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Learning Arabic

Arabic is the most widely used Semitic language on earth. It is a valuable language to become acquainted with, because over 280 million people around the world speak it as a first language. Many different types of Arabic are spoken throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, so if someone is looking to visit or move to somewhere in this part of the world, this language is extremely beneficial to know.

Since Arabic is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, many different companies have put together ways that new people can begin to understand, write, read and speak it.

How to learn to speak Arabic

Learning Arabic is a challenging process, but there are many ways that people can begin to learn it without going to school or visiting different parts of the globe. An abundance of published materials and software devices exist that can match the needs of almost anyone trying to learn Arabic.

Learning Arabic software or DVDs

People who like to utilize computers should take a look at the different electronic devices for learning Arabic. Some examples are:

rosettastone-arabicRosetta Stone’s Arabic Program – This popular language software company has a gradual Arabic-learning program, with three different levels. People can buy each individual level, or all three at once. This program sets up learners to initially learn vocabulary, fundamental language structure and basic conversational skills, and then works them up to themes like shopping, asking directions and other useful social interactions.

tellmemore-arabicTell Me More’s Arabic Program – Tell Me More provides an Arabic program that is divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The collective program gives learners over 600 hours of Arabic, which include all sorts of exercises delivered in cutting-edge technology.

transparent-arabicTransparent Language’s Arabic Program – This company offers some free online Arabic courses on its website, and also sells products to help learners develop conversational, grammar, pronunciation and other assorted skills.

Books for learning Arabic

the-arabic-alphabetThe Arabic Alphabet: How to Read and Write It – Anyone who wants to learn Arabic should master its unique script. As it is not an easy subject to learn, this book breaks down how to read and write Arabic in a step-by-step manner.

Websites that help you learn Arabic language

Madinaharabic.com – This website provides a free, online Arabic course and other materials. It starts people off with learning the Arabic script and how to pronounce its letters, and brings them through learning phrases, vocabulary and other useful knowledge.

Islamopas.com – This website is a multimedia course for beginners that offers lessons that should take no more than an hour to complete. Learners should be able to write Arabic if they commit themselves through its levels.

Learnarabiconline.com – This website is developed for different kinds of learners who have different purposes for learning Arabic, be it they are dedicated students or just traveling to the Middle East or Northern Africa. People who are interested can learn the script on this site, as well as numbers, phrases and other information.


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