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Navigating the Residential Neighborhoods of Prague

Prague, the central city in Czech Republic, is divided into distinct neighborhoods that go by number. It is built over seven hills, and cut in the middle by the Vltava River. The city has an excellent Metro and Tram system, as well as buses for the outskirt regions. While Prague 1 contains Old Town, and many of the famous sites like the Charles Bridge, there are many less chaotic areas.

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Located in Prague 6, this is a mainly residential area loaded with fancy houses and embassies, but also some rustic Soviet architecture and institutes for practical living. Not too many tourists go here, but it is still easy to get to central locations in Old Town. This area has easy access to the airport by cab and bus. Lots of local pub and cafe culture. There are some expensive houses here, but also some cheaper apartments, depending on where you are.


Located on the border of Prague 1 and Prague 6, Pohorelec is a buffer zone between tourist and local neighborhoods. Not very expensive to live here, especially once you’re deeper into the residential part. Prague Castle is easily accessible by foot, and makes for nice walks and views if you don’t mind the crowds. There is also the park around Petrin Hill, which is great for going on interesting walks through the woods and old castle remnants. In the residential area, you have the conveniences of supermarkets, small produce stores and 24-hour shops. Many students live around here, and you get get most places by tram.


Letna is in Prague 7, which is fairly close to the city center, but it is much cheaper to live here. If you are a party person, major clubs are located around here, such as Mecca and Kross Klub. If you are a daytime person, or need somewhere to take your kids, there is Stromovka Park, which is very beautiful and often holds events. Mostly relatively new architecture with an interesting feel in the air.


Vinohrady translates as “vineyards,” and is a gorgeous, upscale residential area in parts of Prague 2, 3 and 10. This is the place to live if you want to be surrounded by an array of Gothic, Baroque and Neo-Renaissance architecture and not have to deal with tourists. Easy to access by Metro and trams. There are some clubs and nightlife, and many fancy restaurants.


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