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Museums of Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has an array of contemporary and classical pieces, and much of it comes from around Israel. Some artistic themes displayed at this museum include cubism, fauvism, German expressionism, surrealism and others. Their photography section ranges from international prints to Soviet photographs to photojournalism. This museum also holds several design and architecture pieces that tend to be on the side of aesthetic, rather than practical. There is a sculpture garden and youth wing in addition to the art.


Eretz Israel Museum

The Eretz Israel Museum is located in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood, and is primarily a history, anthropology and archaeology museum. Its permanent collection has a glass section that features some interesting specimens, like blown glass from Roman and Byzantine periods, or pre-blown glass from the Bronze Age. They also have a large collection of coins from different places and eras. The Ethnography and Folklore pavilion is focused on Jewish traditions, like the significance and customs of the different religious holidays, along with historic synagogue art and materials. There is also a mosaic square that has the remnants of floors from different buildings, such as from a Samaritan prayer house and a synagogue in Tiberias.


Nachum Gutman Art Museum

The Nachum Gutman Art Museum is located in Neve Zedek, and is dedicated to Nachum Gutman, who was a Romanian-born Israeli artist. This man used a variety of different means to express himself, ranging from sculpture, watercolors, mosaics, engravings, oils and gouache. Though he was very productive and created hundreds of pieces, only a small percentage of them can actually be displayed at once.


The Jewish Diaspora Museum

The Jewish Diaspora Museum is meant to educate visitors on the period from 2,600 years ago with the destruction of the First Temple, on through the present day. Some of the topics covered in this museum include community, faith, culture, Jews in other countries, family and going back to Israel. They have models of temples from around the world, as well as displays on various Jewish art, film, education and languages.


Rubin Museum

The Rubin Museum is the former home of Reuven Rubin, a local painter. They have galleries that display his art, along with a library, reading room, a children’s workshop and Rubin’s personal studio. There are also some photographs, sketches and assorted documents that display this man’s life and its relation to the culture in Tel Aviv.


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