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The Museums of Jerusalem, Israel


Israel Museum

The Israel Museum is an art and archaeology museum that has many Holy Land specimens, along with a wide array of Jewish art. This institute has just completed an expansion project, and is now situated on 20 acres of land, and its collections and architecture have been updated. Some special pieces in this museum include the Dead Sea Scrolls, the world’s oldest biblical manuscripts, as well as a model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period. There is also a beautiful outdoor art garden full of interesting sculptures.


Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem is a living memorial to the Holocaust. It is full of many different aspects around this historical occurrence, from models of old ghettos in Poland to video and model displays of specific concentration camps to monuments to a database of victims’ names. This institute is also the site of several different Holocaust memorial events throughout the year.


Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem

The Bible Lands Museum is meant for the public study, understanding and appreciation of Biblical history, as well as Ancient Middle Eastern history. Its permanent collection consists of information on the first civilizations found in the area, up through the early Christian period. Its specimens are displayed chronologically, and visitors can understand the development of religion, commerce, process of urbanization and communication throughout the different eras.


Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

The Bloomfield Science Museum has a selection of interactive exhibits based around loosely-chosen themes. Several of them are related to relevant topics that children learn in school, as well as to scientific research that is conducted in Israel. Though mostly science-oriented, these exhibits also associated with art, technology and society. Most of them are created entirely on the museum’s premises, and have to do with things like sea life, space, physics, electricity and assorted scientific concepts.


Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum is a historical museum located within this medieval citadel. It examines the history of Jerusalem, going from the first speciemens of evidence of the city, through its era as the capital of the modern state of Israel. It also looks into how the Old City of Jerusalem is significant to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions. The citadel itself offers excellent views of the city.


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