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Learning Hindi

Plenty of people in the world would love to learn the Hindi language. Hindi is a common means of communication, and it is spoken in northern and central India, as well as in Pakistan, Fiji, Mauritius and Suriname. It is recognized as the official language of India, and over 250 million people speak it today. People looking to move to India, or one of these countries with many Indian residents, will have an infinitely easier time with the skill of speaking Hindi.

Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language that derives much of its vocabulary from Sanskrit. This language uses Devanagari script. Though the complex process of learning to speak and understand the Hindi language will come easier to some than to others, it is nevertheless a possible experience for anyone. A plethora of different options are available for all kinds of students to take advantage of and learn Hindi.

How to learn to speak Hindi

Traveling to India would be a great way to learn Hindi, but this is not an option for everyone. Enrolling in Hindi courses at a school is another wonderful way to learn this language, but not everyone has the time or money. Nevertheless, there are still endless possibilities to learn Hindi on one’s own time. Some of the means of learning include software, books and websites, a few of which are listed below.

Learning Hindi software or DVDs

With the right motivation, people can easily learn Hindi by taking their own interactive lessons on their home computer. A few different language software companies have developed programs for students who make the commitment to learn on their own time.

Rosetta Stone’s Hindi Program – Rosetta Stone sells three software levels to learn Hindi gradually, which come complete with headsets, microphones, live online lessons, games and other features. The first level helps students learn basic concepts and vocabulary, while the second covers telling time and letter writing. The third and final level of this Hindi program assists students in expressing emotions, options, judgments and other advanced themes.

Transparent Language’s Hindi Program – Transparent Language sells the Hindi Byki Deluxe, which has its own 3-step process that teaches the most important Hindi words and phrases. It helps students practice on the go by offering features compatible with MP3 players.

Books for learning Hindi

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Hindi Script – This book is for beginners who want to learn the written form of Hindi, so that they can write and read books. It explains the origins of the language, and gives learners a systematic approach to writing, with many hands-on exercises.


Websites that help you learn Hindi language

languageshome.com/English-Hindi.htm – This website is a long list of common Hindi vocabulary, phrases and questions, translated phonetically using English. It is a good website for those who want to travel to India and learn a few key things.

linguanaut.com/learn_hindi.htm – This website has a variety of lists that provide translations of Hindi phrases, common sentences, alphabet, survival terms and other words. These lists are translated into English phoentically, and also written in Devanagari script.


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