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Learning English

There’s no doubt that English is the world’s most important language for business and nearly every other human endeavor. If a person is just learning the language for the first time then getting even to a beginner’s level can open up doors to employment and general communication that were never possible before. And if a person wants to progress from basic English to advanced English, then the possibilities become infinite.

Learning English is easier for some than for others, but much of this has to do with the method each person chooses. Some people respond much better to audio lessons, while others pick English up faster by reading and memorizing words. Fortunately, modern software and online training usually combines both systems, so each student can progress quickly into a new world of communication.

How to learn to speak English

In previous decades the only way to learn English was to attend a traditional class and use a textbook. Now, there are ways that are more tailored to each person’s abilities, schedule, and finances. Below we’ll discuss the main options for learning the language.

Learning English software or DVDs

Many companies offer excellent English-language programs, and each has its own strengths. Here are the main ones to consider.

rosetta-stone-learn-englishRosetta Stone’s English Program – This is the world’s best-known language learning company and one of the more popular software programs for learning English. Their method involves first learning words by matching them up with photos and situations rather than translating each word directly from another language.

tellmemore-learn-englishTell Me More’s English Program – This software package is known for its custom-tailored programs, so whether you are a student or a traveler or a business person, there are options specifically to help you learn English as fast as possible.

transparent-learn-englishTransparent Language English Program – This company also starts by teaching specific useful words and short phrases first, rather than getting bogged down in long translations that are harder to memorize so you can start to use your newly learned English phrases right away.

Books for learning English

read-think-englishRead & Think English – This is a book and an audio CD in one. It may not be as fancy as the computer programs, but it’s much cheaper and still a great tool.

Websites that help you learn English language

EnglishPod.com – This is an online language class which is very similar to some of the software above, but is a paid website that allows you to take courses online. They also include a “social network” allowing you to connect with other people who are learning English.

Learnenglish.de – This German site promises to teach you English for free online. While it does have a great number of lessons and resources, and they do use photographs and translation audio, it’s not nearly as easy to use as the ones mentioned above.

Activities for ESL Students – This site is good for those who are already past the beginning stages, and they have bilingual quizes in many languages to help learn even faster.


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