ancient Prague, as well as show maps of how the city used to look, and explain the history of how it came to be. It even offers a tiny paper model of the city, which is very cool to look at.


Museum of Communism


Very strange museum, ironically located in proximity in the midst of capitalism, by a McDonald’s and a casino. It offers strange statues of Lenin and Stalin all over, with some makeshift displays of former Soviet stores.

Museum Kampa


This is a modern art museum, located right on the river in Prague 1, in a central location. It holds a collection of Central European art, to display the dynamics of the former Soviet Bloc and modern Czech culture. It is very aesthetically pleasing if you go to museums for that reason, and offers awesome views of the river and the city streets on the other side. Some Central European artists it has displayed include Matěj Krén and Frantsek Kupka.


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