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Celebrate Africa with Two Inspiring Sisters

Celebrate Africa

Africa often gets a bad rap in the media. Reports pertaining to war, dictators, famine and piracy are commonplace; it’s enough to make the wary traveler or expat stay away.

But that’s exactly the perception that Chioma and Oluchi Ogwuegbu are hoping to change. The two sisters have launched a website called Celebrate Africa, a site which chronicles their inspiring journey across 22 African nations. Their focus will be to tell a different story about Africa, a story about the beautiful, optimistic and inspiring things happening throughout the continent.

So far, their journey has already taken them to Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Senegal, and Sierra Leone.

During their trip, Chioma intends to volunteer at non-profits, learning everything she can about the problems and solutions that face the continent’s present and future. Meanwhile, Oluchi has brought along a video camera, documenting the good news as they encounter it, hoping to share what they discover with the world.

They recently gave a charming audio interview to the BBC which you can listen to here. But the best way to keep in touch with their adventures is to check out their blog at Celebrate Africa.

Africa is a breathtakingly beautiful continent with amazing people, and we strongly support the sisters, their message, and their inspiring adventure!

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One thought on “Celebrate Africa with Two Inspiring Sisters

  1. Kumbayah ! Africa is the cradle of civilization . And Egypt is the light of the world . We as human beings owe our very existence to AFrica . I say this because dam near every nation on this earth has stolen something from Africa. And are still doing so . I’m an African American and proud to be.! We where decived by those we took in to teach them how to be civilize . The fact of the mater is that they hated us and some still do today ; Because we are YAHWEH’S People…! Yet I don’t hate them in return ; because YAH teaches us to love our enemy . So I chioma and Oluchi Ogwuegbu and all the people of Africa be strong hold YAHWEH is come back to return us to HiS Glory. With Love from your brother Michael King .”ALLALUYAH KUMBAYH !

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