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Learning Pashto

The Pashto language is also known as Afghani. This language is mostly spoken in Iran and Afghanistan, by the Pashtun people. It is an Eastern Iranian language that has over 40 million speakers, and it uses the Pashto alphabet.

There are many reasons to learn Pashto, whether people are going to Iran or Afghanistan for personal or military reasons, or if they live in an area with a high Pashtun population. Whatever the case, there are several ways that students can utilize their own skills to take on this dialect.

How to learn to speak Pashto

The traditional method of enrolling in a school course to learn Pashto is no longer the only option. With the advancements of media and modern technology, students can use their computers to learn Pashto, in addition to books. Pashto academic lessons are a wonderful option, but there are several other routes that are cheaper and less time-consuming.

Learning Pashto software or DVDs

Several companies have developed software programs for students to learn languages using their computers.

Rosetta Stone’s Pashto Program – Rosetta Stone is today the world’s most popular language-learning software program. They offer one level of Pashto, which has an overview of vocabulary and basic sentence structure. This software program helps students speak Pashto without a script, spell and write accurately and talk about things like household items and introductions.

Books for learning Pashto

Your First 100 Words in Pashto – This book helps readers decipher the Pashto script, and then introduces 100 key words. It is a great place for learners to start in a simple manner.



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