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Learning Korean

Learning Korean can be quite a challenge with those not familiar with it, but so many resources are available to help all sorts of students. A large number of expatriates are relocating to South Korea, mainly for the military, engineering and for teaching English. Learning Korean is completely beneficial to these lifestyles.

Korean is spoken in North and South Korea, as well as by Koreans who have relocated around the globe. A total of 78 million people speak this language. The Korean alphabet, Hangul, was only drawn up in the 15th century, and linguists debate what type of language Korean actually is.

Even with the busiest lifestyles out there, learning the Korean language is still a possibility. With the correct materials and self-motivation, students can gradually understand the Hangul alphabet and Korean spoken language.

How to learn to speak Korean

A traditional way of learning Korean, or any language, is to take lessons at a school. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford schooling, nor fit it into our schedules. Not going to school should not hold anyone back from learning Korean, as there are so many different options available to all types of learners.

Learning Korean software or DVDs

In the digital age we live in, language software programs have become very popular. As Korean is the 18th most spoken language on earth, a couple companies have compiled comprehensive programs for people to learn Korean.

Rosetta Stone’s Korean Program – Rosetta Stone is the most popular language software company, and their program for learning Korean is therefore popular for those who have such an intention. They have three different levels that come with an audio companion, and they can be bought individually or all together. The first level introduces fundamental vocabulary and basic conversation skills, and the second level helps students with topics like using transportation and getting directions.

Transparent Language’s Korean Program – Those who find Rosetta Stone’s products to be too expensive can buy alternative software through Transparent Language. Their Byki Deluxe 4 program has over 2,000 words and 500 phrases, and uses testing, games and pronunciation practice. They also sell a software program for kids.

Books for learning Korean

Read & Speak Korean for Beginners – Read & Speak Korean for Beginners is a complete book and audio CD. The authors of this book understand that learning Korean can be daunting with the different alphabet and verb tenses, and starts students off with basic topics like introducing yourself and saying where you are from. It also comes with illustrated flash cards.


Websites that help you learn Korean language

http://www.learn-korean.net/ – This website has 15 straight-forward lessons that start students off learning the Korean alphabet, then through grammar, sentence structures, negatives and other useful skills.

http://rki.kbs.co.kr/learn_korean/lessons/e_index.htm – This website introduces Hangul vowels and consonants in an illustrated manner, with easy-to-use audio samples. It has one section devoted to traveling in Korea, and then another one centered around living in Korea.

http://learnkorean.elanguageschool.net/ – This website has many basic grammar lessons, like Korean sentence order and number system, as well as helpful sample phrases.


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