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Museums in Edinburgh, Scotland


Writer’s Museum

The Writer’s Museum is situated in the 17th century Lady Stairs’ House. It is mainly themed around Scottish writers like Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson. It is full of materials like first editions, manuscripts and portraits, along with artifacts from these authors’ lives.


Museum of Childhood

The Museum of Childhood is made for both adults and children to visit. Its materials tell stories regarding childhood in the past and present, with lots of different toys, dolls, teddy bears, tricycles, train sets and other such materials. In one room, you can even listen to recordings of children reciting time tables like they were in a classroom. Make sure your child does not get startled easily, as some of these dolls are quite creepy!


National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is full of all sorts of exhibitions, including things like fossils, national history and the Lewis Chessmen. There is a historical area on Scotland Transformed, which follows the story from the 18th through early 19th century. They have a large exhibit on 20th Century Scotland being a Changing Nation, with the themes of industry, war, politics, emigration and daily life. There are also some sculptures, prehistoric jewelery, paintings and historic flags.


The People’s Story

The People’s Story is located in the Canongate Tollbooth, which is a former tax-collecting house, court and prison. It focuses on the life, work and leisure of the people in Edinburgh from the late 18th century to the present day. They try to make an all-sensory replication of past times, with representations of several different atmospheres.


Lauriston Castle

The Lauriston Castle is a preserved example of Edwardian Edinburgh, and is presented how the last owner left it. Its upstairs has a great representation of the interior design of this period, in a drawing room full of mohagany, an old library, a decorated piano and fancy sofas. The downstairs area is not always accessible, but it used to be the area of the servants, with a kitchen and maid’s hall.


National Gallery of Scotland

The National Gallery of Scotland is a centrally located art gallery in a neoclassical building. Its collection has many historical paintings, mainly from Scotland and elsewhere around Europe. They also have an extensive library, full of over 50,000 books, slides, microfiches, journals and photographs.


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