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Learning French

Learning the French language is a much desirable skill for so many people. It is a very practical language to learn and then go abroad, as it is the main dialect of France, and is also spoken in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar and many other countries throughout the world. About 136 million people worldwide call French their first language, and millions of others identify it as their second language, so learning French could enable people to communicate in lots of different places with lots of different populations.

As French is not considered an easy language to learn, it will come more naturally to some learners than to others. The pronunciation and grammar can be complicated to non-natives, but with the right motivation, anyone out there can learn French if they put their minds to it.

How to learn to speak French

Not everyone can afford to pick up and instantly move to France or any of these other countries, and not everyone has the time to enroll in school for French lessons. In today’s modern world, these traditional means are not the only ways to learn the French language. There are many other publications and electronic resources that people can adapt to their individual ways of learning, familiarity with technology, time and budget.

Learning French software or DVDs

Software is one way to go about learning French, and several different companies offer interactive programs to aid students in this process.

Rosetta Stone’s French Program – Most people know of Rosetta Stone, the most prevalent company in language software, and they have a popular program for learning French. Potential Rosetta Stone students have the ability of purchasing individual levels, or all five of them at once. This program will help students initially with the basics of the French language, such as simple questions and answers, and then move them through more complicated matters, like conversational skills to plan adventures.
Tell Me More’s French Program – Tell Me More is another well-developed language software company, and they offer 10 different levels of French programs, plus some Business Levels. Their software comes with a Spoken Error Tracking System that tells students when they are pronouncing words incorrectly.

Transparent Language’s French Program – Transparent Language offers a few different software products for learning French. The Transparent French Complete Edition comes with audio lessons, online resources, virtual environments and stories; the French Byki Deluxe 4 has material that is compatible with computers and MP3 players.

Power Speak’s French Program – Power Speak is designed to match the minds of young students, from the ages of kindergarten through 12th grade. They have levels that are compatible with beginner, intermediate and advanced students of each age.

Books for learning French

Berlitz Self-Teacher: French – This book comes with lessons, directions to speak out loud and illustrations, along with quizzes at the end of each chapter. It is more of a guide to learn the language fluently rather than being a phrasebook.


Websites that help you learn French language

bonjour.com – This website starts students off with greetings and courtesies, and then through the alphabet, days, months, colors and on through basic French communication like using transportation. It is a good website to practice listening and learn the basics.

learnfrench.elanguageschool.net – This website offers simple text lessons on the French language, beginning with the alphabet and pronunciation. It then gives an overview of grammar in its different themes, like using accent marks and noun genders, while mixing in important communication skills, like greeting and everyday life.

bbc.co.uk/languages/french – The BBC provides ways of learning French using different forms of media, as it offers videos and weekly emails. It also provides basic materials, like pronunciation and grammar tips.


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