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Learning Polish

Polish is the official language of Poland, as well as a very useful language to learn. It is a West Slavic language that uses the Polish alphabet, which is basically the Latin alphabet with a few additions. Polish is spoken by 50 million people, who live not only in Poland, but also in countries like Belarus, the Ukraine, Lithuania, the United States, Czech Republic and more. Though many former non-Polish occupants and administrations had tried to do away with the Polish language, it has survived over so many years, and has been brought out in many works of literature and film.

Learning Polish will likely come easier to speakers of other Slavic languages like Czech or Russian, but anyone can still learn it with the right mindset. With the correct amount of commitment and practice, students of all sorts can take advantage of the many resources that exist in today’s world to learn Polish.

How to learn to speak Polish

Learning Polish is possible through academic means, and some people choose to take Polish lessons. However, not everyone is willing to confine themselves to being in a classroom, nor has the money to do this. Fortunately, there are many more angles available to learners of all budgets and schedules who want to speak and understand the Polish language.

Learning Polish software or DVDs

In the digital age we live in, people can learn languages using items like computers, MP3 players and other electronic devices. Language learning software is a very valuable tool for those who are sufficient in technology.

Rosetta Stone’s Polish Program – Rosetta Stone is one company to buy language software from, and they offer three interactive levels for students to learn Polish. The first level of the program is naturally for beginners. The second level builds up confidence for people to talk in their environments, and the third level assists people to express their ideas and opinions in Polish. Some interesting features with the Rosetta Stone programs include a mobile companion and MP3 player companion, so people can learn the language wherever they are.

Transparent Language’s Polish Program – Transparent Language is another company that offers software packages. They have a program for core language skills, Byki Deluxe 4, and one for professional conversational skills, the Premium Edition.

Books for learning Polish

Mastering Polish – This book can be used by students in the classroom or by regular people on their own time. Some of the materials it uses include dialogues, drawings, photographs and cut-outs from newspapers. It also comes with CDs and a Polish-English dictionary.


Websites that help you learn Polish language

http://www.skwierzyna.net/learn_polish.htm – This website has compiled a list of useful information for those who want to learn Polish. It includes a long grammar lesson from a university, principles of the sound and spelling system, Polish short stories and more.

http://www.101languages.net/polish/ – This is a simple website that involves material like pronunciation, numbers, colors, lodging and other basic matters.

http://www.digitaldialects.com/Polish.htm – People who like video games will be pleased with this website, as it involves fun games that help students learn some fundamentals of the Polish language.


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