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Exploring the Museums of Bordeux, France


Musee de Beaux Arts: Museum of Fine Arts

This museum was established in 1801, as one of the 15 museums founded by Napoleon, and it is one of the largest French galleries outside Paris. Its collection mostly has paintings, sculptures and drawings; it is focused on French and Dutch works, especially from the 16th through 18th centuries. They have a library but you must ask in advance to access it.


CAPC Musee d’Art Contemporain: Museum of Contemporary Art

This is a famous museum, and is one of the best art galleries in France. Each year, they feature four temporary exhibits with work from artists all over the world. They also hold a handful of activities based around art history and contemporary music. The building is an old colonial warehouse, and most of the artwork is from the 1960s to the present day, mostly coming from Europe and the United States.

Centre Jean-Moulin

This museum is dedicated to Jean-Moulin, who founded the National Counsel of Resistance. It also has exhibits on Nazi-occupied France, and other efforts of resistance. The Centre has information and material from the Underground Press  movement, World War II, the deportation of Jews to concentration camps and other artifacts from that era.


Musee d’Aquitaine

This museum is dedicated to the past, with numerous exhibits on archaeology, history and ethnography, particularly in the Bordeaux and greater Aquitaine area of southwestern France. Many materials come from the Gallo-Roman, Medieval and Modern periods, and focus on information about agriculture, commerce and shipping. This museum also has an excellent bookstore and library.


Musee des Vins de Bordeaux: The Museum of Wine

As Bordeaux is a famous wine-growing region, the city features a museum about the production and trade of wine. Bordeaux’s greater area has been producing wine for over 2,000 years, and the traders shaped much of the regional history. Apart from history, this museum also features exhibits on the modern technology that goes into wine production. Of course visitors get to try some of the wines during their visits.


Musee de Arts Decoratifs: The Museum of Decorative Arts

This museum exists in a mansion from 1779, so visitors can check out life during the 18th century in France. It has three floors, decorated with furniture, glassware, art, ironware, ceramics and other rotating exhibit materials. There is a restaurant and tearoom at this museum.


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