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Alvin Nordell in Hungary Expat Spotlight

alvin-nordell Today’s Expat Spotlight interview is Alvin Nordell, an English Teacher in the tiny village of Mezocsokonya, Hungary.  He also “pedals a bike not to go nuts.”

Quick Stats:

  • Name: Alvin Nordell
  • Occupation: English Teacher
  • Current Location: Mezocsokonya, Hungary
  • Originally From: USA
  • Expat Locations: Hungary
  • Website: wetfeetinhungary.blogspot.com

How did you become an expat, and why?

I was laid off from a volunteer job in the States and wanted to go somewhere new.

Where else have you been an expat?

Only Hungary.  Although I was stuck in a hospital in Switzerland for a while, does that count?

Best piece of expat advice you’ve received?

Give it time.  You might just not go home!

Best piece of expat advice you’d give?

It’s a little weird but give it time.

Favorite expat related web sites?


Are you planning or dreaming of a move? Are you going home instead? Where to and why?

I am heading back home in July to begin my PhD, I hope, in educational policy.  Maybe I can make difference, maybe not, but I am going to try.

Tell us more about what you do in your location?

Mezocsokonya is a small village in Hungary.  There are about 2000 people here.  The population is very diverse both ethnically, socially, and economically.  There are some beautiful houses next to ones that look like they should be condemned.  I teach english in the village school that has about 160 students.  I see almost all of the students once a week.  It is challenging to teach a foreign language to students whose language you can not speak.  I was fun throwing things across the classroom trying to explain the Boston Tea Party.

Gellert Hill in Budapest
Downtown Mezocsokonya
Downtown Mezocsokonya
Kaposvar Chruch
Kaposvar Chruch

Would you recommend your current location to other expats? Does it rock or does it suck?

If you have a hobby you love doing that take up a lot of time, go to a village.  Otherwise, stick to the cities.

What is the expat community like where you are?

There are two of us.  He’s a great guy and has helped me out a bunch.  Luckily he’s married to one to the teachers at my school or I might never have met him.

Thank you!

Thank you, Alvin, for participating in our Expat Spotlight! We wish you success and happiness in your current location, and wherever your dreams and business endeavors take you.


3 thoughts on “Alvin Nordell in Hungary Expat Spotlight

  1. Hello Alvin,

    It’s Richard from the Papa MNFC…I did not give you my email addresses the other day: [email protected] (present to 19 July) and my office email back in North Carolina is [email protected]. Personal email, which I don’t check regularily is [email protected]
    Remember: Idaho Springs, Colorado…”Stonestock Music Jam”. Labor day weekend. I’ll arrive there 30 Aug and stay until 11 Sept…do get in touch so you can experience our mountain and enjoy the jam. All the best! Richard Lambert

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