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Aquariums in Germany and Austria


Aquarium Berlin

The Aquarium Berlin has an extreme case of biodiversity in its tanks, and has gone under extensive renovations in the past few years. It features exhibits like a shark tank, a reef basin and a naturalistic saltwater basin full of rays. They also have different types of fish, reptiles, lower animals, amphibians and crocodiles.


Sylt Aquarium

The Sylt Aquarium is located in Westerland, on the island of Sylt in the Northsea, which is Germany’s most northern town. It is full of fish and other life from various tropical waters, the Indian Ocean, crystal clear warm waters and coral reefs. There is a walkway in this aquarium where visitors can walk under and watch the fish from below. The Sylt Aquarium features species of rays, sharks, starfish and other interesting creatures.


Müritzeum Nature Discovery Center

The Müritzeum Nature Discovery Center is located at lake Müritzeum, which is near the city of Waren, Germany. It is a new attraction that opened in 2007, where visitors can view the various fishes and wildlife in the lake. This discovery center contains the largest freshwater aquarium for native German fish species, full of about 40 local types of fish.


Haus des Meeres: Aqua Terra Zoo

The Haus des Meeres is located in Vienna, Austria. There are over 10,000 animals inside its premises. The terranium section is full of crocodiles and various snakes, and then the tropical seawater section is full of huge fish tanks, sharks, sea turtles and corals. There is also a Mediterranean section that features anemones, sea urchins and starfish, and a freshwater area with piranhas.


Haus der Natur

The Haus der Natur is located in Salzburg, Austria. It is a large museum that has a Reptile Zoo and large aquarium. The aquarium section is full of over 40 tanks of different sizes, with animals from coral reefs, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and Europe. The European part has a great range of animals out of the Mediterranean.


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