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Why You Should Visit the Largest Mediterranean Island, Sicily

Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy with a rich history and culture based on architecture, language, cuisine, art, and folklore. Charming cliff top villages, beaches, Greek temples, Etna volcano… Sicily offers something for everyone!

How to get there?
The island is located in the South of Italy, 3km away from the peninsula, offering a warm Mediterranean climate all year long. There are two international airports located in Palermo and Catania.

A rich history

Sicilian Baroque, world heritage sites, castles… Greek, Spanish, Arabic or normandie influences can be found in this unique mix of architecture and art herited from the numerous invasions Sicily has known in the past. There is no other place on earth to find such combinations and amazing places.

Places to visit:

PalermoPalermo: the capital of Sicily autonomous region

SyracuseSyracuse: presented by Ciceron as the greatest and most beautiful greek city

ValleyAgrigento: with its incredible Valley of temples

EtnaTaormina: and its incredible view of the Etna

segesteSegesta: one of the most beautiful temples and theatres

Piazza Armerina, Ragusa, Cefalu, Messina, Noto and so many others…

Where to stay?
Sicily is not offering massive tourism infrastructures but you can choose between old-style grand hotels and residences transformed into luxurious B&Bs, adding a lot of charm to your vacations.

What to eat?

Food is one of the strong components of Sicilian culture. You can find very elaborated meals that require hours of preparation or simple and rich ones  Don’t leave the island without trying the following: sincione a la palermitana, caponata, panelle, arancine, polpettone, cannoli, iris, cassata…


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