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Domestic Flights in Costa Rica

There are many domestic flights in Costa Rica that take place during the country’s high season (December-April). Domestic flights in Costa Rica are often the best plan to get around the country. Even though Costa Rica is small, much of the terrain is very mountainous and have windy roads that take a very long time to navigate. During the rainy season, the roads can get wet and slippery, so it is less dangerous to travel by internal flights within Costa Rica. Because it is a small country, most of these flights last 25-60 minutes, when they could take up to 10 hours by driving. The two daily domestic flight airlines are Sansa and NatureAir, and these are both based in the San Jose metropolitan area.

NatureAir currently operates 74 flights a day, to 17 destinations throughout Costa Rica. The flights go from San Jose to these other cities, such as Tamarindo, Quepos, La Fortuna, Puerto Jimenez, Liberia and others. Passengers should be aware that baggage that weighs over 30 lbs will be charged, and they cannot bring dangerous items or surf boards. They are a pet-friendly airline with extra charges for dogs and other animals, depending on their weight. Their flights vary from the High Season to the Low Season.

Sansa offers some other options of domestic flights within Costa Rica. They also operate with different times throughout the year, with a high season schedule. In terms of baggage, they will charge for luggage that weighs over 27 lbs. They accept surfboards if you pay $30, as well as some other sports equipment if it is properly packaged. They accept dogs if you pay $20 per flight. From San Jose, they offer flights to Liberia, Drake Bay, Palma Sur, Quepos, Tamarindo and other destinations.