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Fly into Naples soon on this stunning fare sale

NaplesAs winter approaches this is the time of year when flights across the Atlantic normally get amazingly cheap, but so far the deals aren’t quite as shocking as they have been in years past. It’s very possible that we won’t see the best deals for a few more weeks, and almost all of the cheapest flights will be from mid January through late February, but we do have at least one fantastic deal to report now.

At the moment there is a fare sale of some kind that will take you round-trip between New York and Naples, Italy for only $510 including all taxes. It’s not available on every flight, of course, but we can see that it’s available on some so it’s worth looking into.

Destination: Naples, Italy

In case you are curious the current best fares into either Rome or Milan are $640 round-trip, and those are almost always the two cheapest airports to fly into from longer distances. So with Naples at $510 it’s a big savings and well worth considering starting and ending your Italian trip there.

Naples, in case you are not aware, is the largest city in the southern part of Italy (or at least south of Rome) and it’s also the cheapest major Italian city in most ways. So not only do you get a cheap flight but you also get cheap hotels and cheap food once you get there.

The main attraction near Naples is the partially buried ancient city of Pompeii, not far from the Mount Vesuvius volcano. You can get a train there in the morning and you’ll be back in Naples well before dinner even if you spend the day there.

Other Italian cities

Another excellent thing about getting a cheap flight into Italy is that the trains are quite cheap by European standards as well, and all the large cities are only 2 or 3 hours apart. So you can spend a few days in Naples, then take a 2-hour train ride to Rome and spend a few days there, then a 3-hour train ride to Florence before later going on to Venice and/or Milan.

There is also Pisa, Bologna, and quite a few other tourist-friendly cities, so you can plan your own custom trip and go just about anywhere you like, arriving there before lunch.

Winter is a good time to go

One of the challenges with traveling around Italy is that during the summer it can be incredibly crowded and hot, so there are times when almost every visitor feels a bit miserable. Going during the winter you’ll have the place to yourself, still with weather that is reasonably warm. You’ll have to wait for at least late March before you can even think about lying on a beach, but at least you won’t have to worry about snow in the southern part of Italy, and all the main museums and attractions are still open.


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