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Monday Escape: Valletta, Malta


The expat life doesn’t really get much better than in Malta. Sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there are blue seas, blue skies and international people. And because the island sits in such a strategic spot historically, it is covered in UNESCO World Heritage sites. The entire city of Valletta, the nation’s capital, is a prime example.

The city only has a population of around 6,000 residents, but it has been passed through by just about every major civilization in history that’s occupied the Mediterranean. Today the city is essentially Baroque in character, with elements of Mannerist, Neo-Classical and Modern architecture in selected areas.

The Valletta peninsula has two natural harbours, Marsamxett and the Grand Harbour. The Grand Harbour is Malta’s major port, with unloading quays at Marsa. A cruise-liner terminal is located along the old seawall of the Valletta Waterfront.

Museums, cathedrals, palaces and historical sites can be found throughout the island and throughout the city. There are also a multitude of theaters, gardens and forts to keep you occupied. Jazz music is also commonly heard in the city’s clubs. It was introduced in the Strait Street area, frequented by Allied sailors during both World Wars.

Valletta is the scene of the Maltese Carnival, held in February leading up to Lent. Carnival in Gozo is celebrated in Victoria and parishes in both islands hold their own festivities.

Enticed yet? There’s a neverending list of reasons to want to reside in Malta. And it’s not far from Italy or Tunisia. Perfectly situated, it’s the perfect home base for a life of Mediterranean travel.


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