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The Museums of Milan, Italy


Palazzo Bagatti-Valsecchi

This museum is situated in a grand palace in the heart of Milan, and is known to be one of Europe’s finest museums. It was set up by the Bagatti Valescchi heirs, who donated their 19th century residence and art collections to the public. The rooms have an interesting 19th century design, full of many different materials on display, ranging from paintings, wood carvings, tapestries, ceramic wares, glass wares and other Renaissance and Renaissance-inspired pieces.


Museum of Natural History

Milan’s Museum of Natural History was originally founded in 1838, and the impressive building was constructed in 1893. It is very famous for its collection of birds, holding over 20,000 specimens. There are over two million other specimens, exhibits, plastic skeletons and other materials. It includes materials about the evolution of humans, as well as minerals, dinosaurs, insects and scientific instruments.


Museo Poldi-Pezzoli

This museum is set in north east Milan, and is the house of an old art collector, which has been open to the public since 1881. This collection consists of many Renaissance paintings, as well as some decorative arts like porcelain, textiles, glasses, metalwork, archaeology and jewelery. The museum also hosts some temporary exhibits, usually revolved around the History of Collectionism, and new research regarding the museum’s existing collection.


Science and Technology Museum

In Italian, this museum is referred to as “Museo Nazionale della Scienza e dell Tecnologia ‘Leonardo da Vinci.'” It is located in south west Milan, and was founded in 1953, housed in a former 16th-century monastery. It holds many physical models of machines that Leonardo da Vinci designed in his drawings. There are many exhibits on display, as well as 13 interactive labs, theater animation activities and temporary exhibits. Some new developments at this museum include displays on the lifecycle of products, helicopters and Polymer materials.

Theater Museum

The Theater Museum is referred to as “Museo Teatrale alla Scala” in Italian, part of the La Scala opera house in central Milan. There are many materials that relate to this particular theater, as well as theater in general. On display are several original musical scores, as well as sculptures, ceramics and paintings.


Civic Archaeology Museum

In Italian, this museum is called “Civico Museo Arccheologico,” and it is situated in north west Milan. It has a large collection of materials from the Bronze Age. It also has a wooden plow that dates back 4,000 years.


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