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Top Ten Deepest Lakes in the World

Whether you are a geologist looking to relocate, or just love the impressive nature, there are some insanely deep lakes all around the world.


10. General Carrera Lake

Depth: 1,923 feet (586 meters)

General Carrera Lake is located in Chile and Argentina, in the Patagonia region, surrounded by the Andes mountains. It was formed by glaciers and is also called “Lago Buenos Aires.”


9. Lake Matano

Depth: 1,936 feet (590 meters)

Lake Matano is located in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is also the site of one of the world’s largest nickel mines.


8. Crater Lake

Depth: 1,949 feet (594 meters)

Crater Lake is located in Oregon, USA, and is known for its very deep blue waters. It is situated in a large caldera that was formed from a collapsed volcano. It used to have no indigenous fish population, but was stocked with fish in the 19th and 20th centuries.


7. Great Slave Lake

Depth: 2,015 feet (614 meters)

Great Slave Lake is located in Northern Territories, Canada, and is the deepest North American lake. It is also the ninth largest lake in the world.


6. Issyk Kul

Depth: 2,192 (668 meters)

Issyk Kul Lake is located in eastern Kyrgyzstan, in the Tian Shan Mountains. After the Caspian Sea, it is the second largest saline lake on earth. Its name translates as “hot lake,” because it never freezes.


5. Nyasa

Depth: 2,316 feet (706 meters)

Nyasa is located in Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. It is also often called “Lake Malawi.” It is the 8th largest lake on earth as well as one of the deepest. This lake supposedly hosts more species of fish than any other body of water in the world.


4. O’Higgins-San Martin

Depth: 2,742 feet (836 meters)

This lake is located in Chile and Argentina, in Patagonia, making it the deepest in the Americas.


3. Caspian Sea

Depth: 3,363 feet (1,025 meters)

The Caspian Sea is considered a lake by many, and is located in Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. It is also the largest enclosed body of water in the world, thereby being the world’s largest lake, along with the third deepest.


2. Lake Tanganyika

Depth: 4,823 feet (1,470 meters)

Lake Tanganyika is a Central African body of water, located in Burundi, the Congo, Tanzania and Zambia. It is the deepest African lake, along with the second or third largest freshwater lake on earth in terms of volume.


1. Lake Baikal

Depth: 5,369 feet (1,637 meters)

Lake Baikal is located in Siberia, Russia, and is the deepest lake on earth. It is also the most voluminous freshwater lake in the world. Approximately 20% of the surface fresh water exists in Lake Baikal. It is also known as the “Pearl of Siberia.”


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