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The Museums of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a mix of art, culture and history spread throughout six different unique, permanent galleries. The Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall section has a beautiful and intricate reconstruction of a traditional theater, as well as items owned and used by opera singers. The New Territories Heritage Hall has over 400 artifacts that go through 6,000 years of history of the region. The TT Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art has a variety of decorative and fine art pieces, like statues and interesting domestic items.


Hong Kong Space Museum

The Hong Kong Space Museum has been open since 1980, as the first planetarium in the area. It is a large museum that is situated in an egg-shaped dome. The east side of the Space Museum has the Stanley Ho Space Theater, Hall of Space Science and workshops. The western part has the Hall of Astronomy and a Lecture Hall. The two exhibition halls provide interactive exhibits so their visitors can learn hands-on.


Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History is full of different themes throughout the periods of this region, including the Natural Environment, Prehistoric Hong Kong, Japanese Occupation and Folk Culture in Hong Kong. There is also an Opium Wars section that has historic monuments and a video display, and a Birth and Early Growth of the City display that has a reconstruction of an old Hong Kong street scene.


Museum of Tea Ware

The Museum of Tea Ware is full of different tea pieces, and is housed in the residence of the former Commander of British Forces. This institution also holds demonstrations and gatherings to show the traditions of Chinese tea drinking, an essential part of the culture.

Art Museum

This Art Museum is connected to the Institute of Chinese Studies  at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Its collections have an array of different Chinese art from ancient to modern times.


Hong Kong Museum of Art

This is the main art museum in Hong Kong. It is full of rotating exhibits that it change regularly, which consist mostly of paintings, calligraphy, antiques and sculpture from Hong Kong and China. Though mostly themed around Chinese heritage, they also display some international pieces.


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