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Exploring the Mountains of Egypt


Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is located in Saint Katherine City, which is on the south of the Sinai Peninsula. Situated next to Mount Saint Catherine, Mount Sinai stands at 7,497 feet (2,285 meters). Though not the tallest mountain in its greater range, Mount Sinai has ample religious significance, as the Bedouin tradition has it as the location where God gave laws to Israelites (but this is disputed). Today, people can ascend Mount Sinai on two different routes, on foot or on camel. The summit of this mountain has a mosque and Greek Orthodox church.


Mount Catherine

Next to Mount Sinai, Mount Catherine is the tallest mountain in all of Egypt, standing at 8,625 feet (2,629 meters). Though taller, it is not as visited as Mount Sinai.


Gebel Elba

Gebel Elba, or Elba Mountain, is a peak that is currently under Egyptian control, but this ownership is disputed with neighboring Sudan. It is situated in the southeast region of Egypt, by the Red Sea, in the Hala’ib triangle. Gebel Elba has a height of 4,708 feet (1,435 meters), and there are some other nearby peaks, like Gebel Shellal and Gebel Shendib. The summit of Gebel Elba is considered a “mint oasis,” as it is affected by dew, mist and clouds, creating an interesting environment unlike any other place in Egypt. This area has a higher concentration of different plant species than anywhere else in Egypt.


Mount Shaiyb al-Banat

Mount Shaiyb al-Banat is situated in Egypt’s Eastern Desert, close to the coast of the Red Sea, between the cities of Safaga and Hurghada. This area is known as the Red Sea Hills, and is inhabited by the nomadic Ma’aza Tribe. There are several peaks in this mountain range, the tallest of which is 7,175 feet (2,187 meters).


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  1. If Mt. Sinai is in Egypt , and is the mountain where YAHWEH spoke to Moses ; than it would be safe to say that the Name YAHWEH has it’s roots in Africa.

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