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Learning Hebrew

Learning Hebrew can be a great skill to engage in, whether for communicating with Israelis or studying religious texts. It is culturally considered the Jewish language, and there are currently about 9 million speakers in the world. Hebrew is a Semitic language that uses its own alphabet.

Learning Hebrew can be easier for some students than for others, but that should not dissuade anyone. Plenty of different resources and learning materials are out there that can adapt to the mindset and pace of any learner.

How to learn to speak Hebrew

Enrolling in an academic institute or a Jewish religious school are great ways to learn Hebrew, but are not the only directions to go about it. Taking Hebrew lessons is often expensive, plus not everyone can schedule that into their lives. On the bright side, there are many alternative ways of learning Hebrew in the modern age, a few of which are listed below.

Learning Hebrew software or DVDs

Almost everyone today uses computers, and these machines can be an effective way to learn languages like Hebrew. A few different software companies have developed Hebrew programs for people who choose to learn this language on their own.

Rosetta Stone’s Hebrew Program – You’ve probably heard of Rosetta Stone, as it is the most popular language software company. They have compiled an interactive Hebrew-learning program that comes in three different levels. Beginners can start off with Level 1, and after they have mastered fundamental skills, learn letter writing in Level 2, or speaking about politics in Level 3.
Transparent Language’s Hebrew Program – Transparent Language is another software company, and they have a few different Hebrew-learning programs. Their Transparent Hebrew Premium Edition Program is meant for adults to explore comprehensive lessons and watch immersion videos, while KidSpeak Hebrew is meant for children of all ages, and has all sorts of interactive games.

Books for learning Hebrew

Learn Hebrew Today: Alef-Bet for Adults -This is a short book that enables students to learn how to pronounce vowels and letters, and then they can read prayers.

Websites that help you learn Hebrew language

ancient-hebrew.org – This website starts students off with learning the Hebrew script and how to write the individual letters. It then moves on through different basic sections, like verbs, nouns and adjectives. It is meant for beginners.

milingua.com – This thoroughly-compiled website comes with lessons and exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, along with exercises, verb tables and a dictionary.

101languages.net – This is a simple website that has basic information on learning Hebrew, such as the alphabet, questions, time and numbers. It is suitable for beginners or for those who are traveling to Israel and want to pick up a few things.


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