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Learning Portuguese

Portuguese is a fantastic language to learn for a number of reasons. For instance, it is the third most-spoken language in the Western world (and fifth most-spoken language in the world). Because of colonial influence, it is spoken not only in Portugal, but also in Brazil, Angola, India, Cape Verde, East Timor, Uruguay and a few other countries. In total, there around 200 million people worldwide who can speak Portuguese, making it a valuable dialect to become acquainted with.

Learning Portuguese will of course come more naturally to some of us out there, especially those who are already familiar with a Latin-based language like Spanish or Italian. However, anyone who is committed and has the right resources can successfully teach themselves Portuguese.

How to learn to speak Portuguese

Learning Portuguese was formerly only possible by signing up for lessons at an institution. However, not all people have the money to do such a thing, let alone the time. But this should not hold people back from learning Portuguese. Many different electronic and printed items are available for anyone to educate themselves, if they can effectively make it a part of their schedules.

Learning Portuguese software or DVDs

Popular languages like Portuguese are easily accessible on language-learning software. A couple of different companies have put together very practical computer programs to learn Portugeuse.

Rosetta Stone’s Portuguese Program – Most people out there have at least heard of Rosetta Stone, a very common language-learning software company. Of course Rosetta Stone has a Portuguese program, and it is broken down into three different levels. These separate levels can be purchased one at a time, or all together, and come with a headset, microphone, user manual and audio companion. This graduated material will help students recognize verb forms, understand the masculine and feminine word identifications and reply to questions using a verb.

Tell Me More’s Portuguese Program – Tell Me More has a few different programs to learn Brazilian Portuguese. The Premium Edition is mastered for professional conversation skills, the Byki Deluxe 4 is geared towards core language skills and the Everywhere Brazilian Portuguese Audio Course has dozens of audio lessons that help to build vocabulary, grammar skills, pronunciation and conversation. These can be bought separately or all together.

Books for learning Portuguese

The Everything Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book – This book is meant to help people “Speak, Write and Understand Basic Portuguese in No Time.” It is a step-by-step publication that teaches pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and basic conversation skills for things like shopping, business and eating out.


Websites that help you learn Portuguese language

http://www.easyportuguese.com/ – This website is packed with audio samples. It takes students through the Portuguese alphabet, through useful phrases and vocabulary. There are then Portuguese lessons for the beginner’s level, with information on feminine and masculine words, time and several other useful topics. Those who have mastered that can utilize its intermediate program, to learn about complex verb tenses and asking questions.

http://www.learningportuguese.co.uk/ – This website has a few useful resources, where one can learn about pronunciation, simple and complex grammar, colors, numbers, medical terms and other helpful materials.

http://www.elanguageschool.net/portuguese/ – This is a simple website that introduces Portuguese through the alphabet and pronunciation, and then goes up through grammar lessons, words, phrases and proverbs. It is meant for students to master the basics.


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