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Monday Escape: Akureyri, Iceland


Aside from the greater Reykjavík area, Akureyri is actually the largest urban area in Iceland, even though it only boasts a quiet population of around 17,000 residents. And as wonderful as Reykjavík is, finding your own, more personal nook in a new country is important. Akureyri may fit just the right balance for an aspiring expat looking to relocate to Iceland.

Positioned on the west side of the inland end of the fjord Eyjafjörður and surrounded by mountains, the scenery about town is spectacular. Furthermore, because of the geography of the region, Akureyri enjoys a relatively warm climate despite its northernly location. The body of sea between Oddeyri and the end of the fjord is known as Pollurinn and is known for calm winds and a good natural harbour.

This is definitely the kind of place to move to if you’re looking to retire toward a long, pleasant, stress free life.

The town’s economy is held afloat mostly based upon the fishing industry, which is prolific in Akureyri due to their ice-free harbor. There’s also a youthful and enlightened vibe here, as higher education is one of the town’s largest sectors. And Akureyri also boasts Iceland’s largest brewery, so you won’t go thirsty here either.

The Icelandic folk dance ensemble “Vefarinn” comes from Akureyri, and folk culture in general is more prevalent in Akureyri than in Reykjavík. Furthermore, the Arctic Open Golf Championship is an international event that is held in Akureyri.

It also may not be a bad idea to do business here too, since the corporation tax is one of the lowest in the world. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this travel guide to Akureyri and get ready to be romanced!


4 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Akureyri, Iceland

  1. Hello! I have to say that Iceland is one of my very favorite places. Any advice on HOW to become an expat in this little country? I am self-employed and I’ve had trouble reading the bureaucratic regulations.
    Keep up the great info. I love all of the place you review!

  2. I must go to iceland. Just about went this winter when they had some deals going, but didn’t. Now I wish that I did! But I think that it would be nicer in the summer. We have a hard enough time with the winters in Canada.

  3. This seems to be an interesting place for more than 2-week stay if the weather is really like what described in the article. Nice information. Thanks.

  4. I live just 45 km north of Akureyri, just under the arctic circle and the northern lights! In a small town by the sea, surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains. You are free to email me if you are interested in more info about my area or Iceland in whole. And if you someday wander around my place…please drop by!!! My family runs a small accommodation business in an old but renovated house and some cottages in Dalvík. Check http://www.vegamot.co.cc (only in Icelandic sorry) and you can also see some photos from Iceland and my area and homo on http://www.flickr.com/bjarnigunn

    Hope to see you one day…someday!

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