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Learning Swedish

Many reasons exist to learn Swedish, a popular North Germanic language. Approximately ten million people speak this language, who are concentrated mostly in Sweden and Finland. People who wish to travel or live in these countries, or somewhere with a high Swedish population, will have so many advantages by learning Swedish.

Swedish is related to Norwegian and Danish, so people who are already familiar with these languages will have an easier time learning it. However, anyone out there who is motivated can surely take advantage of the many modern resources to learn this language.

How to learn to speak Swedish

The first method everyone probably thinks of to learn Swedish is to study it at a school. While this is a great thing for certain types of people, not everyone can afford it, in terms of time and money. In today’s age, this is no longer the only strategy to become a Swedish speaker. Software programs, books and websites are all tools that people can use on their own time.

Learning Swedish software or DVDs

One way to go about learning Swedish without ever having to go to school is through interactive computer software. These programs make learning languages easy for technologically-minded individuals.

Rosetta Stone’s Swedish Program – Rosetta Stone is the most popular language-learning software program, and they offer a three-level selection with CDs, a headset with a mircophone and an audio companion. The first level establishes basic Swedish in the reading, writing and speaking spheres. The second level is directed to more specific skills like letter writing and getting directions, and the third level helps students learn how to comfortably speak about matters like daily life and current events.

Transparent Language’s Swedish Program – Transparent Language is an alternative language software company. They sell the Swedish Byki Deluxe 4, which is geared for students to quickly master the core language skills. The Premium Edition software program produced by this company guides students into learning professional conversation skills.

Books for learning Swedish

Essentials of Swedish Grammar: A Practical Guide to the Mastery of Swedish: This book is an integrated guide that presents all of the essential grammar concepts for readers to learn Swedish. It is a straight-forward, well-organized book without any unnecessary material.


Websites that help you learn the Swedish language

http://www.101languages.net/swedish/ – This website outlines the pronunciation of Swedish consonants and vowels, and offers a list of different topics to learn, such as money, eating, bars and time.

http://www.ielanguages.com/swedish.html – This website has written materials, along with MP3s, for assorted lists of Swedish words and phrases. Some topics it covers range from fruits and vegetables to irregular verbs to different Swedish provinces.

http://www.digitaldialects.com/Swedish.htm – This website offers a few games to help learn Swedish numbers, colors, phrases, greetings and other fundamental material.


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