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Learning Latin

Latin is a very important language to the Western world. Learning Latin will make the process of learning French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian much easier. In addition, Latin is kept alive in the spheres of the Catholic Church, law, biology and medicine. It is also the official language in Vatican City and the Holy See.

Latin can be studied through several different means where one can be his or her own teacher. Whether the goal is to study ancient documents or have a base language to learn many other languages, there are so many different ways to effectively learn Latin.

How to learn to speak Latin

In the old days, the only option people had to learn Latin was to take lessons at a school. Not everyone out there is the academic type or has time to do this, but this is not the only route to take any longer. The Latin language may be studied by means of electronic devices or books given proper personal motivation.

Learning Latin software or DVDs

Though an old language, Latin has still been adapted to modern means of technology. Language software programs have not excluded Latin, as it still remains very important in the linguistic sphere.

Rosetta Stone’s Latin Program – Many of us are familiar with or have heard of Rosetta Stone, which is a prime language-learning software program. Their Latin program helps students with all spheres of speaking, writing, reading and listening.

Transparent Language’s Latin Program – Transparent Language offers other software options. Their Latin Byki Deluxe 4 Program is steered towards core language skills, and their Transparent Latin Premium Edition helps people achieve sophisticated conversation skills.

Powerspeak’s Latin Program – Powerspeak is meant for students from K-12. They offer one level of Latin for elementary school, and two each for middle and high school. Their software comes with game-based lessons, self-paced calendars and oral and written exercises.

Books for learning Latin

Getting Started with Latin: Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age – This popular book is directed towards beginners, and has simple lessons that explain the Latin grammar in a gradual and systematic way.

Websites that help you learn the Latin language

http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/latin/ – This website is well-organized, and introduces fundamentals like verb conjugation, days of the week, word genders and many other important topics. It also has practice sentences and activites for interactive learning.

http://www.learnlatinonlinefree.com/ – This website has all sorts of information on grammar, and also offers an online Latin course via Youtube videos.


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