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Monday Escape: Ochos Rios, Jamaica


In a tropical island known for its tourist destinations, Jamaica’s Ochos Rios is the cream of the crop. Enjoying Jamaica’s natural beauty is much of what Ochos Rios is about, but it’s a place to live in luxury too.

Situated on the northeastern shore of Jamaica and commonly referred to as “Ochi” by the locals, it is a popular destination for cruise ships and tourists of all stripes. Relax at the town’s many top notch resorts, soak up rays on the breathtaking beaches, swim with dolphins or shop your heart out. Ochos Rios has a little bit of everything you came to Jamaica for.

Not far from town is one of Jamaica’s most famous attractions, Dunn’s Falls. The series of waterfalls span about 900 feet and the park includes a private beach as well as a cafe and craft shops. But you’ll have most fun climbing the falls, which you can do with a group (forming a human chain), or you can go at your own pace and do it solo. Make sure to take your time and relax in the refreshing waters of the Falls’ many pools.

Also be sure to check out Shaw Park Botanical Gardens for a stunning look at the island’s unique and fascinating botony, and there’s Coyaba River Garden and Museum too. And in between, why not take a swim with dolphins at Dolphin Cove?

As for beaches, you won’t want to miss James Bond beach. It’s right near what was the home of 007’s creator, Ian Fleming. And isn’t part of the charm of expatriating really to imagine yourself as a slick secret agent?

The town can really light up when cruise ships pull in, but a wide range of bars, restaurants and clubs can keep you busy in between. Check out Margaritaville, Ocean’s Eleven, John Crows, and there’s even a Hard Rock Cafe. If you’re looking for some Caribbean Italian food, you won’t want to miss Toscanini’s.

If you aren’t one of the many tourists arriving by ship, you can get here via a local airport which provides charter plane access from the larger airports in Montego Bay and Kingston. This place is definitely pretty touristy, but if the cliche island life is your style, you won’t be disappointed. And when the cruise ships aren’t around, genuine Jamaican lifestyle isn’t too far away.


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  1. Just returned from Jamaica, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Loved the country and people there! Am interested in retiring in Jamaica and would like to know all the ins and outs of living there. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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