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The World’s Drunkest Nations, Ireland Not on Top

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita World Map

Outlandish stereotypes are things that all foreigners have to deal with, and as a group, expats aren’t immune. We certainly don’t want to fuel any wild prejudices here. But in the event that you’re an expat interested in the best places in the world to occasionally indulge in beverages of the alcoholic variety, the World Health Organization has conveniently published a list of the drunkest nations in the world per capita.

And in a surprising twist, everyone’s favorite contender– Ireland– didn’t top the list. Though undoubtedly, they certainly came close.

Ireland only managed #4 in the world in alcoholic consumption, as an unexpected Uganda topped the world with a startling 19.47 litres consumed per capita. Luxembourg and the Czech Republic rounded out the top three. Germany, another odds on favorite, ranked #10.

Not surprisingly, Europe is easily the drunkest continent. It’s also the origin of most of the world’s expats. Hmm.


2 thoughts on “The World’s Drunkest Nations, Ireland Not on Top

  1. We climbed mount Kilimanjaro with an Irish man last year and he drank his way all the way up. It was very impressive and he summitted strong! Maybe they didn’t top the list, but they should hold a poll for what nations can handle their alcohol the best. I bet Ireland would be on top!

  2. The United Kingdom is the most drunk country in the world. Besides, it owns its odd way of prouding itself by exemplifying drunkards. There is no way this map is accurate. UK´s women drink the most in the world and get laid with immigrants. Mostly 30% of UK´s youth don´t have clear data regarding their own father, since English ladies use to be known as the world´s most ambitious cheaters. Warm regards, from London.

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