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Parks and Gardens in Budapest, Hungary



Varosliget is the largest park in the city of Budapest. Its name translates as “City Park.” Beyond its entrance at Heroes Square (a popular tourist spot full of memorials and historical statues), this park stretches out for about 300 acres. There is very much to do in Varosliget besides walk around or picnic, as it encompasses an amusement park, baths, a swimming pool, a zoo, a castle and other attractions for young and old visitors. It also contains a nice lake where people can row boats and ice skate during the appropriate seasons.



Margitsziget, or Margaret Island, is an island that lies in the River Danube. It is about a mile and a half long, and is very popular to locals on the weekends. Along with pleasant walking paths full of trees and flowers, there are also medieval ruins, a fountain, a small Japanese Garden and an open-air theater that sometimes holds performances.


Buda Hills

The Buda Hills are a low mountain range. This area consists of several slopes that are full of forested hiking spots and caves. The Hills have nature preserves, as well as playgrounds, a zoo and beautiful lookouts over the Danube. For those looking for a scenic ride, it is possible to take the Children’s Railway through a few miles of the park, and there is also a chairlift.



Nepliget, or “People’s Park,” is located in the southeast part of the city, and is about 300 acres large. Though not as popular as many of the other big parks, it is nonetheless still very pleasant, full of plant-lined paths. There is also a planetarium in this park.


Karolyi Kert

Karolyi Kert is a smaller park, situated behind the Karolyi Palace. For garden enthusiasts, they have planted some rare plants, such as honest locust, silver poplar and others. It is in the city center, so it makes for a quick, refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the busy urban surroundings.


Orczy Kert

Orczy Kert lies next to the city’s Natural History Museum. After visiting this museum, Orczy Kert is a great place to check out some statues and relax by the trees.


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