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Aquariums of Ireland


The National Aquarium of Ireland (Galway Atlantaquaria)

The National Aquarium of Ireland, located in Galway, is the biggest display of marine and fresh water life in the whole country. They have tanks with over 150 species, some of which include carp, cod, eel, dog fish, prawn, scallop, seahorse, sea urchin, white snake and more. There are many different types of exhibits, ranging from an audio visual room to a harbor tank to a touch pool to a model of a lighthouse.


Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium

The Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium is located in Dingle Town, which is part of County Kerry. One display is some vicious sharks behind glass, and there is also a touch tank where people can feel live rays. Another feature is the Amazonian Display, which has piranhas and catfish. There are also some seahorses, clownfish, turtles and other saltwater and freshwater species.

Lahinch Seaworld’s Atlantic Aquarium

This is an Atlantic-ocean based aquarium with species that are all caught from waters around and surrounding Ireland (except for the seahorses). There is a “Doolin Tank” that has specimens representing the flora and fauna of the Doolin Coast. This tank is full of seawater that makes waves and could potentially splash observers. There is a cavern with a giant crawfish, and a crazy octopus tank. Lahinch Seaworld’s Atlantic Aquarium also has a whale and dolphin learning center, a ray pool and and ocean tank.



Exploris is the aquarium of Northern Ireland, and it is located in Pontaferry. Their Strangford Lough Hall has lots of different marine animals like mussels, prawns, crabs and cods. There is also the Irish Coast Zone, which is based on the water around the island, so it features animals like pipefish, mullet and bib. There is also an open sea tank with eels, rays and bass, as well as a part with discovery pools. There is even a park on its grounds.


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