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Learning Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese is an especially useful tool to people, considering it is the most spoken language in the world. This language is spoken by almost one billion people around China, as well as in Malaysia, Singapore and many international places where Chinese communities exist. Though there are several different languages spoken in China, Mandarin is the most popular, so it is the best one to learn.
The process of learning to understand and speak Mandarin, as well as how to read and write it, can come more naturally to some than others. Nevertheless, learners of all sorts can take a look at the different ways to learn Mandarin and decide which method works correctly with them.

How to learn to speak Chinese/Mandarin

It used to be that people were limited to learning Mandarin via school, but today there are a variety of ways to go about this. Whether someone wants to use software, websites or books to learn Mandarin, many options are possible.

Learning Chinese/Mandarin software or DVDs

rosettastoneRosetta Stone’s Chinese/Mandarin Program – Most people have heard of Rosetta Stone, so of course this language software company has put together a program for the most commonly spoken language on earth. Their step-by-step Chinese/Mandarin program starts people off by going through script and basic conversation skills. It then gradually takes them through more advanced themes like talking about work and current events.

tellmemore-chineseTell Me More’s Chinese/Mandarin Program – Tell Me More’s Chinese Mandarin software provides a three-level program with over 300 hours of learning, along with a 3,000 word glossary and state-of-the-art speech recognition.

transparent-chineseTransparent Language’s Chinese/Mandarin Program – This company has a few different tools for learners to learn Mandarin. They provide some free online sources, and also sell other programs for things like grammar, pronunciation, core language skills and professional conversational skills.

Books for learning Chinese/Mandarin

learning-chinese-the-easy-wayLearning Chinese the Easy Way: Read & Understand the Symbols of Chinese Culture – This book is designed for beginners to enter the Chinese language by understanding characters and then words, up through sentence structure and phrasing. This publication is meant as an entry point into this complex language.

Websites that help you learn the Chinese/Mandarin language

LearningChineseOnline.net – This website has a vast electronic library of different themes on the Chinese/Mandarin language, be it characters, grammar, conversation, reading, dictionaries, or whatever learners want to know. The lessons are organizatized in different formats, and some are animated.

Chinese-tools.com – This website has methods for learners to pratice as little as ten minutes a day. It is organized into a scope of differnt lessons, starting with phoenetics and how to say “hello,” stepping up through useful social material like ordering in a restaurant or going to the hospital.

Chineselearner.com – This stratified website organizes the general themes of the language and then breaks them into sub-categories. For instance, it has a section on Speaking Chinese, where there are 36 lessons that introduce the topic and then go through different possible subjects of conservation, from expressing anxiety to complimenting and appreciating.


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