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Learning Greek

There are so many reasons to learn the Greek language. About 13 million people around the world speak it, whether they live in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey or in communities elsewhere. Those who are studying sciences, medicine or math will have an easier time learning Greek, as much of the terminology roots in this language. It is an excellent language for people studying linguistics, because many Western languages have adapted aspects of Greek.

Greek is an Indo-European language that uses its own alphabet. Learning Greek can be an easier process for certain students than for others, but there are all sorts of programs and publications out there that can reach out to all types of learners.

How to learn to speak Greek

The academic way of life is a great opportunity for some people, but that is certainly not for everyone. Many of us out there do not have the desire, money or time to take Greek lessons at a school. Fortunately, that is not the only way to go about learning Greek, as other books, software programs, websites and other alternatives are available for this task.

Learning Greek software or DVDs

Computer software is a useful, interactive way for people to learn Greek on their own time. These programs are very advanced to modern technology.

Rosetta Stone’s Greek Program– Most people have heard of Rosetta Stone, the most popular language-learning software company. They have mastered a Greek program, which comes in 3 different levels. The first level introduces learners to basic conversational skills, and after they master that, they can learn how to communicate on topics like directions and emotions, and speak Greek without using a script.
Transparent Language’s Greek Program – Transparent Language has put together Greek Byki Deluxe 4, which teaches important Greek words and phrases on computers, iPhones and assorted MP3 players. It is programed to have personalized learning sessions that can speed up an individual’s progress.

Books for learning Greek

Read & Speak Greek for Beginners – This book helps students learn the Greek script, vocabulary words, sentence structures and practical questions to ask. It also has games and activities, as well as flash cards, and comes with a CD.

Websites that help you learn Greek language

explorecrete.com – For those just looking to travel to Greece and have basic communication down, this website is perfect. It outlines greetings for the appropriate times of the day, colors, locations and common Greek phrases.

101languages.net – This website gives a good introduction to written Greece, and explains some of the accent and pronunciation rules. Once past that, students can move on to subjects like time, colors and transportation. It is a good place for absolute beginners to start and then find other advanced materials.

ellopos.net – This website offers assorted, user-friendly lessons and audio files to compliment them. It takes a few examples from the Illiad and the Odyssey to explain some of the grammatical lessons and vocabulary.


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